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Bohinjsko jezero
The hidden oasis of peace in the embrace of the Julian Alps in the heart of the Triglav National Park with the largest natural lake in Slovenia. Here you can find serenity and the beauty of unspoiled nature, as well as many opportunities for an active vacation in any season. You will be bedazzled by unique and traditional craft products as well as culinary specialities, combined under the Bohinjsko/From Bohinj brand.

Bohinj – the wild beauty of nature in the heart of the Triglav National Park

You will have trouble finding “Bohinj” on a map since it combines several alpine valleys, pastures and villages that are most densely scattered in the two largest valleys – the Upper and the Lower Bohinj Valley. Three-quarters of Bohinj is located in Triglav National Park. 

The main attraction is Lake Bohinj, the largest permanent lake in Slovenia, surrounded by steep walls of mountain peaks. The majestic Savica Waterfall springs below the Komarča wall. The waterfall is one of the most famous in Slovenia. On the southwest side of the lake, you can see Vogel, a mountain that offers skiing pleasures in winter and is a great starting point for hiking in summer. The Mostnica Gorge leading to the Voje Valley is a must-see in Bohinj. 

The Pokljuka plateau and its green forests stretch over a wide area near the lake. It is a popular starting point for hiking and in winter, it hosts biathlon competitions. 

The famous Bohinj cheese is made on Bohinj pastures. You simply have to try the traditional type, mohant, which is also protected by the designation of origin label. The shepherding tradition can be experienced at the traditional Cows’ Ball in September. The rich 5000-year tradition and history of Bohinj can be explored in three museums. The exceptional biodiversity of Bohinj and the Julian Alps is best explored at the International Wild Flower Festival.

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Discover Bohinj

Bohinj Cycling Route

Cycling route connecting the Lower and Upper Bohinj Valleys, runs past numerous natural and cultural sights in Bohinj.

Lake Bohinj

The largest natural lake in Slovenia with endless opportunities for outdoor activities.

Through the Mostnica Gorge to the Mostnica Waterfall in Voje Valley

The trail runs along the Mostnica Gorge and Voje Valley that belong among the most beautiful natural sights in Bohinj.

The Valley of the Triglav Lakes

With its little lakes and ponds, this karstified valley is a photographer's paradise.

From Stara Fužina to Kosijev hut on Vogar (1.054 m)

A short and steep tour that takes you to one of the most beautiful views of Lake Bohinj and its surroundings.

Črna prst (past Orožnova koča mountain hut and over the Planina za Črno goro pasture)

The mountain that dominates above Bohinjska Bistrica, a peak with beautiful views, which was once characterised by Julius Kugy as a botanical garden, is quite an inviting peak for hikers. There are still a few former shepherd lodges on the Za Črno goro pasture.

Oplen house in studor

Oplen House is providing a fascinating insight into life in Bohinj years ago.

Tomaž Godec Museum

Exhibitions on rich history of Bohinj.

Savica Waterfall

The third most visited attraction in Slovenia. A spectacular waterfall, hidden amidst the steep walls of the Komarča.

JULIANA TRAIL: stage 7 Stara Fužina - Bohinjska Bistrica

A short stage of the trail runs from Stara Fužina, Ribčev Laz near Lake Bohinj on unpaved roads and paths across the panoramic Dobrava meadows to Bohinjska Bistrica, which is the administrative centre of Bohinj.

JULIANA TRAIL: stage 6 Goreljek on Pokljuka - Stara Fužina

The stage runs through the forests and pastures of Pokljuka, and descends to Gorjuše, Koprivnik and Jereka in the Upper Bohinj Valley. From there, the trail continues through Češnjica, Srednja vas and Studor to Stara Fužina.


The market with local produce and products is located in the centre of Bohinjska Bistrica. It is open every Saturday from 8:00 to 13:00.

Železniška postaja Bohinjska Bistrica

Železniška postaja s predstavitvijo pestre zgodovine izgradnje Bohinjskega predora.

Turistična ladja na Bohinjskem jezeru - vstopna postaja Ukanc

Vodena panoramska vožnja s turistično ladjo je zanimiva dopolnitev vašim aktivnostim, vznemirljiva in poučna dogodivščina za najmlajše in ekološki način prevoza na drugo stran jezera.

From Jereka to Vodnikov razglednik Viewpoint

A short and easy walk takes you to Vodnikov razglednik View Point that offers wonderful views of the Lower and Upper Bohinj Valleys, the lake basin and the surrounding mountains.

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