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Stories from the Julian Alps

Triglav, from Vogel Ski Centre
Are you dreaming of visiting the amazing Julian Alps? Read more and see what not to forget to add to your travel bucket list. 
Slovenian Tourist Board and the Julian Alps at WTM London

At this year's WTM London, the Slovenian Tourist Board, in partnership with the Julian Alps, highlighted Slovenia as a country with a sustainable tourism offer that encourages the development of responsible, inclusive and respectful tourism.

Skiing in the Julian Alps

The Julian Alps are perhaps best known as a hiking and cycling destination with beautiful natural scenery to explore in the warmer months but did you know that it is also a hidden gem winter sports destination?

Things to do in the Julian Alps in bad weather

So, all summer long we have been extolling the virtues of our beautiful green paradise and all the great things you can do outdoors. Let’s face it; we have a lot to be proud of in this area.

Autumn in the Julian Alps - there's still time to experience the great outdoors

There is something about September that makes it really inviting. This month also sees the throng of summer tourists disappear and whereby there are still plenty of visitors, it won’t be quite as busy as it is in July and August.

September getaways in Slovenia’s beautiful Julian Alps

If you have missed out on a summer holiday this year but looking to go somewhere special in autumn, Slovenia’s Julian Alps could be the perfect choice for your next trip - September is a great time to visit.  The region boasts some of the most magnificent scenery you will ever encounter.

Responsible travel in the Julian Alps

To consider oneself a responsible traveller, one needs to choose to respect and benefit the local people, their cultures, economies and the environment and comply with their "house rules".

Green mobility in the Julian Alps

Sustainable tourism is a principle at the heart of the Julian Alps and the region includes many nationally and internationally recognised green destinations. Bohinj was the very first destination to receive the highest award of the prestigious platinum label as part of the Green Scheme of Slovenia.

Safety in the Julian Alps' mountains

With its incredible, vast mountain landscapes, the Julian Alps’ truly are a paradise for hiking, mountain biking and climbing but it is imperative to ensure you take adequate safety precautions whenever you are on the unforgiving mountains.

Biodiversity in the Julian Alps

Alongside charming towns and villages, beautiful landscapes and picturesque views, the Julian Alps is blessed with an incredible range of biodiversity.

Summer Festivals in the Julian Alps

During summertime the Julian Alps comes alive as the sun beams down across its breathtaking landscapes. Throughout the summer, there will be a range of fantastic events taking place across the region with something for everyone to get involved with!

Julian Alps Biosphere Area 2021 in the 50th anniversary year of UNESCO MAB Biosphere Areas

In the Julian Alps Biosphere Reserve, the Triglav National Park cooperates with stakeholders according to the values of cooperation, sustainability and community.

Juliana Trail: Best Europe Tourism Project

Nominated by Rudolf Abraham "The Juliana is a superb new long-distance hiking trail through Slovenia’s breathtakingly beautiful Julian Alps, with an eye on slow tourism and sustainability.

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The Julian Alps

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The Julian Alps

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The Julian Alps

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The Julian Alps

Travel responsibly and support local community 

The Julian Alps

Make the most of first-hand information and let us organize your outdoor experience in the Julian Alps. Our local ...

The Julian Alps

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The Julian Alps

Triglav National Park welcomes respectful visitors.

The Julian Alps

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Photo: Mitja Sodja, Julijske Alpe
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