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  • Castle view in the Ore Mountains
    Castle view in the Ore Mountains Photo: CC0,
  • Ore Mountains
    Ore Mountains Photo: CC0,
  • On the ridge trail (Kammweg) Ore Mountains-Vogtland, descent from Auersberg
    On the ridge trail (Kammweg) Ore Mountains-Vogtland, descent from Auersberg Photo: Der WildenThaler, CC BY-SA, Wikimedia Commons
  • Moor in the Ore Mountains Photo: CC0,

Ore Mountains

The Ore Mountains run along the German border with the Czech Republic in Saxony, the border runs slightly north of the ridge line. Almost the entire mountain range is covered by the Ore Mountains/Vogtland Nature Park, which is the largest German nature park. The natural landscape is strongly influenced by human intervention and some technical monuments are included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site "Ore Mountains Mining Region". The area is particularly popular with hikers and in winter with winter sports enthusiasts, but in recent years the offer for cyclists has also been growing.
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Attractions in the Ore Mountains


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Maps and trails
recommended route Difficulty moderate Open
Distance 25 km
Duration 1:55 h
Ascent 290 m
Descent 290 m

Eine landschaftlich reizvolle Tour für Familien durch die Dippoldiswalder, Paulsdorfer & Höckendorfer Heide-in Dippoldiswalde ist die Rückfahrt ...

from Doreen Kadner, Stadt Rabenau,   Erlebnisheimat Erzgebirge
recommended route Difficulty moderate
Distance 12.2 km
Duration 3:40 h
Ascent 142 m
Descent 142 m

Eine abwechslungsreiche Rundwanderung durch die Wälder um die Trinkwassertalsperre Klingenberg, mit Anschlüssen an den Energie-Erlebnispfad und den ...

from GEOPARK Sachsens Mitte e.V.,   Dresden Elbland
recommended route Difficulty easy
Distance 13 km
Duration 3:30 h
Ascent 201 m
Descent 201 m

Der Rundwanderweg führt von Schlettau aus durch die erzgebirgische Landschaft. Es wechseln sich Feldwege mit herrlichen Aussichten und kleine, ...

from Andreas Göbel,   Erlebnisheimat Erzgebirge
E-Bike · Mittelgebirgslandschaft bei Johanngeorgenstadt
Alles oder Nichts - die volle Ladung Erzgebirge
recommended route Difficulty moderate
Distance 40 km
Duration 5:00 h
Ascent 800 m
Descent 800 m

Erkunde 2 Staumauern, den zweithöchsten Bergs Sachsens, entdecke das höchstgelegene Hochmoor Deutschlands und überwinde ganz nebenbei 800 Höhenmeter.

from Matthias Kleinke, Erzgebirge Erfahren,   Erlebnisheimat Erzgebirge
Hiking route · Vogtland
Rundtour am Elstergebirgsweg
recommended route Difficulty moderate
Distance 14.4 km
Duration 4:20 h
Ascent 317 m
Descent 327 m

Tour entlang des Erlbacher Bergweges und entlang des Elstergebirgsweges.

from Vogtland - Sinfonie der Natur,   Vogtland - Sinfonie der Natur
recommended route Difficulty easy
Distance 4.7 km
Duration 1:15 h
Ascent 120 m
Descent 119 m

A short, scenic circular hike along the Rote Weisseritz to the historic Schinderbrücke and back through the forest.

from Tourist-Information Altenberg,   Tourist-Information Altenberg
recommended route Difficulty easy
Distance 9.1 km
Duration 2:25 h
Ascent 150 m
Descent 150 m

Diese Tour führt Sie über den Kahleberg rund um die Biathlon Sparkassen-Arena im Hofmannsloch  

from Tourist-Information Altenberg,   Tourist-Information Altenberg
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Maps and trails

The highest peak on the German side of the Ore Mountains is the Fichtelberg with 1215 m. It is surmounted only by Klínovec or Keilberg with 1243 m on the Bohemian side. The gentle hills, wide valleys and moors of the Ore Mountains are bordered by the Elbe Sandstone Mountains in the east and the Elster Mountains in the west. To the south are the North Bohemian Basin and the Bohemian Central Mountains as well as the Falkenau Basin, the Egergraben and the Duppau Mountains. Towards the north the Ore Mountains drop flat and the border becomes blurred.

The Nature Park Ore Mountains/Vogtland includes the higher altitudes of the Ore Mountains from about 500 m. The nature park extends over a length of 120 km along the Saxon-Bohemian border from Bad Elster to Holzhau. Within the nature park there are some smaller protected areas as well as natural monuments of the region. The landscape is characterized by mysterious moors, quiet lakes and rugged mountains.

Ore Mountains
Photo: CC0,

The human influence

Since the Middle Ages, the Ore Mountains have been exposed to strong human influences, which have shaped the landscape of today. Especially mining is formative, also for the habitats of plants and animals. Numerous forest areas had to be cleared to meet the demand for wood for mining. In the meantime, more mixed forests have been planted, as these are more resistant than the spruce monocultures that used to be here.

The Ore Mountains are part of the Elbe catchment area and the rivers from the mountains all flow into the river. There are no larger natural lakes, therefore fishing ponds and artificial ponds for mining were created as well as dams for the provision of drinking water and flood protection. In the ridge layers there are often raised bogs, which are mostly fed solely by rainwater.

Rock carved section of the new trench rafts designed for mining and metallurgy at Český Jiřetín
Photo: SchiDD, CC BY-SA, Wikimedia Commons

Activities in the Ore Mountains

The tourism in the Ore Mountains is growing, especially day tourists can be found. Hikers like to come and roam the forests and mountains on 5000 km of marked trails. With nationally and internationally important long-distance hiking trails, beautiful views from the mountains and cosy inns along the trails, the region attracts more and more visitors.

Also cyclists have found pleasure in the Ore Mountains in the meantime. Along the rivers and on old railroad tracks it is a pleasant ride. More challenging are the Miriquidi Bike Trails, the first mountain bike trail network in Saxony, which includes more than 200 km of signposted paths and trails.

In winter, the Ore Mountains with their densely wooded and snow-assured ridges offer ideal conditions for winter sports enthusiasts. Ski lifts carry visitors up and cross-country skiers are on their way on more than 1000 km of groomed trails. Christmas tourism is particularly popular in the Ore Mountains. Mining has given rise to a number of traditions and customs that are firmly linked to the region and are known regionally, nationally and internationally.

Market in Zwönitz with local pyramid at Christmas time
Photo: F. Vogel, Wikimedia Commons

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