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The city of steel and flowers, full of rich steel production tradition, invites you to explore its environs directly from the centre of industrial heritage and thus presents an excellent starting point for tours and walks. The city guides you amidst the never forgotten memories of the ironworks, which are featured in Stara Sava with its museum centre, the surrounding area of the city invites you to walk among the daffodils and to the peaks of the surrounding hills.

Jesenice – the city of steel, hockey and daffodils

Jesenice’s development is closely connected to ironworks and steel production. The spirit of the past is reflected in the Stara Sava museum area, where you can see the most important elements of the life and work of ironworkers as it was in the past. These include the Bucelleni-Ruard ironmaking manor, Kasarna, which was the home of the ironworks owners, the Church of St Mary’s Assumption and Kolpern, a former coal warehouse that has been redesigned for protocol purposes with a banquet and conference hall.

You can feel the Jesenice of the past on an interactive walk along Murova, the oldest part of Jesenice. Visit exhibitions and cultural events at Kos Mansion. Nearby, you can visit Memorial Park that boasts more than two hundred types of decorative trees and bushes. 

Nature buffs are attracted to the Karavanke mountain range with magnificent views and one of the most famous peaks, Golica. These places are marked by daffodils, which blossom in abundance on the grassy slopes in May. Discover the mysterious Mežakla plateau on the other side of the Sava Dolinka.  Vintgar Gorge with the magnificent Šum Waterfall is nearby. 

When you visit Jesenice, you just have to see an ice hockey game. Ice hockey has a rich tradition in Jesenice and cheering at the Podmežakla Hall is an exceptional experience.

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Discover Jesenice

JULIANA TRAIL: stage 2 Mojstrana - Jesenice

The stage 2 runs from Mojstrana through Dovje and the foothills of the Karavanke to the ironworks city of Jesenice. In the last section, the trail runs along an ancient mining trail.

JULIANA TRAIL: stage 3 Jesenice - Begunje

Stage 3 starts in the ironworks city of Jesenice, over Dobraško polje and over the Sava Dolinka River to the villages beneath Stol, where the attractions are mostly based on culture and beekeeping products. The stage ends in Begunje.

Gorsko kolesarski učni center Pristava

V Javorniškem Rovtu, v obnovljenem Kurirčkovem domu na Pristavi, se nahaja gorskokolesarski učni center.

Savske jame

Savske jame v Planini pod Golico so dokaz močno zakoreninjene rudarske tradicije v vaseh nad Jesenicami.


Najvišji vrh Belščice, pogorja zahodno od Stola, s prelepim razgledom na Jesenice. 

The Challenge of Karavanke

A cycling tour that will take you under the highest peak of the Karavanke mountain range. The tour is suitable for cyclists who want to admire the picturesque landscape during cycling and are not afraid of longer ascents.

Cerkev sv. Križa v Planini pod Golico

Vaška cerkev v Planini pod Golico

Spominski park na Plavžu

Prijeten park v središču mesta je kot oaza sredi dnevnega vrveža, kjer šelestenje drevesnih krošenj umirja hitenje sodobnega sveta.

Snežna jama na Mežakli

Snežna jama pod Planskim vrhom je zanimiva kraška jama, z vsemi značilnostmi kraškega sveta.  

A Stroll Across the Mežakla Plateau

Explore the natural and cultural heritage of this mysterious plateau. The themed trail is an excellent idea for those hiking enthusiasts who want to discover the wooded and scenic world between Blejski kot and the Upper Sava Valley.

Naravoslovna in rudarska učna pot

Naravoslovna pot, ki vas s pomočjo tematskih točk popelje skozi zgodovino Jesenic in rudarske tradicije na tem območju, obdanem s raznoliko floro in favno.

Golica (1836 m), the Queen of Daffodils

Planina pod Golico – Sava Caves – Markljev rovt – Suha mountain pass – Mala Golica – Krvavka – Golica – Koča na Golici mountain hut – Betel – Planina pod Golico

Peaceful alpine pastures

Planina pod Golico – Jeseniška planina – Rožca – Jekelj pass – Koča na Golici mountain lodge – Korl Tunnel – Planina pod Golico

A walk around the town

Jesenice Tourist Information Centre – Kos manor house – Razgledna pot – Čufar square – Stara Sava – Jesenice Tourist Information Centre

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