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Sentiero Italia


Sentiero Italia

September 30, 2022 · Community
I am not clear on the trail difficulty letter ratings for the Sentiero Italia, and I don't see an explanation anywhere: E = easy?? EE= ?? T =?? Please explain. It might be a good idea to include it somewhere obvious on the page for the route. Thanks!

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Answered by Michael Thomas · December 01, 2022 · Community
T: Tourist path. Easy path or forest road, not very long, very evident not posing problems with bearing. E: Hiking, Path without technical difficulties on variable ground, even rough and bumpy and at time steep; can sometimes include prepared crossings which do not require special equipment; most of the paths in the Dolomites belong to this category. EE: for Expert Hikers. Marked path, over more treacherous ground, at altitudes even elevated, with open stretches which call for sure footing and no dizziness. Prepared stretches call for the correct equipment (karabiners, metal friction plates, harness and ropes). EEA: for Equipped Expert Hikers. These are routes and prepared paths with frequent open stretches , difficult also because they are long and high up; they call for the know how of safety measures (helmet, metal friction plates, ropes and karabiners). Using these aids must not make you forget that you are moving in a high mountain environment.
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