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Information on coronavirus measures in the Julian Alps

Last update: 20 March 2020


General information and useful links: 

Detailed information for some destinations: 

Borders with Italy (measures are valid until further notice): 

  • Emergency measures have been taken in Italy to prohibit exit from the country. 

  • Rateče border crossing has been closed (that also applies to the cycling road Rateče - Italy). 
  • Six (5) control (entry) points have been established (with control carried out by official professional medical and police officers): Robič, Vrtojba, Fernetiči, Dioceses and Krvavi Potok. Until further notice, other road connections to Italy are closed. 

Borders with Austria (measures are valid until further notice):

  • The border crossing Korensko Sedlo remains open between 5.00 and 23.00. The border crossing Karavanke tunnel remains open without interruptions. 
  • Other small border passings with Austria have also been closed, larger border passings are still open (you can expect a shorter conversation with customs officers at border crossings). 
  • All passengers crossing the border with Slovenia will be informed via SMS notification of the security measures in place regarding the coronavirus.

Public transport

  • Public transport services (bus and train) are not available until further notice. 

Info centres, accommodation providers and other tourist points

  • We recommend you to stay at home and maintain social distance.
  • All indoor tourist points and info centres in the Julian Alps are closed for personal contact to help prevent the spreading of the virus. Main info points are still operating daily behind closed doors, so you can contact them via e-mail or telephone. 
  • Most accommodation providers, restaurants, bars and shops with nonvital items are also closing their doors.
  • Please follow the instructions of preventive behaviour to keep yourself and others safe at all times. 

Jože Pučnik Ljubljana Airport 

  • The regular air traffic is temporarily stopped (until 30 March for EU destinations).   

In case of difficulty, who can I contact?

Jesenice general hospital is ready to face and manage the situation: in addition to the telephone number 112 reserved for emergencies, it will also be possible to contact the number +386 51 668 851. For all the people with symptoms of Coronavirus (cough, body temperature, and breathing difficulties) who have been travelling abroad in Italy or other countries with confirmed Coronavirus cases in last week, special containers are prepared for examinations in front of the hospital. 

FAQs on Coronavirus:  

Preventive behaviour - infographics: 

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