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Julian Alps April Blog

Our home, our values… and they’re all green!

Alpine view

Here in the Julian Alps, we have a simple message about tourism. We care about the environment, we care about our land, and we care about our people. The Julian Alps region of Slovenia is our home and we are passionate about preserving our environment for our local community and for generations to come. Sustainability is the core of everything we do and everything we want to achieve when encouraging visitors to come here.  It is at the very heart of our tourism vision but it’s also a way of life for many of us who live here.

Recently, we came up with the idea that the Julian Alps is just like the living room in our homes.

Our 'living room' in full bloom Photo: suzibluzi Instagram

Welcome to our Living Room!

The Living Room concept was born from the belief that visitors should treat our country the way they would behave being a guest in someone’s home. 

 We pioneered this approach based on the principle that in a ‘living room’ the host creates a pleasant environment in which guests feel welcome. 

Equally, it’s a generally accepted principle that in that person’s home you would treat it with care and respect. It’s that simple.

This reflects the belief that tourism destinations should offer the same sense of place, and that mutual trust between local people and respectful travellers will lead to uniquely special travel experiences.

Tourism products should support local life - tell stories from your daily lives, turn them into products and offer them to guests.

Spring has sprung in the Julian Alps Photo: nejc.hlebanja Instagram

Our hope is to continue attracting responsible visitors who share the vision for eco-awareness and who respect the precious environment they are visiting.

The Julian Alps and wider Slovenia is firmly committed to sustainability with hopes to be recognised as the greenest and most sustainable country in the world.

Dreamy rivers flow in our beautiful land. Photo: annikapu Instagram

What can visitors do to support our sustainability mission?

There’s ways you, as a visitor, can support us in our quest for sustainable tourism. Small changes can make a big difference and just because you’re helping to protect the planet, it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun too!


For example, using the public transport provided will cut down on the amount of cars on the road. There are plenty of alternative transport options for getting around all the key attractions AND help keep the environment clean.

Taking the train is another great way of helping the cause. Not only will you cut out the stress of driving, it’s simply a much ‘greener’ way to travel.

Cycling is an eco-friendly way to get around Photo: Mitja Sodja, The Julian Alps

 Cycling is popular here too. As well as keeping you fit and active, travelling by bike lets you take in much more of our beautiful landscape on your journey AND it's much kinder to the environment.

Many of our tourism activities involve cycling anyway. During summer there are few better ways to explore this natural paradise than an outdoor cycling trip.  Both the Juliana Trail and the Juliana Mountain Biking Loop offer extensive routes throughout the Julian Alps. 

Don’t worry if you can’t bring your own bike with you from home - it’s easy enough to hire them.

Many destinations in the Julian Alps offer benefit cards to visitors which not only provide great savings but encourage the use of eco-friendly transport. Win win! 

It’s the collective responsibility of us all to preserve this precious planet. Basically, it comes down to our attitudes, awareness, and the choices we make - particularly when it comes to travel.

Click here for more information on green mobility.

Admire the beauty of the Soca Valley Photo: discover_socavalley Instagram

Two of our destinations were in the spotlight recently when their ‘green’ efforts were acknowledged as shining examples of true sustainability. 

Bohinj was the only Slovenian destination to be included in the UNWTO's Best Tourism Villages list, which includes 32 destinations from 18 countries around the world, selected from more than 130 entries from 57 countries. Bohinj's inclusion on the prestigious list confirms the outstanding values and performance of the region in the field of rural tourism.

The sweet town of Radovljica is also a proud holder of the ‘Best Tourism Village’ title awarded by the World Tourism Organisation. The initiative encourages towns and villages that conserve culture and natural heritage, tradition and diversity.

Choosing 'green' accommodation is a responsible approach Photo: Mitja Kobal, Karata Film

More ways to be responsible

Buying locally made produce is another thing to be mindful of in terms of sustainability.  Not only does it  support smaller businesses but it is investing in the community for future generations. Additionally, you should try to choose eco-friendly accommodation when you come to visit. You want to keep up the good work on your responsible travel approach and booking somewhere that follows that ethos is a great plan! 

Look out for properties that hold the Slovenia Green Scheme certificate. Be sure to book direct with the provider too - it helps support the local economy, cutting out the middleman.

Take a look at our accommodation finder here.

Speaking of accommodation, if visitors are mindful of the camping and caravanning rules that really helps too. ‘Wild camping’ is closely monitored. Think about it this way - would you be happy about someone just pitching up their tent in your back garden then leaving all their rubbish behind? Camping is allowed but only in designated campsites.

We must protect our natural environment to enjoy scenery like this Photo: Jost Gantar, The Julian Alps

So now you can understand and appreciate the reasoning behind the ‘living room’ concept. If we all strive to make small changes every time we travel, it will go a long way to preserving our precious communities and the environment as a whole.  If everyone plays their part, we will all reap the benefits in the long run.  It’s not rocket science, just plain common sense with a little bit of love for planet earth thrown in. Show the Julian Alps region some love next time you visit too. We will welcome you with open arms! 💚

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