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Nature trails in Slovenia


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For those who enjoy an active vacation, we have lots of suggestions in Slovenia. Use our Travel Guide as a source of inspiration for planning your next adventure and browse through descriptions and route details of the most beautiful nature trails.
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The 10 Most Beautiful nature trails in Slovenia

Theme trail · Čatež and Posavje
Sromeljska pot vina in sonca
recommended route Difficulty moderate
13.5 km
4:10 h
532 m
536 m
Sromeljska pot vina in sonca je tematska pot, ki se začne pri Okrepčevalnici Kranjčič in nas vodi skozi sromeljske griče po vinorodnih območjih, po katerih je pot tudi dobila ime.
Theme trail · Upper Carniola
Pot kulturne dediščine Žirovnica
recommended route Difficulty easy
10.9 km
4:30 h
86 m
72 m
Pot kulturne dediščine Žirovnica je ena najstarejših tematskih poti v Sloveniji.
Theme trail · Julian Alps
Along the Soča River through the Kobarid Gorge to the village of Magozd and the Kozjak Waterfall
recommended route Difficulty moderate
8.1 km
3:09 h
294 m
294 m
The Soča Trail, one of the finest themed trails of the valley, is surrounded by Mt. Krasji vrh and the ridge of Mt. Polovnik on the right and the emerald Soča River on the left. Along this nicely routed trail you will be able to take care for your body and soul.
Theme trail
Soča trail
recommended route Difficulty moderate
28.4 km
8:31 h
455 m
959 m
The Soča Trail is a nature trail taking visitors to the Triglav National Park along the Soča river from its source towards Bovec.
Theme trail · Littoral
Circular trail through the Koseč Gorges
recommended route Difficulty easy
2.8 km
1:05 h
177 m
180 m
Beneath the village of Koseč you can visit to 60-metre-deep Koseč Gorges. The arranged circular hiking trail takes you past the numerous waterfalls of the Stopnik Stream.
Theme trail · Julian Alps
Kobarid Historical Trail
recommended route Difficulty easy Open
7.4 km
2:40 h
286 m
273 m
This mandatory tour for all visitors of the town of Kobarid connects natural sights and important historical monuments.
Theme trail · Südsteiermark
UrKräuterweg am Remschnigg
recommended route Difficulty easy Open
3.8 km
2:12 h
147 m
102 m
Der UrKräuterweg beginnt beim Weingut oberGuess und endet im UrKräutergarten am Serschenhof.
Theme trail · Bled
Following the trails of Arnold Rikli - Bled Castle (600 m)
recommended route Difficulty easy
1.8 km
45:00 h
82 m
89 m
The Bled Castle on the Castle Hill, right above Lake Bled, is Bled's most recognisable and visited attraction. It is an amazing viewpoint with a medieval castle converted into a museum.
Theme trail · Bled
Following the trails of Arnold Rikli - Sunny path to the Osojnica (685 m) and Ojstrica (611 m) hills
recommended route Difficulty moderate
2.3 km
1:00 h
188 m
189 m
The Mala Osojnica hill with a viewpoint offers one of the most beautiful classic views of Bled with the Karavanks in the background. And with its view of the lake, Ojstrica above Velika Zaka became Bled’s first photographic icon. 
Theme trail · Julian Alps
Zlatorog Fairy Trail
recommended route Difficulty easy
2.4 km
2:00 h
9 m
9 m
The Zlatorog Fairy Trail is a 2 kilometres long, fun, educational and creative themed trail for children.

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Soča trail by ÖAV Sektion Imst-Oberland
August 15, 2019 ·
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Photo: ÖAV Sektion Imst-Oberland
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