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Lake Bohinj

For those who prefer an active vacation, there are numerous sights and destinations to discover in Lake Bohinj, with our Travel Guide being a source of inspiration for planning your next adventure. Enjoy browsing!
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Attractions in Lake Bohinj


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Maps and trails
Hiking route · Triglav national park
Pot Juliusa Kugyja v 30 etapah - povezava prek E 12b
recommended route Difficulty difficult
Distance 23.3 km
Duration 8:30 h
Ascent 1,520 m
Descent 380 m

Bei dieser sehr abwechslungsreichen Anbindung an den Julius-Kugy-Dreiländerweg durchwandern wir das Wocheiner See-Gebiet und die Komna-Region und ...

from Valentin Wulz, Dr.,
Mountain Hike · Julian Alps
Triglav Exceeding
recommended route Difficulty difficult
Distance 38 km
Duration 22:00 h
Ascent 2,836 m
Descent 2,949 m

Überschreitung des Triglav von Mojstrana aus zum Bohinjsko jezero.

from Ulrich Koppold,
Theme trail · Julian Alps
Zlatorog Fairy Trail
recommended route Difficulty easy
Distance 2.4 km
Duration 2:00 h
Ascent 9 m
Descent 9 m

The Zlatorog Fairy Trail is a 2 kilometres long, fun, educational and creative themed trail for children.

from Turizem Bohinj,   Turizem Bohinj
recommended route Difficulty moderate
Distance 11.4 km
Duration 3:00 h
Ascent 99 m
Descent 99 m

A walk around Lake Bohinj is almost obligatory for every visitor who comes to Bohinj. You can shorten it and walk only along the north or south ...

from Turizem Bohinj,   Turizem Bohinj
recommended route Difficulty easy Stage 7
Distance 11.2 km
Duration 3:00 h
Ascent 105 m
Descent 149 m

A short stage of the trail runs from Stara Fužina, Ribčev Laz near Lake Bohinj on unpaved roads and paths across the panoramic Dobrava meadows to ...

from Julijske Alpe,   The Julian Alps
recommended route Difficulty moderate
Distance 7.6 km
Duration 3:00 h
Ascent 234 m
Descent 234 m

The trail takes you to the Savica Waterfall which is one of the largest and most beautiful Slovenian waterfalls, which astonishes and overwhelms us ...

from Turizem Bohinj,   Turizem Bohinj
Hiking route · Upper Carniola
To the Savica Waterfall
Premium content Difficulty moderate
Distance 11.7 km
Duration 5:00 h
Ascent 585 m
Descent 585 m

Moderately difficult hike at Bohinjsko jezero in the Triglav National Park

from Svenja Trachte,   Outdooractive Premium
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Maps and trails

Trip planning



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JULIANA TRAIL: stage 7 Stara Fužina - Bohinjska Bistrica by Anja
July 29, 2022 · Community
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JULIANA TRAIL – overall tour by Alexa
July 08, 2022 · Community
This is an amazing trail, but we made some adaptions which probably enhanced our experience and allowed us to do it in 12 days (June 22nd - July 3rd). It was 30 degrees on average whilst we were there, so a lot hotter than we expected and definitely made it more challenging. Day 1 we started at Kranjska Gora (Natura Eco camp) and walked to Mojstrana and slightly on to Camp Kamne. Day 2 we walked to camp Perun Lipce. After camping in Lipce (Jesenice & Lipce are not that nice), on Day 3 we walked to Bled via the Vintgar Gorge which was spectacular, this cut out a longer stretch of not so interesting walking (most of stage 3 and all of 4) and allowed us to see this Slovenian highlight you don't' want to miss! We camped at camping Bled, you can swim from the campsite. We had time that afternoon to walk around Bled which was great. Day 4 Bled to Goreljek was a really nice leg, you definitely need to budget in a hotel as there are no campsites and an 1000 euro fine for wild camping. We camped in a shed before the end of the leg which left a ridiculously long Day 5 the next day as we tried to combine the end of stage 5 and all of stages 6 & 7, which we couldn't complete. Instead we stayed in Hostel Mama Minka, Bohinjska Cesnjica. Day 6 we walked from there to Stara Fuzina and then Lake Bohinj where we had lunch and a swim. After lunch we walked on to Bohinjska Bistrica, camp Danica (which was so nice - amazing showers and a bakery on site!). That was stages 6 & 7 complete. Day 7 we walked on to Podbrdo, stage 8 is one of those rated as difficult, and it was, but it was a nice walk up through the woods and with some breaks with nice views. It was nice but not one of the show-stopper legs of the trail, and in my opinion could be missed. The start of the descent was incredibly steep and slippery, even in dry conditions. The path was very narrow with a very steep drop and there was a lot of sliding. I would really not recommend doing stage 8 in wet weather. There is nowhere to camp in Podbrdo, it is a small village in a steep gorge. The shop closes at 3pm (it is wrong on google maps). We were lucky enough to be able to turn up and find a room, but I would again recommend booking a room ahead on airbnb. Day 8 we did most of stage 9, to Kortinica Camp Sorli. We would recommend skipping stage 9, it was really hard work and not worth it scenery wise. Day 9 we finished stage 9 in Grahovo ob Baci and completed stage 10 in Most na Soci, another stage which felt quite a lot of effort for not much reward. We had planned to complete stage 11 that day too, the easy leg from Most na Soci to Tolmin, but that felt too much so instead we caught a bus to Tolmin and skipped it. We had dinner in Tolmin then caught the bus later that evening to Kobarid (a really nice town), skipping stage 12 which people had reviewed poorly. We stayed in camp Koren. On Day 10 we walked most of stage 13 from camp Koren to Log Cezsoski where we caught a bus to Bovec (other walkers recommended this). Absolutely stunning route along the river, stunning clear turquoise water, perfect for stops to cool off and swim. Would have loved to have stayed longer at camp Koren and done some watersports and spent time in the town. From Bovec we walked on to Camp Liza which is in the direction of Kal-Koritnica. We transferred onto the Alpe Adria Trail from here, as recommended by other walkers. Day 11 we walked from Camp Liza to Trenta, stage 24 of the AAT (in reverse). A really enjoyable leg with relatively easy walking along the river and a gradual ascent with great views. We stayed at camp Sergej Bolcina. On Day 12 we walked Stage 23 of the AAT (in reverse) on from Camp Liza to Kranjska Gora. This was a steep ascent but wow, the most incredible views, particularly at the summit. I would recommend a strudel at the Ticar Lodge at the Vrsic Pass. I hope this helps some fellow walkers with two weeks in Slovenia like us!
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When did you do this route? June 22, 2022
JULIANA TRAIL: stage 7 Stara Fužina - Bohinjska Bistrica by Teddy
June 29, 2022 · Community
its a great short section which allowed more time for swimming in the lake, extra cappucinos and taking it easy. A good rest compared to stages 5 and 6. We left at 11 and arrived here by 2. This included a relaxing lunch at the WC in the middle of the route where there is a cold water fountain and a ski jump hill that has nice picnic tables. Lots of amenities in town including a well stocked sports store with good prices.
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Photo: Teddy Dee, Community
Photo: Teddy Dee, Community
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