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  • Pot miru: Kluže
    Pot miru: Kluže Photo: Mitja Sodja, The Julian Alps
  • Etapa 3: Jesenice - Begunje
    Etapa 3: Jesenice - Begunje Photo: Mitja Sodja, Julian Alps
  • Pokljuka
    Pokljuka Photo: Mitja Sodja, Julian Alps
  • Bled Photo: Mitja Sodja, Julian Alps
  • Kranjska Gora Photo: Mitja Sodja, Julian Alps
  • Bohinj, Studor, Zgornja Bohinjska dolina Photo: Mitja Sodja, Julian Alps
  • Photo: Mitja Sodja, The Julian Alps
  • Lago di Predil Photo: Mitja Sodja, The Julian Alps
  • Etapa 16: Lago di predil - Kranjska Gora Photo: Mitja Sodja, The Julian Alps
  • Etapa 10: Grahovo - Most na Soči Photo: Mitja Sodja, The Julian Alps
  • Juliana Trail - etapa 8: Bohinjska Bistrica - Podbrdo Photo: Mitja Sodja, The Julian Alps
  • Juliana Trail Photo: Mitja Sodja, The Julian Alps
  • Lake Bohinj in Winter Photo: Hike and Bike, Turizem Bohinj

Hiking in the Julian Alps

Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy

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From picturesque valleys to breathtaking mountain tops. Hiking paradise. The Julian Alps offer an infinite range of hiking opportunities. From paths leading to natural sights of interest and gentle strolls in the valleys to wanders in the Alpine foothills and demanding ascents into the high mountains. Walks of two to four hours separate the many Alpine huts and refuges dotted across the region. Good-quality maps cover the entire area. 
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Maps and trails

The Most Beautiful hiking routes in the Julian Alps

Tolminska korita
Long-Distance Hiking · Julian Alps
JULIANA TRAIL – overall tour
recommended route Difficulty difficult Multi-stage route
268.6 km
83:35 h
7,323 m
7,323 m
JULIANA TRAIL is a 267-km-long trail around the Julian Alps. The trail leads through valleys, over mountain passes, forests, through urban and rural areas and along the Soča and Sava rivers.
Hiking route · Lake Bled
Mala Osojnica (685 m) and Ojstrica (611 m)
recommended route Difficulty moderate
2.4 km
1:00 h
246 m
246 m
 Mala Osojnica offers one of the most iconic views of Bled with the Karavanke range in the background, whereas Ojstrica above Velika Zaka stuns with the mesmerising view of Lake Bled popular amongst photographers.  
Tolminka gorge
Theme trail · Julian Alps
Tolmin Gorges
recommended route Difficulty easy Open
2.2 km
1:30 h
151 m
150 m
Tolmin Gorges, the common name for the Tolminka and Zadlaščica gorge, are one of the most magnificent natural sites in the region.
Big Gorge of the Soča river
Theme trail
Soča trail
recommended route Difficulty moderate
28.4 km
8:31 h
455 m
959 m
The Soča Trail is a nature trail taking visitors to the Triglav National Park along the Soča river from its source towards Bovec.
The Sava River Trail (information panels)
Hiking route · Slovenia
The Sava River Trail
recommended route Difficulty easy Open
5.1 km
2:00 h
22 m
57 m
Listen to the Sava River  and hike the hidden fisherman's paths and discover the stunning natural beauty of its riverside forests and meadows. 
View from Peč
Hiking route · Julian Alps
Peč and Rudnica from Stara Fužina
recommended route Difficulty moderate
8.1 km
4:00 h
416 m
416 m
Many points along the circular trail to the top of Rudnica offer views of almost all corners of Bohinj and the surrounding mountains. Rudnica separates Bohinj in the Lower and Upper Bohinj Valleys.
Hiking route · Lake Bled
From Bled to Vintgar
recommended route Difficulty moderate Open
10.3 km
3:00 h
254 m
254 m
The Vintgar Gorge, carved out by the Radovna river, is one of the most visited natural landmarks in Slovenia. The area of the gorge belongs to the Triglav National Park.
The Three Bridges Trail (pastures near Camping Šobec)
Hiking route · Julian Alps
The Three Bridges Trail (Radovljica - Šobec - Lancovo - Radovljica)
recommended route Difficulty easy Open
8.7 km
3:00 h
109 m
113 m
Diverse and rewarding circular walk (popular also with runners and mountain bikers) uncovers the scenic landscape near the confluence of Sava Dolinka and Sava Bohinjka rivers.
Slap Savica
Hiking route · Julian Alps
Circular Trail from Ukanc to Savica Waterfall
recommended route Difficulty moderate
7.6 km
3:00 h
234 m
234 m
The trail takes you to the Savica Waterfall which is one of the largest and most beautiful Slovenian waterfalls, which astonishes and overwhelms us with its primal energy. 
Hiking along the Soča Trail / AAT
Long-Distance Hiking · Alpine Slovenia
ST24 AAT: Trenta - Bovec
recommended route Difficulty moderate
21 km
6:30 h
400 m
564 m
This stage follows the marked, well-kept Soča Trail and leads almost continuously along the emerald green Soča River and at the same time through the part of the unspoilt Triglav National Park. At the suspension bridge over the Kršovec gorge on the border of the Triglav National park, the route continues towards Vodenca, crossing the confluence of the Soča and Koritnica rivers and reaching Bovec soon afterwards.
Razgledišče na Mežakli
Hiking route · Upper Carniola
Potep po Mežakli
recommended route Difficulty moderate Open
11.6 km
4:58 h
768 m
859 m
Pot po Mežakli od Kočne, Obrance, čez Planski vrh, Zakop in v dolino do Podmežakle.
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Every part of the Julian Alps offers its own special features. In the Soča Valley, the most beautiful paths are those along rivers and streams or leading to waterfalls. In the Kranjska Gora area, there are wonderful excursions to the Alpine valleys cut deep between the mountain peaks. Both, Bled and Bohinj are offering relaxing lakeside strolls, while in the area around Radovljica tracks and paths lead to ruined castles and hilltop churches providing breathtaking views. Brda is ideal for active holidays all year round, with circular hiking trails winding through the vineyards, orchards and olive groves, as well as the long-distance trails like Alpe Adria Trail. All the destinations in the Julian Alps Association are connected by the Juliana Trail long-distance hiking trail.


  • Good (above the ankle) hiking boots
  • Weather appropriate clothes (also hats, Snacks and drinks) 
  • Other trail and weather-appropriate equipment 
  • Good information about current conditions
    (about trails, public transport options, best deals and weather)
  • Printed maps 
  • Hiking poles
  • Sunscreen and tick repellent in the summertime


  • Basic circle: 16 stages/270 km
  • Additional tail to Brda: 4 stages/60 km  



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May 28, 2023 · Community
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Photo: Sun Ja, Community
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