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Goriška Brda

Goriška Brda
The fairytale landscape with picturesque villages, nestled halfway between the Alps and the Adriatic, abounding in beauty, interesting spots and experiences. With a hint of the Mediterranean, it is well-known for its excellent wines and culinary specialities. The Goriška Brda is also known for their fruit, wine, olive oil and other products, as well as culinary specialities – a story full of experiences, memories and joyful gatherings.

Brda – the land of invigorating moments and rich cultural heritage

The fruitful land of Brda is the link between the Alpine and the Mediterranean worlds. It is covered by vast vineyards, orchards and olive groves where the best flavours of Brda are born. The idyllic Brda villages are nestled at the tops of rounded hills, which can be explored by bike or on foot. Local people will gladly offer a glass of their premium wines and genuine local delicacies. The wide palette of Brda wines can be tasted at the largest Slovenian wine cellar in Dobrovo. 

Culinary highlights of Brda can also be experienced at traditional events. Visit the village of Viševnik in spring, which is the birthplace of Rebula wine, when the Rebula and Olive Oil Festival takes place. Cherries take centre stage at the beginning of summer and are celebrated at the famous Cherry Festival. Cultural Gradnik Evenings in Medana are dedicated to the local poet Alojz Gradnik.

One of the famous cultural and architectural pearls of Brda is the medieval village of Šmartno, surrounded by five defence walls. In the past, Brda was a magnet for noblemen, so you can see many elegant villas and castles like Dobrovo Castle, Vipolže Villa and Gredič.

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Discover Goriška Brda

Renaissance Villa Vila Vipolže

The most beautiful Renaissance villa in Slovenia is the new heart of cultural tourism, exhibitions and events in Brda region. 

Peach Route

A cycling route passing through the central part of Brda. Check out the Dobrovo Castle, Gradnik's birthplace in Medana, the Vipolže Villa and the medieval village of Šmartno. 

View Tower in Gonjače

Experience the Brda landscape from a 23m high view tower in Gonjače.

Cherry Route

A cycling trip through a wine country on both sides of the border. Explore Slovenian and Italian villages and towns, strewn across hills and plains.

Trail 2 - ČRNICA

A loop trail running through the western part of Brda, taking you on a trip across Brda's hills and forests. A natural stone bridge and natural pools can be found in the vicinity.

Trail 9 - KARNJUKA

A hike through the eastern part of Brda, namely the villages of Hum, Kojsko, Podsabotin and Brestje. The trail climbs near the slopes of the Sabotin hill.


A pleasant hike from Dobrovo to the view tower in Gonjače, situated on a hill, and then back to the starting point past the picturesque village of Šmartno.

Persimmon Route

Kojsko – Brestje – Sabotin – San Mauro / Štmaver – Oslavia / Oslavje – S.Floriano del Collio / Števerjan – Valleris / Valerišče – Kojsko

JULIANA TRAIL – Stage 20: Šmartno – Solkan

The stage runs from the tourist pearl of Brda, i.e. the medieval village of Šmartno, over the Sabotin hill to Solkan. The route connects Brda with the Bohinj railway line and the Soča region on one side, and the Vipava Valley on the other.

ST31 AAT: Šmartno - Cormons

On this stage you can enjoy a charming journey between vineyards and orchards. The Brda region, a hilly landscape nestled between the Alps and the Adriatic, preserves and supports its traditions, protects its natural beauty and exerts a beneficial effect on its visitors.

JULIANA TRAIL – Stage 19: Korada–Šmartno

The trail runs from the highest point of Brda, Korada (812 m) with a view of the western Julian Alps, the Friuli Plain, the Brda hills and the Adriatic Sea, to the most picturesque and popular medieval village in the Brda region, Šmartno.

Brda - dežela opojnih trenutkov
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Video: Goriška Brda
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