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Juliana Trail App and Outdoor Active Mobile App

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Download free Mobile Apps to help you navigate the trails on your hiking and biking adventures. And more... 

Get the Outdooractive App: always on the right track

  • Efficient and accurate: Fast orientation thanks to the precision map and intelligent search technology
  • Easy and intuitive: The simple way to create your own routes using the Route Planner
  • iOS: Download on the App Store

  • Android: Get it on Google Play

Connection with your favourite device

Outdooractive has a close partnership with Garmin, Suunto, Adidas Running, Fitbit, Strava, and others, helping you to get even more out of your GPS device and your smartwatch. Sync your routes, record tracks, and navigate with even greater ease. 

Benefits of Outdooractive Pro

With Outdooractive Pro you can concentrate more fully on enjoying your trip.

  • The opportunity to store maps and routes offline enables you to navigate without needing an internet connection.
  • Access to the world’s best and most official outdoor maps (Outdooractive Map, topographic map, satellite imagery, slope angle)
  • Entirely ad-free
  • Try PRO for free

Juliana Trail App: Perfect addition to a printed guide

Download this free app to have all the details of the stages of the basic circle of the Juliana Trail in the palm of your hand. In addition to information about the Juliana Trail route, you can also find:

Explore the Juliana Trail online:

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