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Soča Valley

Soča Valley
The picturesque world of the Julian Alps, the Triglav National Park and the emerald Soča River invite you for an active vacation. The valley will enthuse you with exceptional active experiences that rank the Soča Valley among the most popular outdoor destinations in Europe. Unforgettable experiences are enriched with the views from the surrounding peaks and by the exploration of historical heritage.

Soča Valley – the world of active experiences, history and top gastronomy

The Soča Valley is a paradise for those who seek active experiences. The rapids of the emerald Soča River are the place to try a variety of adrenaline activities like rafting, kayaking and canoeing. Hidden gorges offer possibilities for canyoning and challenging zip-lining. Three international long-distance hiking trails run through the valley. Kanin, the highest Slovenian ski resort, offers winter joy on skis right up to late spring. 

The Soča Valley has many natural attractions like the Trenta Valley, the picturesque waterfalls Boka, Kozjak and Virje, the Soča Gorge and the Tolmin Gorge. 

During World War I, the most ferocious battles took place in the Soča Valley, namely on the Isonzo Front. The traces of war battles can be found all over the valley. The most important monuments dedicated to WWI are the Kobarid Museum and the Memorial Church of the Holy Spirit in Javorca. History can be explored at the Tolmin Museum or you can ride from Most na Soči by steam train along the picturesque Bohinj railway line. 

The combined Alpine and Mediterranean climate creates exceptional flavours. Sheep cheese from Bovec and Tolminc cheese are protected types of cheese. The gifts of nature have also inspired top chef Ana Roš, who creates culinary wonders at Hiša Franko, the only Slovenian restaurant with two Michelin stars.  

The cultural life of the Soča Valley is designed by many sports, music and gastronomy events.

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Tolmin Gorges

Tolmin Gorges, the common name for the Tolminka and Zadlaščica gorge, are one of the most magnificent natural sites in the region.

Livek Themed Trail

The village of Livek, the place between here and there – between the Slavonic and the Roman, between the Alpine and the Mediterranean area, between the Soča and the Nadiža River Basins. Between Mt. Kolovrat (1243 m) and Mt.

Čez most po modrost: a cultural-historical trail along Most na Soči

This cultural-historical trail takes you through the three millennia of Most na Soči.

Mt. Kozlov rob, a trip to the castle

A trip to the castle, as the locals call the ascent to Mt. Kozlov rob, is a pleasant tour along the educational forest trail to the ruins of the one-thousand-year-old castle. A wonderful sightseeing hill with views of the town of Tolmin, the surrounding summits and the Soča Valley. 

Cycling tour from Bovec to Čezsoča and back

A circular path that rounds around the entire Bovec basin, past waterfalls, across wooden hanging bridges back to the starting point.

Mount Mangart

Take a drive up Slovenia's highest road to reach the base of the mighty Mangart mountain, a perfect hike to get the high elevation views without the 1000+ meter climb. 

Cycling from Tolmin to Kobarid

This easy road cycling tour is appropriate for a wide range of undemanding cyclists as well as families and e-bicycle tours.

Kobarid Historical Trail

!!! Due to works on the Kobarid — Bovec road, the section on the Kobarid Historical Trail from Tonocov grad to the Lazar camp is closed. The road closure is valid from June 23, 2022 until the cancellation.

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