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Slovenian Tourist Board and the Julian Alps at WTM London

Our Home. Our Values. Welcome.  WTM London

At this year's WTM London, the Slovenian Tourist Board, in partnership with the Julian Alps, highlighted Slovenia as a country with a sustainable tourism offer that encourages the development of responsible, inclusive and respectful tourism. The innovative way of promoting Slovenian tourism by issuing new NFT tokens to selected journalists attracted a lot of attention.

Slovenia with responsible tourism and step further in digitalization: the first event with the NFT technology

"This year's presentation of Slovenian tourism at one of the most important global meetings of the tourism industry underlines the importance of responsible, inclusive and respectful tourism. It highlights the Julian Alps as the epitome of the values and values of Slovenian tourism: beautiful, unspoilt nature that offers every opportunity for sustainable tourism products and services. Slovenia also stands out as an innovative destination at this global exchange, using advanced technologies such as blockchain as an innovative way to promote Slovenian tourism," Maja Pak, the Director of the Slovenian Tourist Board sums up the importance of the event.


Our Home. Our Values. Welcome

The Slovenian Tourist Board held two intimate press conferences during the WTM 2022 event at ExCeL London. At the WTM press conferences, representatives from the Julian Alps region’s tourism organisations presented their core message on their ‘Living Room’ ethos with ‘Our Home. Our Values. Welcome’. This reflects the belief that tourism destinations should offer the same sense of place as being in someone’s home, and that mutual trust between local people and respectful travellers leads to uniquely special travel experiences. ‘The Living Room’ concept conveys the thinking behind the tourism strategy with the hope that in warmly welcoming tourists, the ‘house rules’ are respected.

It also announced an innovative tourism promotion activity for a one-time event in the Julian Alps with the non-fungible token (NFT) and blockchain technology. The purpose of the event is to raise awareness about Slovenia’s aim to move forward with a digitalised tourism strategy while highlighting the plight of two natural species in Slovenia and getting to know the Julian Alps. 



The Ultimate Julian Alps Sensory adventure

The unique, one-time event The Ultimate Julian Alps Sensory adventure will be attended by visiting media and with the help of two key nature stories to emphasise the importance of our environment, everyone present will understand the more profound importance of balance, while simultaneously harvesting all the benefits of true connectedness and how vital it is to preserve natural habitats and the environment. The experience will be abundantly laced with amazing food with Michelin chefs, wine and music and will take place in May 2023.

The stories will focus on two endangered species - The Western Capercaillie (the largest member of the grouse family in Slovenia) and the Alpine Eryngo (a rare protected flower). Sadly, in the Triglav National Park, the Western Capercaillie population is already in steady decline and the Alpine Eryngo faces uncertainty due to a number of environmental issues. Preserving nature and the environment is at the heart of both The Slovenian Tourist Board and the Julian Alps Association. 

With this NFT event, Slovenia once again stands out as a smart, innovative and sustainable destination that is willing to look to the future and new technologies. Blockchain is proving to be a handy tool and carrier of major changes, improving and creating digitalisation of countless sectors with outstanding positive effects, which has been recognised by the Slovenian Tourist Board in the recently published Strategy for the Digital Transformation of Slovenian Tourism 2022-2026. A specific measure addresses the concept and functionality of the Green Digital Token. 

Limited editions of unique NFTs are issued on the Vandri platform as unique digital souvenirs as gifts for selected journalists/media who will be able to utilise them by attending the unique event: The Ultimate Julian Alps Sensory Adventure in the Julian Alps in May 2023.

Responsible travel: to London with train

While most of the participants flew to London, Klemen Langus, the senior director of Tourism Bohinj and the main coordinator of the Julina Alps Association travelled by train. 

The World Travel Market PR and Digital Communications Summit

Future Tourism PR and Marketing Methods Talk:
moderated by Frank Marr, among panellists also Klemen Langus and Tine Murn 

The talk focused on the role of communications professionals in supporting organisations' sustainability and environmental direction. Most respected tourist organisations’ PR and marketing strategies focus on responsible tourism. The talk has analysed tactical focuses which entail:

  • Future Communication Ideas and Methods - how organisations can encourage consumers to play their part in reducing tourism’s carbon footprint
  • PR and Communication Call to Actions - QR codes, app downloads, and social media reactions
  • Ideas to Result (Social Media and PR) - Investigating the best communication methods to ensure tourist organisations are encouraging consumers to be part of their journey.

 Key talking points were: 

  •  Sustainable practices - forecasts for 2023 and methods of sustainable communication
  • Avoiding greenwashing - the role of an organisation to be responsible
  • How the importance of sustainability can be voiced within an organisation's board
  • Green industrialisation - i.e. urban gardening in tourism, vertical farming, apps and technology to substitute paper, transportation reducing carbon emissions
  • Circular tourism industries - such as recycling to product, circular waste to food, shifting the entire system of infrastructure and methods of living/travelling


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