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Kranjska Gora

Kranjska Gora
A town nestled in the embrace of mountains, full of ethnographic jewels and modern adrenaline sports. It is a popular ski centre in winter and a racing venue for alpine skiers and jumpers. It is also an attractive spot for adrenaline sports buffs, hikers and cyclists. Kranjska Gora is the perfect place for an active family vacation.

Kranjska Gora – a world-renowned alpine and ski resort

Kranjska Gora is a well-known Slovenian ski resort that hosts world-class alpine skiing and ski jumping competitions in winter. Planica is a synonym for ski-jumping milestones and with its modern Nordic Centre, it has become attractive for cross-country skiers too. Tamar, which is a popular excursion destination in all seasons, is a valley nestled near Planica.  

In summer, the Upper Sava Valley attracts cyclists and hikers in particular. Recreational cyclists can ride along the cycling route from Jesenice to Rateče. Those who seek more challenging routes can tackle the Vršič Pass. And visit the Russian Chapel along the way. Mountain bikers can descend along three routes – Robe Twist, Kinder Surprise and Trail 1904.

The valleys of Vrata, Kot and Krma are excellent head trails to ascend the highest peaks of the Julian Alps, including Mt Triglav. A stop at the Slovenian Alpine Museum in Mojstrana is also a must. Ferratas in Gozd Martuljek and Mojstrana offer exceptional challenges for climbers. In winter, visit the only Slovenian ice climbing centre in the Mlačca Gorge. 

Nature abounds in natural beauty spots on the edge or within Triglav National Park – Zelenci is one of the springs of the Sava Dolinka River, Lake Jasna offers an iconic postcard view of Kranjska Gora, and the Peričnik Waterfall is an exceptional attraction on the way to the Vrata Valley.

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Cross Country skiing in Kranjska Gora

Set your own trail for cross-country skiing!

ST23 AAT: Kranjska Gora - Trenta

This stage leads via the Vršič Pass, the highest mountain pass in the Julian Alps. Hikers can enjoy the picturesque view of the stunning north faces of the highest peaks.

JULIANA TRAIL: stage 1 Kranjska Gora - Mojstrana

The stage 1 leads you along the Sava Dolinka Valley and partially on the edges of the Karavanke mountain range, and connects the winter and summer tourist centre of Kranjska Gora with Mojstrana, which is located at the entry to the valley of Vrata.

Via Alpina Slovenia: Purple Trail: Stage 2 (Vrata-Dovje)

This route passes through the impressive Vrata valley. Most of the route follows a tarmac roadpast Peričnik waterfall. The end of the valley leads out of Triglav National Park.

Summer toboggan ‘Furious Pehta’

With the wind in your hair and tears in your eyes...

Nordic Centre Planica

The Nordic Centre Planica is an exceptional environment for continuing the Slovenian tradition of sky jumping and flying, as well as for cross-country training and competing.

JULIANA TRAIL: stage 2 Mojstrana - Jesenice

The stage 2 runs from Mojstrana through Dovje and the foothills of the Karavanke to the ironworks city of Jesenice. In the last section, the trail runs along an ancient mining trail.

The Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary

Under the starry arches of the presbytery.

JULIANA TRAIL: stage 16 Tarvisio (Italy) - Kranjska Gora

This stage runs from Tarvisio, following the cycling-hiking route to Slovenian-Italian border at Rateče, from where the local side road takes you to Kranjska Gora.

Trail Run JA - Adidas Terrex 15 km

Trajnostna označitev 15-kilometrske trase v sodelovanju s Kranjsko Goro in Adidas Terex.

Tromeja (Triple Border)

The advantage of the route is the border mountain Peč, where there is a tri-border between Slovenia, Austria and Italy.

Iz Kranjske Gore v Krnico

Krasna sprehajalna tura, primerna za vse starosti, ob poti krasna narava.

Martuljek mountain chain

Martuljek or Špik mountain chain raising above the settlement of Gozd Martuljek is the real world for lovers of the pristine wilderness.

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Kranjska Gora: Slovenian gem in the middle of the Julian Alps
Video: Kranjska Gora
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