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Fall in love in stunning Slovenia…let the Julian Alps steal your heart

Bled, into a new day

They say the way to someone’s heart is through the stomach but we think it’s also about sharing unique experiences and getting to know each other as you travel the world together (responsibly, of course!)

What’s your passion?


February is one of the most romantic months of the year as lovers around the world celebrate St Valentine’s Day and it got us thinking about some of the most atmospheric and fairy-tale spots here in the idyllic Julian Alps. In Slovenia, we also celebrate another icon…St Gregory. Legend tells us that on this day birds are joined in wedlock and it was custom for ladies to look to the sky and the first bird they saw indicated what sort of husband they might end up marrying! In effect, we have two dedicated days of love and romance - one in February and one in March so you can enjoy double the love!


On the eve of St Gregory’s Day, an enchanting event takes place. The iron foundry pool in the village of Kropa and the Lipnica Stream in Kamna Gorica are illuminated with candles. The candles are fixed to floating art creations which are made by local children. Before the introduction of the Gregorian calendar, St Gregory’s Day (12 March) was considered the first day of spring and as a symbolic gesture, lamps were thrown in the water the night before.

Photo: The Julian Alps

Things you can do together


In the Julian Alps, there’s so many beautiful places to choose from and there’s no shortage of things to see and do either.  Will you choose to  go hiking or cycling together? Or, maybe you share a passion for the environment and want to holiday in a place that cares as much about the planet as you do - you’ll find we’re a pretty green bunch here! You’ll also find that the breathtaking scenery alone will be enough to put you in an amorous mood. 

Couple in Garden Village Bled
Couple in Garden Village Bled
Photo: Ciril Jazbec, CJ STUDIO d.o.o.

The Julian Alps is the perfect backdrop to a great love story. Simply taking a long walk to soak up the atmosphere is a great way to spend quality time together and being at one with nature is guaranteed when you come to the Julian Alps.

For keen photographers, there is ample opportunity to capture the picture-perfect landscapes in all their glory. Don’t miss Bohinj on your romantic getaway either - the unspoilt nature and serenity of this part of the country is sure to get your break off to a flying start.

Paragliding in Bohinj
Photo: Ciril Jazbec, The Julian Alps

Or for adrenaline  junkies, why not take your relationship to new heights and go paragliding together? You can take things to a whole new level as you soar into the air with each other. 

Lake Bled Paragliding offers tandem flights all year round as long the weather conditions are safe and stable. However, the best time to fly paragliding tandems is May- October so it might be one for your summer break. Who knows - you might fall in love with the Julian Alps as well as each other and you’ll return year after year to make even more special memories.

Couple at River Soča Valley
Photo: Tomo Jeseničnik, The Julian Alps

Or maybe you fancy snorkeling for an unforgettable experience as a couple? You can do just that in the stunning emerald Soca Gorge. This isn’t so much an adrenaline sport but can still be a romantic encounter where you can admire the power of nature together in some of the most beautiful parts of the Soca River, falling in love underwater!

Love is in the air


The Julian Alps region of Slovenia might not be the most obvious place on your radar. We don’t even try to compete with the likes of Paris, Venice or any other destination that plays on its reputation for attracting lovers. However, in a country which has the word love in the heart of its name, you are sure to find cupid’s arrow ready to strike.  But don’t take our word for it, come and see for yourself and let love lead the way…

Autumn in Bled
Photo: Dean Dubokovič, The Julian Alps

Arguably one of the most scenic landmarks that is sure to hit the spot is Lake Bled.

It’s beautiful at any time of year and there’s a kind of magic in the air -  you too might fall under its spell. Take a stroll hand in hand around the lake or cuddle up on a horse and carriage ride - a truly memorable experience in anyone’s book!  As dreamy locations go, Lake Bled is one of the most picturesque spots in the world and if you have commitment on your mind, this might be the ideal place to get down on one knee and propose! That’ll be the start of your very own fairytale.

Enjoying wine, Goriska Brda
Photo: arhiv ZTKMŠ Brda, The Julian Alps

The food of love…


It will come as no surprise that we have some amazing food and drink offerings here in the Julian Alps. One of the best places to experience them is in the beautiful Goriska Brda region.

The fruitful land here has helped grow fantastic vineyards, orchards and olive groves and there’s a real hint of the Mediterranean about Goriska Brda. Goriska Brda produces top class wine, fruit, and olive oil. With its Mediterranean character, impressive wine, and cuisine, Brda is often referred to as ‘Slovenian Tuscany’. 

If you want to raise a glass to true love, we’ve got just the ticket. You can enjoy a glass or two as you explore the vineyards of Goriska Brda. Find out more here

Couple at Hiša Franko
Photo: Tomo Jeseničnik, The Julian Alps

Date night


Good food and drink is always going to be a winner for a romantic night out. Dressing up to go out to a beautiful restaurant and sharing a delicious dinner is one of the oldest and most traditional ways of showing someone you care.  Forget your worries and the world outside and lose yourself in a cosy meal for two. There’s plenty of great places to eat to suit every budget but did you know there are three top class restaurants in the Julian Alps region who all hold much coveted Michelin stars?

Gastronomy continues to put Slovenia on the map and if you want to indulge in some romantic fine dining on your trip, make sure you try Milka in Kranjska Gora, Hiša Linhart in  Radovljica and of course, Hiša Franko in Kobarid - made famous by world class chef Ana Roš. You’ll be on cloud 9.

Sweet Radovljica


Speaking of eating, you don’t have to splash out on fancy dinner to win your lover’s heart. We know another secret way to do that - chocolate!

Health and wellness might be big on the agenda in the Julian Alps but we all need an indulgent treat from time to time, right? And treats are plentiful in Radovljica, our charming town of sweet adventures - hot spot of chocolate and bee-keeping!

Gingerbread Workshop
Photo: Miran Kambič, Turizem Radovljica

The home of honey and chocolate, this charming historical town never fails to impress visitors and those with a sweet tooth can enjoy the tradition of beekeeping and honey in the Lectar Workshop and Museum.  Together you can watch Lectar (gingerbread) hearts being made using the original equipment and recipe – you can even get your own Lectar heart personalised. Now there’s a romantic gesture that will leave a taste on your lips! 


No matter what you choose to do on your visit to the Julian Alps, you will create memories to last a lifetime. 

It really is a little piece of Heaven on earth that will provide the perfect setting for your love story.

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