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JULIANA TRAIL: etappe 5 Bled - Goreljek auf Pokljuka


Ness Neu

12.09.2020 · Community
Bled lake is just so beautiful that you are glad it is part of the trail. The following walk up to the start of Pokljuca is again mostly asphalt which we personnaly don't really appreciate, the views however and the following climb through the Pokljuca Gorge passing through a cave more than compensate. Signage on Pokljuca is really bad and GPS signal not always available. We managed to stay on track, but several other groups we met got lost. The pastures at the top come as an unexpected break from endless forests. A couple more benches to take a rest, catch some breath and have a snack would be welcome, but otherwise a really nice hike.
Gemacht am 07.09.2020

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