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The 2020 British Guild of Travel Writers International Tourism Awards

Juliana Trail: Best Europe Tourism Project

The BGTW gala at The Savoy, in central London

Nominated by Rudolf Abraham

"The Juliana is a superb new long-distance hiking trail through Slovenia’s breathtakingly beautiful Julian Alps, with an eye on slow tourism and sustainability. Designed to reduce the strain of visitor numbers on Triglav – the country’s highest and most popular mountain, which suffers increasingly from overcrowding and trail erosion – the Juliana makes a 270km circuit around this iconic peak, without actually climbing it."

BGTW Gala in London

The British Guild of Travel Writers (BGTW) is a community of accredited writers, photographers, bloggers and broadcasters. An award from such a trusted body for independent editorial comment and expert content on worldwide travel is quite an honour for us. Last November, they published the list of finalists for this prestigious award, and announced the winners in a special online event, BGTW's Really Big Reveal, on 18 April 2021. Our long-distance hiking trail Juliana Trail, nominated by Rudolph Abraham, was chosen as the best tourism project in Europe.  And last night (31 October 2021) we received the award at the BGTW Gala, one of the major highlights of the travel industry calendar. 


🏆 Awarding Excellence in Global Tourism Projects

Launched over 40 years ago the BGTW International Tourism Awards scheme recognises excellence in tourism projects across the globe


Why Juliana Trail?

🏆 A Trail Designed to Reduce Over-Tourism

🏆 Encouraging Exploration and Longer Stays

🏆 Putting Public Transport First

🏆 Supporting Local Communities

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Or as Rudolf Abraham put it so eloquently:

"Rather than the usual two-day blitz on Triglav, it encourages visitors to stay longer and explore the surrounding area (which after all is equally beautiful), taking in several less well-known valleys and even ducking over the border into Italy for a stage.

A core principle behind the Juliana was encouraging the use of public transport, rather than bringing a car – almost every stage begins in a village or town accessible by bus or train. This in turn helps keep bus routes running, meaning locals can continue using them."

The Julian Alps Association's quest for responsible tourism

The Julian Alps Association is all about responsible tourism. Our new Julian Alps biosphere-led destination strategy is the first of its kind and seeks to redefine tourism ‘success’ in a post-pandemic world. We believe tourism can generate sustainability with long term positive effects on nature, community and identity. 

Our main products are Juliana Trail, Juliana Bike and the newest Juliana Ski Tour. They are all designed to reduce over-tourism and the strain of high visitor numbers on tourism hot spots. 


Responsible travel in practice - to WTM London by train

It's quite easy to talk about responsible tourism, but what about practising what we preach? Especially when it comes to choosing seemingly less convenient travel choices? If we want to make real changes in the long haul, we need to commit full-heartedly. 

See some photos from the two-day train journey to the World Travel Market from Slovenia via Austria, Germany, Belgium and France to the UK by Klemen Langus (the main coordinator of the Julian Alps Association and executive director of Tourism Bohinj) and Tine Murn (Mindbrand). Whether business or leisure, it’s possible and it’s fun! 

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