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Izdelki Juliana Trail
Promotional branded merch for the fans of the Juliana Trail and the newly opened Juliana Bike. 

Currently available products:

  • NEW: Juliana Trail unisex cotton zip-up cardigan
  • NEW Juliana Bike unisex cotton sweater, unisex
  • NEW: Children's Heroes of the Julian Alps cotton T-shirt, unisex
  • NEW: Juliana Trail technical T-shirt 
  • NEW: Juliana Trail shoelaces
  • NEW: Juliana Trail pencil
  • NEW: Juliana Trail enamel pot 
  • NEW: Juliana SkiTour cotton T-shirt  (male & female)
  • NEW: Children's Heroes of the Julian Alps folding umbrella 
  • Juliana Trail cotton T-shirt (male & female)
  • Juliana Bike cotton T-shirt  (male & female)
  • Juliana Bike socks 
  • Juliana Trail ink pads for stamps

By purchasing the products, you support the maintenance and upgrades of the Juliana Trail and Juliana Bike trails and Juliana SkiTour adventures. Thank you!

Sales points

  • Bohinj: web shop & TIC Ribčev Laz & Alpinsport Agency
  • Dolina Soče: TIC Bovec & TIC Kobarid & TIC Tolmin & TIC Podbrdo
  • Bled: TIC Bled & TIC Triglavska roža Bled
  • Radovljica: web shop & TIC Radovljica


  • We only offer shipping within EU.
Info Center · Upper Carniola
Radovljica Tourist Information Centre
Upper Carniola
open today

Tourist Info Centre is opened every day and is located at the entrance to the old town.

from Radovljica Tourist Information Centre,   Turizem Radovljica
Info Point · Upper Carniola
Tourist Information Centre - Ribčev Laz
Upper Carniola

The tourist information center is located right next to Lake Bohinj and is open year-round. In ...

from Turizem Bohinj,   Turizem Bohinj
Upper Carniola

Tourist Information Center (TIC) Bled by the Lake Bled.

from Mateja Vilman,   Turizem Bled
Visitor Center · Upper Carniola
Infocenter Triglavska roža Bled
Upper Carniola

Regional tourist and nature conservation information centre of Bled, Gorenjska and Triglav National ...

from Mateja Vilman,   Turizem Bled
Info Center · Littoral
TIC Bovec

Turizem Dolina Soce
Tourist Information · Littoral
TIC Kobarid

Turizem Dolina Soce
Tourist Information · Littoral
TIC Tolmin
open today

from David Štulc Zornik,   Turizem Dolina Soce
Tourist Information · Littoral
TIC Podbrdo

Turizem Dolina Soce
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