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Julian Alps April Blog

The Cyclist's Guide to the Julian Alps

Cycling in Bohinj

The art of cycling lies at the heart of sustainable travel. It's something that Slovenians have been doing for as long as there have been bikes in the world and something that we want everyone to be a part of. Whether it’s choosing your bike over your car for your morning commute or descending steep slopes on a mountain bike, cycling is for everyone.


Here in the Julian Alps, we love cycling and the biking tourists that come here every year to rejuvenate and explore the wonders of nature. We take great pride in our scenic routes and mountain trails. Here are some of the fantastic routes you could try on your next cycling adventure!

The family-friendly Bohinj Cycling Route
Cycling in Studor, Bohinj Photo: Tomo Jeseničnik, The Julian Alps

The family-friendly Bohinj Cycling Route

Difficulty: Easy

Distance: 12.2 km

Duration: 0:40 hours


If you’re looking to begin your cycling journey at a relaxed pace but surrounded by unforgettable views, this route is the one for you. The trail was originally intended as a railway to connect the Upper and Lower Bohinj Valley, but the project was abandoned and the plans were thus used to create this beautiful cycling route in 2011. The 12 km trail runs along the left bank of the Sava Bohinjka River in the Lower Bohinj Valley and through the alpine villages of the Upper Bohinj Valley. The route is mostly ordinary roads, except for a small stretch of stone, meaning all bike types are suitable for the experience. This truly is the perfect cycling excursion for all ages!

Juliana Bike - The Overall Trail
Cycling in Dreznica Photo: Tomo Jeseničnik, The Julian Alps

Juliana Bike - The Overall Trail

Difficulty: Moderate

Distance: 290 km

Average Stage Length: 40 km

Stages: 7 (+3 access stages)

Total Altitude Change: 8.500 m


The Juliana Mountain Biking Road is the younger sister of the Juliana Trail and a part of the Slovenian Mountain Biking Route. It functions as a loop and is an independent trail that runs along the edges of the Julian Alps. The entirety of this moderately demanding route is a whopping 290 km long, but don’t be discouraged. The trail is divided into 10 different stages, meaning you can pick and choose which ones you want to ride and for how long. This trail provides more of a challenge and is one of the most popular cycling routes for our visitors. Stretching all the way across the Julian Alps, this trail can take you through most of the valleys and mountains of the area. The vistas and panoramic views of the trail are simply mesmerising, and through the unpaved roads and wild forests, you get to experience Slovenian nature in a whole new way. 

Cycling in the Soča Valley
Photo: Tomo Jeseničnik, The Julian Alps

The Soča River Cycling Trail

Difficulty: Moderate

Distance: 38.1 km 

Duration: 4:00 hours


This beautiful trail runs from the town of Tolmin to Solkan, following the railway of Bohinj Valley through the nature of the Julian Alps. The 38 km tour is not the most demanding, meaning it's suitable for families as well as more seasoned cyclists. Riding along the old railway you will see natural and cultural landmarks of the Soča Valley, the archaeological site of Most na Soči and across the famous two-arch stone bridge in Kanal. On the last stretch of the tour, the landscape really opens up with beautiful views of Mt. Sveta Gora and The Stone Galleries. This 4-hour trip makes for a perfect day out for cyclists of all ages. 

Castle Dobrovo, Goriska Brda Photo: ZTKMŠ Brda

The Peach Route - Cycling in blossoming Brda

Difficulty: Moderate 

Distance: 18.8 km 

Duration: 1:44 hours


From the Julian Alps, you can easily expand your trail to the town of Brda. This picturesque landscape surrounded by vineyards and olive groves makes for a beautiful cycling experience. The Peach Route takes you through central parts of Brda where you will see stunning Dobrovo Castle, the Vipolže Villa and the mediaeval village of Šmartno. The 18 km route also works perfectly for electric bikes to give you that little extra push to overcome the trail's many hills. We recommend stopping for a quick breather by the lookout tower in Gonjače, where the panoramic views of the landscape are unmatched.

Intermittent lakes cycling Photo: Simon Avsec, Zavod za turizem Pivka

Mojstrana to Kranjska Gora - Cycling the old railway

Difficulty: Moderate 

Distance: 28 km

Duration: 3-5 hours


One of the most popular trails in the Julian Alps is the Cycling Trail of Jure Robič, known as D-2. The longest cycling trail in Gorenjska, this beautiful route takes you across stunning terrain and natural landmarks, through lakes and up through the Upper Sava Valley. Your journey starts in front of the Slovenian Alpine Museum where you continue towards the village of Dovje, past the Triglavski Gaj Park and across the blue bridge from under which you will hear the thundering of the Sava Dolinka River. Following the old route of the railway line that closed in 1966, you will experience breathtaking views and stunning vistas throughout. This is a demanding trail spanning over 28 km so be sure to come well-prepared and bring an extra water bottle to stay hydrated during the adventure!

Bled lake, Bled Photo: Alen Kosmač, The Julian Alps

Mountain bike along the Sava River to Bled

Difficulty: Moderate 

Distance: 33.7 km

Duration: 3:45 hours


This picturesque 33 km day trip leads from Radovljica towards the Sava River Valley and all the way to Bled across the foothills of the Julian Alps. On your trip, you will travel through lush forests, flowering meadows and the beautiful Sava Dolinka River, and that’s just a taste of what this incredible trail has to offer. For anyone with a little extra energy, you will also have the opportunity to hike up to the peak of Ojstrica with stunning views of the mountain range and valleys. Once you get to Bled, you can continue your journey before emerging on the outskirts of town. From here you can travel down the Sava Dolinka River one last time to the village of Breg before steering down Emperors Road through Vrbnje back to Radovljica. As you can see, this trail is packed with sights and natural landmarks, making for the perfect alpine excursion!

Zajamniki mountain pasture Photo: Tomo Jeseničnik, Turizem Bohinj

Cycling Tour to Uskovnica - Experience the Green Pastures of Bohinj

Difficulty: Hard

Distance: 31.7 km 

Duration: 3:00 hours


This trail is sure to provide a challenge for even the most experienced cyclists. This beautiful 31 km tour leads us across the famous Bohinj pastures, located in the very heart of the Julian Alps. The tour begins on the edge of the Srednja Vas village before the ascent starts and you begin to climb the rolling, green hills of the mountain. When you get to Zajamniki pasture, we recommend that you rest and take a moment to soak in the views of Lake Bohinj, Tolmin mountains and Mount Triglav. This is one of the more demanding routes of the Julian Alps with an ascent of nearly 1000 metres, so make sure that you got the right bike and your spirits high before you begin your journey.

Digital Trails of the Julian Alps

With the Outdoor Active Mobile App, you can now experience fully digitised and locally approved biking routes. With the help of the app, planning your cycling adventure is easier and helps you comply with the visitor guidelines within the Triglav National Park. You have almost 1000 kilometres of digitised routes to choose from - enough to keep you on two wheels for the duration of your stay. You never know, you might even get tempted to prolong your stay. Browse through the bike route suggestions within the Julian Alps Bike Network or challenge yourself on the Juliana Bike loop. To get even more ideas, check out the Cycling in the Julian Alps page

Evening at Pogačnik hut Photo: Jošt Gantar, The Julian Alps

Bike Rental and Accommodation

Don’t feel like bringing your own bike? No worries, the Julian Alps offers plenty of opportunities for bike rentals and a variety of other services intended to make your environmental vacation as easy and comfortable as possible. The Julian Alps Booking Centre are always standing by to help you with planning and booking for all your activities and accommodation. They offer tailor-made packages, transfers and lodging making sure you can fully focus on enjoying your alpine vacation.

After a long day of pedalling, you are surely looking forward to a good night's rest. The Alps stand by to welcome you home with open arms, offering a variety of lodging options in the valley. 

Cycling in the Julian Alps is a thing of beauty, something you need to experience with your own senses to truly appreciate. Whether you are a mountain biking expert or a casual afternoon cyclist, our home in the mountains has something for everyone.

Take a look at our website for more ideas on where you can cycle on your next trip.

We hope this guide will prove helpful and we can’t wait to meet you on the saddle this summer. Bring your pedal power to the Julian Alps!

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