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Radovljica, Linhartov trg
The home of honey and chocolate. Authentic architecture, the medieval centre and the diversity of museums shape this charming historical town on the doorstep of the Julian Alps. Radovljica invites you to encounter the past and taste local cuisine in renowned restaurants and at lively events. The surroundings beckon you to explore traditional villages, castle ruins and other historical sites by bike or hike to panoramic summits in the area.

Radovljica – a charming, genuinely sweet medieval town

Radovljica is one of the most beautiful Slovenian historical towns highlighted by the picturesque green environment. Admire 16th and 17th-century buildings in the old town centre, including the most beautiful Radovljica Manor. It hosts a museum of apiculture. The renovated historical buildings also feature honeybread- and pottery-making workshops, a gallery, and an alchemy and pharmacy museum as well as boutique accommodation. The only preserved defence moat of its kind in Slovenia can be found here. 

Radovljica’s surroundings are also exceptional. Kropa is famous for its artisan blacksmithing, Brezje is the largest Slovenian pilgrimage centre, Lesce is the home of the most famous Slovenian chocolate, and Begunje na Gorenjskem is the home of the famous Avsenik brothers, the pioneers of popular folk music. 

Radovljica and its surroundings are intertwined with interesting themed hiking and cycling trails. The Sava Dolinka River tempts visitors with aquatic activities. 

Gourmets and those with a sweet tooth can enjoy the diverse cuisine in Radovljica. The town also hosts the largest chocolate festival in Slovenia and also organises various culinary events. Inns that merit a special visit in Radovljica offer their culinary delights under the brand “Okusi Radol’ce” (Taste Radol’ca). They including Michelin-starred Vila Podvin in Možnje with its famous Slovenian chef Uroš Štefelin.

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Discover Radovljica

The Sava River Trail

Listen to the Sava River  and hike the hidden fisherman's paths and discover the stunning natural beauty of its riverside forests and meadows. 

Begunje Shepherd's Trail

This curcular route in the Karawanke mountain range will reward a hiker with pristine nature and beautiful views towards the Julian Alps.

Katzenstein manor & park by works of Architect Jože Plečnik

Magnificent baroque mansion reminiscences the tragic events of WWII in The Museum of hostages, while it's gardens hide an architectural gem of Slovenian architect Jože Plečnik.

The Avsenik Museum

Recently renovated Museum dedicated to the life and works of Vilko and Slavko Avsenik, legendary Slovenian musicians and founders of the popular "Oberkrainer" music genre.


From 14th until 20th Cent. Kropa was the centre of Slovenia's iron forging industry. Now it  is famous for its preserved architectural and technical heritage.

Radovljica Old Town

Many consider Radovljica as the most beautiful small town in Slovenia. It inspires with the variety and authenticity of its preserved architecture nad rich museum collections. 

The Three Bridges Trail (Radovljica - Šobec - Lancovo - Radovljica)

Diverse and rewarding circular walk (popular also with runners and mountain bikers) uncovers the scenic landscape near the confluence of Sava Dolinka and Sava Bohinjka rivers.

JULIANA TRAIL: stage 4 Begunje - Bled

Stage 4 is a flat stage that connects Begunje, a village below the Karavanke mountains, Radovljica, the cultural capital of the Julian Alps, and Bled as one of the most recognised places at the eastern entry area to the Julian Alps.

Around Radovljica with a mountain bike

Discover Radovljica and it's surrounding on your own power and pass thourgh it's charming villages, fairytale forests and soak up the stunning views.

Lesce - Vrba - Begunje - Lesce

Visit Vrba and Begunje na Gorenjskem on foot or by bike and see cultural monuments while taking in the views of the Julian Alps and Karavanke mountains.

Radovljica Forest Nature Trail

Pleasant educational  forest trail, presenting the rich variety of trees, traditional forestry skills and hunting themes. Excellently maintained and suitable for everyone.

Radovljica to Zabreška planina mountain pasture + "Foreplay" on your mountain bike

Are you an advanced mountain bike rider looking for the next adrenaline kick and some stunning views? Look no further, this trip will deliver all ot the above and so much more. 

Ojstra peč and Zijavka viewpoint

A short walk through the forest leads to two vantage points. Ojstra peč offers views of the Radovljica plains, while from Zijavka there are views over the village of Kamna Gorica.

Lamberg Trail Begunje

Fascinanting circular trail featuring the stunning ruins of Castle Kamen and  noumerous archeological and natural sights on the way from Begunje to Draga Valley.

The Basilica of Mary Help of Christians in Brezje

The national shrine of Slovenians, treasuring the famous merciful painting of Mary Help of Christians by Leopold Layer and works of architect Ivan Vurnik.

Video: Visit Radol'ca
Daljinska pohodniška pot Juliana, 4. etapa: Begunje - Bled
Video: Visit Radol'ca
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