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The Julian Alps region is visited all year round and rightly so. This part of Slovenia is beautiful in any season!

Autumn in the Julian Alps - there's still time to experience the great outdoors

There is something about September that makes it really inviting. This month also sees the throng of summer tourists disappear and whereby there are still plenty of visitors, it won’t be quite as busy as it is in July and August. Furthermore, you might find it a more personal experience when you are sharing the place with fewer people.  The weather is still nice too - it is also still pleasant enough for outdoor activities and many people might find the temperatures are more comfortable especially for cycling and hiking.


Lake Bled Photo: Nejc Pernek, The Julian Alps

Like many destinations around the world, the new season brings a whole new look to the place. The warm autumn colours start to descend upon the landscape, illuminating the alps in a magical palette of golden hues. What better time of year to visit as the rich autumn colours turn the dramatic forests into a magical backdrop of warm burnt orange and vibrant yellows.

Autumn is often considered the wettest time of year so perhaps go prepared for the occasional downpour. However, for many visitors this glorious season is an ideal time to go.

Visitors can still aim for T-shirts and light sweaters but do pack a waterproof jacket and appropriate footwear to be on the safe side!

If you love walking and hiking, you will love this part of the world. There are many well maintained hiking trails to suit every level but one of the most popular is around Triglav, Slovenia’s highest peak. Just imagine the breath-taking scenery you'll enjoy along the way.  The peaks and passes of Triglav National Park offer a true Alpine experience.

For anyone planning some serious hiking, do be mindful that many of the mountain huts close their doors from September 20 so please consider your needs. For mountain safety tips please visit our website for everything you need to know.

If you don't want to do any intense hiking, why not simply take a gentle stroll and breathe in the fresh air with your nearest and dearest?  For example, autumn in Bled is like an open-air gallery and the rich colours of autumn only adds to its beauty.

It’s also a dreamy, romantic setting if you’re hoping to spend quality time with your other half.

Stroll around Lake Bled Photo: Dean Dubokovic, The Julian Alps

Sure, hiking is one of the big draws for visitors to Slovenia’s Julian Alps but in autumn there are plenty of good reasons to take a holiday here.  If enjoying the great outdoors is high on your list, you can also do a spot of fishing. Enthusiasts can experience some of the best fly fishing in the region's pristine crystal-clear rivers. 

There are also many other water based experiences and sports for visitors to participate in. For a fun-packed day you can choose from kayaking, snorkelling, and rafting. For convenience, you can book many of these activities on our website

Rok Mlinar Sentjernej Photo: Jesen V Sloveniji, The Julian Alps

There's so much to keep all the keen cyclists happy on your trip too and if you want to take in the beauty of the region on two wheels, you will love getting on your bike for a memorable journey through the Juliana Mountain Biking Loop.  Find a route that suits your needs best - choose less intense stages of Juliana Bike or simply  pick a favourite from the vast number of digitised routes within the Julian Alps Bike Network

The marked route will take you on a journey of pretty forest trails and local roads offering a taste of life in the Julian Alps to the footpaths along the Juliana Trail.  You can always start plotting your route before you arrive. Check out our designated Juliana Bike page.

This way you can plan ahead and saddle up as soon as you arrive. In an area as magnificent as this, you will want to cover as much ground as possible, experiencing the stunning landscape.  It is truly unforgettable, and again, as the temperature is more comfortable, your cycling adventure will be much more enjoyable without the intensity of the summer heat.

Juliana Trail Photo: The Julian Alps

Being at one with nature is guaranteed when you come to Slovenia - especially in the Julian Alps. For keen photographers, there is ample opportunity to capture the picture-perfect landscapes in all their autumn glory.

Whether you're hiking, cycling, fishing, taking pictures, or simply soaking up the atmosphere from a lakeside seat or a pavement café, you will create memories to last a lifetime. Being here will transport you to a happy, peaceful place, far from the stresses of modern everyday life. It really is a little piece of heaven on earth.

Whatever way you choose to spend your time you can still make the most of the season before winter sets in. Even then there's still lots to do here.

If you do need some inspiration to help you choose activities, take a look at everything on offer on our online reservations page. You could use your trip to try something new! 

Savica Waterfall Photo: Marco Coppo, The Julian Alps

And don’t forget, another top spot to visit at this time of year is Soča Valley where you’ll find some great local festivals and events going on. 

 As the year races to an end, why not squeeze in an autumn adventure in the Julian Alps.  If you've been before you know what awaits you but if you're coming for the first time you are in for a real treat.

There’s still time to experience the great outdoors before it gets too cold to go anywhere but the fireside. And there’s still time to fall in love with the Julian Alps…

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