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The Alpine pearl on the edge of the Julian Alps with the glacier lake, an island and a castle on the cliff. The lively rhythm of the small lakeside town is calmed by the mild climate and the beauty of mountains reflecting on the lake's surface, and the surroundings offer excellent conditions for pleasant relaxation or an active vacation in any season.

Bled – the image of paradise surrounded by alpine peaks

The image of the alpine pearl with the Julian Alps on one side and the Karavanke mountain range on the other amazes every time. Bled is one of the most recognisable icons of Slovenia and has also been included on the list of candidates for the new seven wonders of the world. Lonely Planet ranked Bled among the ten top destinations worth visiting. 

Ride in a traditional Pletna boat on Lake Bled to reach the only natural lake island in Slovenia and ring the wishing bell in the island’s church. Bled Castle, which stands on the mighty steep cliff above the lake, tells interesting stories from Bled’s past. You take a traditional horse-driven carriage ride around the lake. Catch the most beautiful view of Bled from Ojstrica hill. Relax in pools filled with the water from lake wells, or spoil yourself with a slice of the famous Bled cream cake. 

Nature lovers can head off to the wild Vintgar Gorge, explore the cave below Babji Zob with cave guides or boost their adrenaline in adventures at Straža. The best summer refreshment awaits you at the Grajsko kopališče bathing area, which has Blue Flag status and was the first to hold the Slovenia Green sustainable label for regulated beaches.

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Discover Bled

Around Lake Bled

 Lake Bled with its island is one of Slovenia’s most recognisable landmarks. You will need approximately an hour to walk around the lake which is one of the most popular walks in Slovenia.  

From Bled to Vintgar

The Vintgar Gorge, carved out by the Radovna river, is one of the most visited natural landmarks in Slovenia. The area of the gorge belongs to the Triglav National Park.

JULIANA TRAIL: stage 4 Begunje - Bled

Stage 4 is a flat stage that connects Begunje, a village below the Karavanke mountains, Radovljica, the cultural capital of the Julian Alps, and Bled as one of the most recognised places at the eastern entry area to the Julian Alps.

JULIANA TRAIL: stage 5 Bled - Goreljek on Pokljuka

The stage starts at Lake Bled and continues through Gorje, the Pokljuka Gorge and a few steep ascents over Kranjska planina Pasture and Planina Javornik Pasture in the heart of the Pokljuka Plateau, and ends in Goreljek at the Sport Hotel.

Northern brinks of Bled

This is a perfect tour for cyclists who wish to visit sights and explore new places, learn about the life of locals and enjoy in beautiful views of the mountains.

Lakeside Panoramic Route

Ascents to Straža, Ojstrica and Bled Castle are added to the classical path around the lake. The above-mentioned sites offer the most iconic panoramic views from the south, west and north.

Standing on pedals

A short cycling tour that overcomes quite a few metres in altitude. You will admire the beauties of Lake Bled, picturesque villages and the magnificent views of the Karavanke mountain range.

Grumble bear trail – themed family walk trail

The Grumble Bear Trail will take you into past times, when a real bear once walked into the village of Bohinjska Bela, coming to be known as Grumble Bear.

Mala Osojnica (685 m) and Ojstrica (611 m)

 Mala Osojnica offers one of the most iconic views of Bled with the Karavanke range in the background, whereas Ojstrica above Velika Zaka stuns with the mesmerising view of Lake Bled popular amongst photographers.  

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