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JULIANA TRAIL: stage 12 Tolmin - Kobarid

July 01, 2022 · Community
We didnt think this stage was as bad as people reported. It is getting hotter which is making the trail harder to do but we enjoyed it and found it interesting. We found water in most towns from spickets on people's homes if not the town's spicket. We found the road walks only annoyingly busy towards the last 1km as it came into Robarid. We enjoyed the scenery along the roads going into towns. However, if you prefer off pavement there looked to be alternative parallel routes in some places, or bike rentals looked very popular on this stage. It is recommended to start this stage very early to make it more enjoyable. There are 4 great river access areas to cool down during the heat. All require a little extra walking but all worth it: Camp Gabrje (restaurant there too), creek above road at Selisce, river access at Kamno (cross bridge over Soca and theres a good path to beach -great for lunch), sandy beaches just before Robarid's famous Napoleon bridge.

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Teddy Dee
July 01, 2022 · Community
it is also recommend leaving early for this segment
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