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JULIANA TRAIL: stage 5 Bled - Goreljek on Pokljuka

July 31, 2022 · Community
Ufff... It was a really long one. We made it in 2 steps. The part after we left Bled behind and before the national park was a long way along asphalt street without shadow (in summer time really hot!). The moment we entered the national park we were really impressed. You can choose two different routes here. We took the one with the cave. It was not that easy to climb up with our bagpack but with less package it might be more easy :D The way down to Goreljek was also nice. We spent the night in the Sport Hotel as one of the only rare options you have there. The breakfast was delicious with vegan options. In summer time it might be better to make a reservation before. We didn't know and tried our luck spontaneously and it still worked.


Martina Massetti
August 04, 2022 · Community
Hi! Do you think tha trail from Goreljek to Bled (downhill) would be accessible also by mountain bike? Or is the terrain too rough?
Franzi K
August 04, 2022 · Community
I'm not into the mountain bike szene. So I am not sure. But I guess there was an additional route recommended for bikers in the app, when you chose the option "bicycle" or here: Juliana Bike The original route might be too rough for mountain bike or even dangerous because it was curvy and steep.
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