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A four-day ski touring expedition across the Julian Alps

Juliana SkiTour

Juliana Ski Tour

We are proudly announcing our new winter product: Juliana SkiTour - a four-day ski touring expedition across the Julian Alps.

  • Total length: 52 km
  • Total height difference: 4.367 m ascents, 4.891 m descents
  • Total number of stages: 4 stages (2 choices for each stage)
  • Average stage length: 13 km, 5-6 hours

The Juliana SkiTour is not one long connected tour, but rather a sum of four different ski tours. The four stages with all the necessary transfers take us on a ski touring adventure across the whole area of the Julian Alps; from Kranjska Gora on the north side, all the way to Tolmin on the south side. The tour can also be done in the opposite direction.

Each of the four stages has two options to make it easier to adapt to the actual conditions in nature. The basic idea of this tour is a ski touring adventure where you do not need to sleep in cold bivouac shelters high in the mountains but return to the valley every day where you can have a warm shower, a comfortable bed and a decent dinner.

This way, an extraordinary winter adventure becomes more accessible to a wider circle of mountain visitors in the winter, even to the less experienced tour skiers if they set off with a qualified guide.



Juliana SkiTour

Soča Valley Tourist Board
Rupa 17, Bovec
T: +386 (0)5 30 29 643


Snow-capped mountains can be reached on skis without ski lifts or artificial snow which interfere negatively with the environment. Our community within the Julian Alps believes that the green path is the one that will help us protect and preserve the exceptional natural and cultural values of this fragile environment, as well as present it to visitors in the right way.

Most of the Julian Alps are within the protected area of the Triglav National Park. The purpose of the park is to preserve the abundance of natural resources and cultural heritage for posterity. Therefore, rules of conduct have been established in the park, which we are obliged to respect. Most of the Juliana Ski Tour runs through the park. The described paths try to avoid the quiet zones that the animals in the park need in order to survive the winter. Do not go into the quiet zones to disturb the animals. It is your duty to adhere to the corridors described and to contribute to the preservation of the wonderful creatures that adorn our planet.


For many, ski touring is the most beautiful way to get to know and experience a winter fairytale in the mountains. An ascent with skis through the deep snow-covered winter landscape is much easier and more elegant than walking on foot. Skiing from a pristine winter peak is a completely different and much more powerful experience than skiing alongside ski lifts. On skis, you can go to places that would otherwise be largely inaccessible. If you happen to come across powder on the descent, the experience will recharge your batteries in everyday life for quite some time.


Ski touring pod Kriško steno is an easier ski choice within a mighty ambience, suitable as an introduction to the Juliana SkiTour. The tour follows the deep Krnica Valley, enclosed between the steep walls of Prisojnik and Razor on one side and Škrlatica, Rakova špica, and Dovški Gamsovec on the other. Ascend past the Koča v Krnici hut and further through the beech forest and increasingly sparse larch growths to the open slopes below Kriškastena. The glacial cirque pod Kriško steno, where the valley ends, is the highest point of the ski tour. Ski back freely with the most common run following the east side of the valley.

recommended route Difficulty moderate
Distance 9.7 km
Duration 4:00 h
Ascent 936 m
Descent 936 m

A great ski tour, surrounded by a precipitous rock faces on the north side, where powder is often found; not very common occurrence in the Julian ...

from Janko Humar,   The Julian Alps


Kotovo Sedlo is an ambitious ski tour. You ski beneath Jalovec, one of the most stunning peaks of the Julian Alps, which adorns the symbol of the Mountaineering Association of Slovenia with its image. The starting point of the ascent is in the world-famous Nordic Ski Center Planica. From here continue through the Tamar Valley up, past the mountain hut and further on below the dramatic walls of Travnik and Šit, eldorado of Slovenian climbers. Below the unmistakable Jalovčev Ozebnik turn onto the wide slopes of the eastern side and continue to the extreme point on the ridge, which can still be reached with skis. Ski back in the direction of the ascent. The descent is smooth, except in the gully below Šit where you must take time to choose the best line through the variable terrain.

recommended route Difficulty moderate
Distance 16.4 km
Duration 7:00 h
Ascent 1,421 m
Descent 1,421 m

Kotovo sedlo is the saddle beneath Jalovec, one of the most stunning peaks of the Julian Alps, which adorns the symbol of the Mountaineering ...

from Janko Humar,   The Julian Alps

2. VRŠIČ–NAD ŠITOM GLAVA–VRŠIČ (2O87 m ~ 2,9 km)

A shorter but beautiful and scenic ski tour above Vršič, unjustly underrated compared to the neighbouring Mala Mojstrovka. Most visitors travelling across the Vršič Pass do not even notice Nad Šitom Glava in the neighbourhood of Mojstrovka and the mighty Prisojnik. The ascent and skiing from the top is a relatively short ski touring adventure. But it still contains all the elements of a classic ski tour: a relatively steep climb that requires caution and offers stunning views from the top. From Vršič first climb steeply below the ridge of Mojstrovka, then over slightly gradual slopes to the right and to the summit. Due to the considerable steepness, the descent in good conditions is a real treat.

recommended route Difficulty moderate
Distance 2.9 km
Duration 2:30 h
Ascent 463 m
Descent 463 m

A shorter but beautiful and scenic ski tour above Vršič, unjustly underrated compared to the much more visited neighboring Mala Mojstrovka.

from Janko Humar,   The Julian Alps


Velika Mojstrovka is a classic Slovenian ski tour, which must be on the list of every winter visitor. From Vršič Pass ascend to Vratca – a gully in Grebenc. Follow the ridge for about 1OO m and then turn left across the valley that separates Mala from Velika Mojstrovka. On the other side of the valley, continue along the beautiful slope below a distinctly overhanging wall in the upper part of the slope and then up to the scenic summit. Ski the upper part in the direction of the ascent, then instead of going back to Grebenc, continue on the right side of the valley down to Drevesnica - stick to the extreme right edge of the valley and try not to disturb the chamois that live in this area. It is only a short walk from Drevesnica to Vršič road, and it takes less than half an hour to ascend back to the pass.

recommended route Difficulty moderate
Distance 7.5 km
Duration 4:00 h
Ascent 877 m
Descent 878 m

Velika Mojstrovka is a classic tour that offers all the features of a good ski tour: a steep ascent where winter mountaineering skills must already ...

from Janko Humar,   The Julian Alps


The connecting ski tour from Lepena over Lanževica to Bohinj is a real winter trip through the heart of the Julian Alps. From Lepenafollow the path to Planina Duplje. The Krn Lake, which usually sleeps under snow and ice till May, is worth seeing and sacrificing a few minutes for the detour. Continue up the valley around Montura, past the ruins of the Italian barracks and up to the top ofLanževica, which reigns over the mysterious Komna, a landscape of unique shapes and unique light. In the summer, impassable jungle of pine forest. In the winter, a landscape of soft and rounded shapes, created for enjoyable skiing. There are two general options for descending; into the valley of Gracija or over Lepa Komna. In both cases, we end at Koča pod Bogatinom hut. Continue to the friendly and always hospitable Dom na Komni hut, which is open all year round. After, ski through the beech trees to the Savica and the shores of Lake Bohinj.

recommended route Difficulty difficult
Distance 21.1 km
Duration 9:00 h
Ascent 1,461 m
Descent 1,494 m

A connecting tour from the Soča Valley to Bohinj is not exactly the first choice if you are seeking speed and sharply cut turns. But it is a great ...

from Janko Humar,   The Julian Alps


Kanjavec is Slovenia’s highest skiable mountain and is the most demanding one of the described ski tours across the Julian Alps, in terms of length and altitude difference. From Trenta climb through the dramatic valley of Zadnjica below the northern wall of Kanjavec, which is one of the highest in Slovenia. Continue ascending in the shadow of the steep walls of Vršac all the way to Prehodavci, where the fairytale Valley of the Seven Lakes opens below. Between Poprovec and Vršaki, ascend to the edge of the sprawling Hribarice and to the top of Kanjavec, where you come face to face with the neighbouring Triglav. On a beautiful winter day, the view is limitless - Slovenian mountains, High Tours, Dolomites... - on the top of Kanjavec, the world is in your hands. Ski to the Bohinj side, around the thick head of Debeli Vrh, to the mysterious Planina V Lazu and further through the spruce forest to Planina Blato. If the snow conditions are favourable, it is possible to ski on the forest road all the way to Stara Fužina on the edge of Lake Bohinj.

recommended route Difficulty difficult
Distance 16.4 km
Duration 11:00 h
Ascent 1,763 m
Descent 1,542 m

Kanjavec is a great ski tour, from whichever side you climb it. Not considering the extreme alpine descents, Kanjavec is the highest Slovenian ...

from Janko Humar,   The Julian Alps


Vogel is one of the peaks that make up the Bohinj – Tolmin mountain chain, which borders the entire southern horizon above Vogel ski resort. You can cheat a bit by ascending up to 1535 m on a comfortable gondola ride. From the upper station ski to Planina Zadnji Vogel, and from there ascend to the top of Vogel. From here on there are no more high peaks in front of us, the view is lost over the ever-lower ridges on the glare of the Adriatic Sea. From Vogel ski to the Primorska side, to Planina Razor. If the snow conditions allow, ski down the path to Tolminske Ravne (913 m). If there is not enough snow, descend on foot.

recommended route Difficulty moderate
Distance 11 km
Duration 4:00 h
Ascent 505 m
Descent 1,124 m

Tura vključuje vzpon na Vogel, razgledni hrib, po katerem se imenuje smučarski center, in spust na primorsko stran. Če je dan lep in vidljivost ...

from Janko Humar,   The Julian Alps

4A. SKI HOTEL–RUŠNATI VRH–PL. RAZOR (1915 m ~ 1O,8 km)

Rušnati Vrh is an alternative to Vogel, which can offer a bit of an alpinist way of skiing. You can also cheat a bit by ascending up to Rušnati Vrh on a gondola to Ski hotel. From Planina Zadnji Vogel do not continue towards Vogel but to the west. Follow the signs of the Triglav route through the beech forest and above the forest line. On the first distinct ridge continue straight up towards Vrh Planje. Below the top, cross to the right on the ridge and continue to the top of Rušnati Vrh. Ski back to the saddle and down to the Primorskaside. The beginning of the descent from the saddle is very steep, however, the end of the slope is nice. If this is too steep for you, there is another way to ski from the top of Rušnati Vrh to the Tolmin side - instead of going back to the saddle, ski forward over the next ridge and down. In both cases, you end up on Planina Razor. If the snow conditions allow, ski along the mule track to Tolminske Ravne (913 m). If there is not enough snow, descend on foot.

recommended route Difficulty difficult
Distance 10.8 km
Duration 4:30 h
Ascent 553 m
Descent 1,168 m

The descent from the saddle below Rušnati vrh offers great alpine skiing. The beginning of the descent is very steep. However, the end of the slope ...

from Janko Humar,   The Julian Alps


In winter, the mountains are the most beautiful, the most pristine, and also the most challenging. The mountain huts are closed, the trails are hidden deep beneath the snow, the inhabited valleys are far away. So prior knowledge of the winter mountain world is crucial.

The Juliana SkiTour is a ski trip designed for experienced, as well as physically fit and well-prepared mountaineers. Touring skiers without proper experience should not go into this demanding mountain world on their own. They should hire a licensed mountain or hiking guide to take them safely to their desired destination.

In addition to ski touring equipment - adjustable skis, bindings, ski boots, ski crampons, and skins - every tour also requires complete winter mountaineering equipment - suitable clothing, ice axe and crampons - as you never know what conditions you will encounter on the way. In the event of an accident, your ski partner’s help is the most valuable. The avalanche trio - an avalanche beacon, an avalanche probe and a snow shovel - are always a mandatory component of the ski touring equipment.

Do not set off if the weather forecast is bad and in unstable snow conditions. Always monitor and respect the reports on the snow condition and avalanche danger at

In the event of an accident, call 112.

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