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Dog-friendly holidays in Belgium


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Travel with your dog: During your stay Belgium you’re spoiled for choice. On this page weve put together suggestions for numerous dog-friendly excursions, leisure activities, restaurants and accommodation as well as a couple of other insider tips for dog owners:
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Maps and trails

Dog-friendly hiking in Belgium

Hiking route · Vennhochfläche bei Mützenich
Von Mützenich ins Brackvenn
recommended route Difficulty easy
14.2 km
4:00 h
102 m
102 m
Vennwanderung im deutsch-belgischen Grenzgebiet der Eifel.
Panorama Manderfeld
Long-Distance Hiking · Ostbelgien
GR56 – Losheimergraben - Schönberg
recommended route Difficulty moderate Open
20.5 km
5:35 h
306 m
558 m
This stage is the perfect hike for those who love the woods. You can experience the fact that the wood is much more than just a collection of trees here in an interesting and varied way.
Landschaft Burg Reuland
Long-Distance Hiking · Ostbelgien
GR56 – Schönberg / Burg-Reuland
recommended route Difficulty moderate closed
26.8 km
7:30 h
522 m
588 m
This hiking route along GR56 takes you through the Our valley. This hilly country with valleys and magical panoramas feels as if it has been made for interesting and varied hikes.
Rodter Wald
Long-Distance Hiking · Sankt Vith
GR56 – St. Vith / Ligneuville
recommended route Difficulty moderate Open
19.1 km
5:05 h
241 m
362 m
This GR stage takes you from St. Vith via Rodt and Recht to Ligneuville, where GR56 reconnects with the 'Amel variant'. There's a very varied hike awaiting you here.
Römerwall Holzheim
Long-Distance Hiking · Büllingen
GR56 – Büllingen - Schönberg
recommended route Difficulty moderate Open
24.8 km
6:45 h
360 m
520 m
Two streams have their origin in the municipality of Büllingen: the Warche and the Our. Impressively, the GR trail from Büllingen to Schönberg forms a connection between them.
Panorama Malmedy
Long-Distance Hiking · Waimes
GR56 – Malmedy / Robertville
recommended route Difficulty moderate Open
9.8 km
3:05 h
297 m
122 m
This short stage on the hiking trail GR56 takes you via the 'Warche variant'. From Malmedy, the well made trail proceeds constantly upstream.
Landschaft Burg-Reuland
Long-Distance Hiking · Ostbelgien
GR56 – Burg-Reuland / St. Vith
recommended route Difficulty moderate Open
14.6 km
4:10 h
415 m
282 m
The GR hiking route from Burg-Reuland to St. Vith offers several panoramic views worth experiencing out over the hilly region of the Belgian Eifel.
See von Bütgenbach
Long-Distance Hiking · Ostbelgien
GR56 – Robertville / Bütgenbach
recommended route Difficulty moderate Open
24.7 km
6:45 h
248 m
197 m
The GR stage from Robertville to Büllingen goes via the 'Warche variant' of GR56. An exciting hike from lake to lake.
Rocher de la Warche
Long-Distance Hiking · Malmedy
GR56 – Malmedy / Ligneuville
recommended route Difficulty moderate Open
20.8 km
5:30 h
336 m
320 m
At first, the GR stage from Malmedy to Ligneuville runs along the Warche towards Stavelot, before the route to the destination at Ligneuville meets the 'Amel variant' of GR56.
Ameltal Bellevaux
Long-Distance Hiking · Amel
GR56 – Ligneuville / Amel
recommended route Difficulty moderate Open
16.2 km
4:30 h
189 m
88 m
This hike takes you through the enchanting Amel valley and within view of the legendary Wolfsbusch via the 'Amel variant' of GR56.

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