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Julian Alps October Blog

Things to do in the Julian Alps in bad weather

Linhart Square

So, all summer long we have been extolling the virtues of our beautiful green paradise and all the great things you can do outdoors. Let’s face it; we have a lot to be proud of in this area.

However, now that autumn has well and truly set in, it gets a little colder and a little wetter but don’t worry, there’s lots of great things to do in the Julian Alps when the weather isn’t so good.  Sure, we show off our mighty cycling routes and walking trails but tucked away in our pretty towns there’s a whole world of culture, history and world class food just waiting for a rainy day.

Slovenian Alpine Museum Photo: Matjaž Vidmar, The Julian Alps

If you feel like learning a bit more about our traditions and way of life, you can come in from the cold and visit some of our museums. Just because the weather might be keeping you indoors, it doesn't mean you can't experience the great outdoors. 

For a captivating insight into the significance of mountaineering in Slovenia, a great place to spend some time is at The Slovenian Alpine Museum in Mojstrana.

The museum offers a brilliant, virtual experience across the mountain tops. Your ‘journey’ will see you cross the narrow Triglav ridge or descend the zipline from the summit of Slovenia’s highest mountain. You can even see what it is like to experience a real mountain storm - virtually of course!

The Slovenian Alpine Museum boasts a rich collection of photographic and archive material to enhance visitor knowledge and understanding of how important mountaineering is to the region.

The museum’s permanent exhibition is a great way of finding out all you need to know, as it takes you on a fascinating tour of Slovenia’s mountaineering history.

And a must-see for anyone with an interest in skiing and the technology and equipment involved in the sport is the Elan Alpine Ski Museum at Begunje na Gorenjskem. This brilliant attraction offers an insight into the history of alpine skiing with fun, interactive exhibits along the way. A great way to spend a few hours! 

Or, you could visit Bled Castle - a fantastic place to discover the story of Lake Bled. The castle also houses a superb museum and don’t miss the chance to see the beautifully preserved chapel where you can admire the frescoes of this peaceful sanctuary.

Museum of Apiculture Photo: Jošt Gantar, The Julian Alps
Lectar workshop Photo: Jošt Gantar, The Julian Alps

Another top spot for top cultural attractions is Radovljica. Not only will these museums give you something to do in poor weather, but they will enrich your visit and give you an insight into local life, culture, customs and history. Top of your list should be the world-famous and hugely popular Museum of Apiculture (bee-keeping), The Municipal Museum of Radovljica, Lectar Honeybread Workshop and Museum, and the Pharmacy & Alchemy Museum. For art lovers, a visit to Šivec House Art Gallery is a must. This prominent house in the heart of Radovljica’s old town is a popular attraction for both art and architecture fans alike. The gallery houses exhibitions of work by contemporary artists, both from Slovenia and beyond, but the beautifully painted exterior of the building alone is worth a look.

Culinary specialities from chef Ana Roš Photo: Dean Dubokovič, The Julian Alps

Taking in all that culture and history can be thirsty work, and if you’ve worked up an appetite you won’t go hungry round these parts. 

The diversity of Slovenia’s natural landscapes are reflected in the distinctive dishes that champion seasonal produce. As well as the diversity in the rich, regional flavours, Slovenian dishes are often influenced by the country’s geographical location -  there’s often hints of Alpine, Mediterranean and Balkan cuisines too. In Slovenia, the local cuisine relies on the country’s extensive natural larder. 

Gastronomy continues to put Slovenia on the map, as it was recently announced that four new MICHELIN stars were awarded to restaurants in the country. Nine restaurants now boast one MICHELIN star and one restaurant holds two.

There are three top class restaurants in the Julian Alps region who all hold much coveted Michelin stars.  If you want to indulge in some fine dining on your trip, make sure you try Milka in Kranjska Gora, Hiša Linhart in  Radovljica and of course, Hiša Franko in Kobarid - made famous by world-class chef Ana Roš.

Photo: Massage, Bohinj Eco Hotel

So far, so good? What else can you get up to? Well, if you feel like making a splash or treating yourself to a spa day, you’re in luck! 

Health and wellbeing is big on the agenda here in Slovenia and in the Julian Alps, many of the hotels offer indoor pools and wellness areas. 

One hotel that might appeal to you and your family is the Bohinj Eco Hotel which has an aquapark with an indoor pool and a range of treatments to soothe body, mind and soul. To while away a rainy day, you can experience four different types of sauna. Plus, in the wellness centre there’s a tempting list of options such as facials, pedicures, massages and a range of cosmetic beauty treatments. You’ll feel like a new person after all that!

There are more choices to suit every budget and if you’re looking for inspiration or still not sure where to stay on your autumn break in the Julian Alps, you can browse our website’s handy accommodation finder.

These are just some ideas to get you started. Ahead of your visit why not take a look on our website and see if there’s anything else that takes your fancy. We hope the weather behaves itself for your trip but at least you know there’s plenty to entertain you.  The Julian Alps region is beautiful, come hail, rain or shine. Besides, a little rain never hurt anyone, right?

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