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Mountain biking trails in the Julian Alps

Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy

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For those who enjoy an active vacation, we have lots of suggestions in the Julian Alps. Use our Travel Guide as a source of inspiration for planning your next adventure and browse through descriptions and route details of the most beautiful mountain biking trails.
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The 10 Most Beautiful mountain biking trails in the Julian Alps

Blick von der Napoleonbrücke auf die Soca
Mountain Biking · Slovenia
By mountain bike from Kobarid to Kapela Bes
Premium content Difficulty S1 moderate
25.3 km
4:50 h
1,236 m
1,237 m
The mountain bike tour starts in Kobarid and leads for about 25 km from the Soca up to Kapela Bes and offers a wonderful view over the Triglav National Park.
Vom Smokuski vrh auf das Tal der Save und Bled
Mountain Biking · Karavanke and Pohorje
Rund um den "Bleder See"
recommended route Difficulty moderate
47.7 km
5:00 h
550 m
550 m
Eine abwechslungsreiche, genussvolle und interessante durch das Tal der Save mit abschließender Umrundung des frei zugänglichen "Bleder Sees"
Parking lot next to the Soča River opposite to the Prijon sport center
Mountain Biking · Littoral
Tour beneath Mt. Polovnik from Čezsoča to Trnovo
recommended route Difficulty easy
26.1 km
3:05 h
329 m
329 m
This popular undemanding mountain bike tour will take you along the left bank of the Soča River past the finest and most watery Boka Waterfall to the village of Log Čezsoški and along the gravel cart track above the Soča River across the pastures to the village of Trnovo.
Die Soca mit Blick in den Triglav-Nationalpark
Mountain Biking · Littoral
Mountain bike tour in the Lepana Valley
Premium content Difficulty easy
23.3 km
3:00 h
526 m
526 m
This bike tour leads from the car park at Camp Vodenca, near Bovec, mainly on asphalted roads or forest roads into the Lepana Valley.
Planina Zajamniki
Mountain Biking · Julian Alps
Cycling Tour to Uskovnica, past Zajamniki Pasture to Goreljek
recommended route Difficulty difficult
31.7 km
3:00 h
887 m
887 m
A cycling tour across wonderful Bohinj pastures for all who are in good physical condition.
Grandioser Ausblick am Gipfel
Mountain Biking · Gemona del Friuli
Monte Cuarnan Enduro-Erlebnis
recommended route Difficulty S3 difficult
20.2 km
4:06 h
1,088 m
1,088 m
Eine Angenehme Auffahrt mit Tragepassage am Ende führt auf den Gipfel des Monte Cuarnan. Dort angekommen, wird man mit einem grandiosen Panorama belohnt. Bergab wartet dann ein Netzwerk aus verschiedensten Enduro-Trails, welches sich beliebig zu unzähligen Abfahrtsvarianten kombinieren lässt.
View from Talež Mountain Hut
Mountain Biking · Upper Carniola
Forests and Views of Jelovica High-plateau
recommended route Difficulty S0 difficult Open
37.6 km
6:15 h
1,060 m
1,060 m
A longer cycle tour that offers a combination of views, mountain pastures and excellent descents, ending with a chance to see quaint village centres. A real delight for forest lovers!
Village of Klavže where the road turns for Logaršče
Mountain Biking · Littoral
Črvov vrh (974 m) – a splendid sightseeing hill on the Šentviška planota Plateau
recommended route Difficulty difficult
42.3 km
6:15 h
1,081 m
1,060 m
Šentviška planota is a plateau between two valleys - Baška grapa Valley and the valley of the Idrijca River. Because it is highly unpopulated it represents a genuine paradise for those who enjoy tranquility and secluded trails.
Blick von Dogna zurück zum Jof di Montasio
Mountain Biking · Carnic Alps
recommended route Difficulty S1 difficult
42.2 km
5:00 h
1,600 m
1,600 m
Von Valbruna, ein Seitental des Kanaltales kurz nach Tarvis, über die Sella di Somdogna ins Canale di Dogna, über die Sella Biéliga ins Kanaltal und zurück nach Valbruna.
Mountain Biking · Lake Bled
On the hunters’ trail to the Jelovica plateau: Goška ravan – Kupljenik
recommended route Difficulty S4 difficult
32.4 km
5:05 h
813 m
816 m
Test your sense of orientation, your endurance on the ascent and perseverance on the long descent.  From the valley of the Sava Bohinjka river to the edge of the Jelovica plateau with a view to the Karavanke mountain range.  
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By mountain bike from Kobarid to Kapela Bes by Christian
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