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Village Šmartno


ST30 AAT: Breg pri Golem Brdu - Šmartno

May 20, 2023 · Community
Lovely in May, from Breg to Smartno. After around 9,5 k there was a lovely Dutch family who invited us for coffee, fresh strawberries and some cookies. Trail starts with a climb, then it’s not to steep of a descent and hilly scenery. The last 4 k start with a climb as well. Lots of tarmac, but the vineyards and sweet scents from blossoms make up for it. Don’t forget to look around. Follow the AAT signs and/or the yellow circles with white dots and/or yellow stripes/ markings. It’s also a long part combined with a cherry blossom route, in case you miss anything.
Photo: Dennis Vermeulen, Community

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