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Summer Festivals in the Julian Alps

During summertime the Julian Alps comes alive as the sun beams down across its breathtaking landscapes. Throughout the summer, there will be a range of fantastic events taking place across the region with something for everyone to get involved with!


Discover the beauty of nature at the 16th annual International Wild Flower Festival in Bohinj. The festival is taking place between May 27th and June 12th 2022 and will be a celebration of the exceptional floral richness of the area. Bohinj is home to over 1000 different plant species and wildflowers play an important role in the region’s cultural heritage.


Visitors to the festival will be able to take part in a range of botanical tours, events and culinary experiences. Cultural events related to the floral theme range from art exhibitions and music evenings to beekeeping. Head to local restaurants to see how chefs have creatively combined aromatic flowers and wild plants into traditional dishes for delicious results. Festival events will be taking place at various locations across Bohinj, which comprises 24 villages and covers an area of more than 300 km².


Location - Bohinj

Dates - Friday May 27th - Sunday June 12th


Are you ready for an epic retro cycling festival? Look no further than the 8th Red Bull Goni Pony, taking place on June 4th! This colourful festival encourages riders to wear their craziest retro outfit while cycling from Kranjska Gora to the top of the Vršič Pass on the legendary Pony bike! The folding Pony bikes are a key part of the retro theme as they are a throwback to the former Yugoslavia. Over 1,000 costumed cyclists will be riding, pushing and carrying their Pony to the 1,611m summit. So get searching your parents' and grandparents' closets and find the funkiest outfit to stand out from the crowd as you take part in the funnest event of the year!


Location - Kranjska Gora

Date - Saturday June 4th


Tourists flock to the Julian Alps for the Bled Days to discover traditional cuisine, local arts and crafts and listen to concerts along the promenade. Make sure to visit in time for the traditional Bled night, a highlight of the summer, when the lake is illuminated with the lights from 15,000 egg-shells in the water. Gastronomy is a key part of the Bled Days as local partners revitalise traditional cuisine, share knowledge of these traditional dishes and present them to new audiences with a creative, modern twist. Every day, visitors will have the opportunity to taste the local specialities, prepared from fresh, seasonal ingredients and presented in a "street food" fashion.


The Bled Days are oriented toward sustainability and support the Zero Waste movement, since the Municipality of Bled is a part of the Zero Waste Society Project. Food is served in packaging made from biodegradable materials such as wood, bamboo and paper. Waste is collected separately and disposed of at ecological zones at the venue. Fantastic food doesn’t have to cost the environment!


Location - Bled

Dates - Friday July 22nd - Sunday July 24th

  • 7/21 – 7/23
    Upper Carniola
    Fair Bled Days


Get ready to rock out at the 8th edition of MetalDays! Slovenia’s premier metal festival is taking place in Tolmin between July 24th - 30th. The lineup is a diverse mix of Metal genres and features iconic bands performing alongside the next generation of future Metal superstars. With just 2,000 tickets available this year, the festival is set to be an intimate experience with some of the world’s top metal bands. This year’s headliners include Skindred, Testament and Mercyful Fate.


Since being founded in 2013 MetalDays has continued to grow and earned a well-deserved reputation as one of the leading Metal festivals in Europe. Located in the beautiful Sotočje, Tolmin, MetalDays offers the best of both worlds: incredible natural surroundings combined with the best artists and bands the metal genre has to offer.


Location - Tolmin

Dates - Sunday July 24th - Saturday July 30th


Are you passionate about mountain running? Then Triglav Trail Run Festival is the one for you! Taking place in Mojstrana on the 19th and 20th of August, the festival gathers mountaineers, nature lovers and runners in one place, united by their passion. Triglav Trail Run offers visitors various excellent cross-country and mountain trail runs, all with marvellous natural surroundings.


Alongside the running activities will be talks with international speakers, a family and kids race, mountaineering activities and a culinary experience so you can get an authentic taste of the Julian Alps! The Triglav Trail Run is a fantastic opportunity to be inspired and connect with other like-minded runners, sharing experiences in the great outdoors.


Location - Mojstrana

Dates - Friday August 19th - Saturday August 20th


The 22nd Bohinj Summer Music Festival takes place from Friday 20th of July to Thursday 18th of August. It will be held across Bohinj including in the Joža Ažman House of Culture, the Church of St. Nicholas and the stunning St Martin's Church. This year’s festival will consist of five concerts and has a diverse line up featuring both local and international musicians performing.


Location - Bohinj

Dates - Friday July 20th - Thursday August 18th

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