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Julian Alps November Blog

Time to tickle your tastebuds…experience the flavours of the Julian Alps

Carnolian Sausage

Whether you are looking to refuel after a long day of hiking, have worked up an appetite exploring Lake Bohinj or simply want to experience the incredible regional gastronomy, you will not be disappointed with the culinary offerings of the Julian Alps! 

The alpine surroundings and rich heritage of the region inspire the diverse flavours, dishes and delicacies you will find. Great local food can be experienced on every budget, with the region's culinary expertise showcased in incredible restaurants, markets and food events.

Valter Kramar cuts cheese at the Hiša Franko restaurant
Valter Kramar cuts cheese at the Hiša Franko restaurant
Photo: Ciril Jazbec, Tent Film, The Julian Alps

Three MICHELIN star restaurants to choose from

Recently awarded its MICHELIN star in the 2022 selection, Restaurant Milka puts Kranjska Gora on the map with an incredible boutique culinary experience. Run by chef David Žefran, Milka’s ethos is centred around the environment, and is committed to responsible food and dining at every level; even their ceramics were created by locals from minerals in Lake Jasna. Also at the forefront of Milka is the passion for local seasonal ingredients not controlled by borders. They utilise products and wine-pairings from Italy, Austria and across Slovenia. Get excited for the reopening of Milka Restaurant on 3rd December!

Hiša Franko boasts two MICHELIN stars, proving the outstanding gastronomic quality of the cuisine served there. Run by famous world-class chef Ana Roš, known for surprising her guests with intense tasting menus designed to take guests on a culinary voyage across the world. Traditionally the restaurant has a close relationship with a community of local farmers and hunters, which is reflected on the menu. Cheese, seen as the gift of the Soča Valley, features boldly in their dishes. Taking authentic local dishes and transforming them into culinary masterpieces is Roš’ speciality, and it is clear to see why the restaurant continues to secure two stars.

Plate detail - chef Uroš Štefelin
Plate detail - chef Uroš Štefelin
Photo: Ciril Jazbec, Tent Film, The Julian Alps

Run by Uroš Štefelin, one of Slovenia’s top chef’s, Hiša Linhart has impressively maintained its MICHELIN star first awarded in 2020. The restaurant’s eating experience is themed around Slovenian gastronomic traditions, and the preservation of forgotten regional ingredients using modern techniques. It also has a MICHELIN green star for sustainability, and these eco-friendly attitudes are shown in their use of local ingredients and ‘product of the day’ method. Hiša Linhart is also a participating Radovljica based restaurant that participates in the Taste Radol’ca festival throughout November- an accessible way for visitors to experience authentic quality food, with set menus for a fixed price.

Traditional Bohinj Breakfast
Photo: Mitja Sodja Photography, The Julian Alps

Traditional food offerings of the Julian Alps

Interested in getting a taste of some traditional food eaten by locals of the Julian Alps? Try žganci buckwheat porridge, a hearty traditional dish enjoyed in this part of Slovenia, otherwise made with corn, wheat or potato. Fried pig fat is a popular topping on porridge, or as a snack to refuel while hiking. Milk and cheese were staple parts of Alpine herdsman's diets, including traditional specialities such as masovnek, made from flour and sour cream, and the sharp soft mohant cheese from Bohinj.

Kranjska Klobasa (Carniolan sausage), originated in the Gorenjska region in the times of the Austrian-Hungarian monarchy, and since has spread across the country to become one of the most well-known Slovenian foods. It is so popular that the recipe even became protected in 2015, meaning only certain areas and suppliers can produce it! It must be made from a specific certified mix of at least 68% of pork, no more than 20% of bacon, and high quality garlic, salt and pepper. This produces a delicious reddish-brown sausage, which has a unique characteristic slightly smoky aroma.

Buckwheat flour pastry pockets - ajdovi krapi
Photo: Tomo Jeseničnik, The Julian Alps

Another must-try is Gorenjska-style štruklji, rolled dumplings that originated in the 16th century. They are made of dough filled with sweet or salty fillings, with one of the most popular being tarragon, cottage cheese, nuts, apples, and poppy seeds. Another style of regional dumplings are Ajdovi krapi, made of buckwheat, filled with porridge and cottage cheese, and topped with sour cream.

Bled kremsnita - cream cake
Photo: Tomo Jeseničnik, The Julian Alps

For those with a sweet tooth, a traditional treat that will get your mouth watering is Blejska kremšnita, Bled Cream Cake. Specific techniques are used in the preparation under the guidance of lucky number 7: the puff pastry is folded 7 times, the egg custard cooked for 7 minutes, and cut into exact 7x7cm squares. Indulge in the oozing layers of custard and vanilla whipped cream, all topped with pastry and a dusting of sugar. Walk off the calories afterwards with a stroll around the stunning Lake Bled. Make sure to get your hands on it while you visit!

Flavourful Food and Drink Events

Hotel Triglav in Bled hosts a gastronomic market every third Sunday of the month, and runs from 11am-3pm. Browse products and culinary delights from local providers while overlooking a stunning view of crystal blue Lake Bled. There is also the opportunity to try a Bled Local Selection 3-course tasting menu, developed by Restaurant 1906. The menu costs €25, and reservations are recommended to secure a space. For more information on booking, visit: 

The Radovljica Old Town Market runs every first Saturday of the month between 10am-12pm. Taking place on the square in front of St Peter's Church, there is an array of local farmers’ produce, crafts, and antiques on display. For further details: 

Taste Radol'ca
Photo: Miha Hrovat, arhiv Turizem Radovljica, The Julian Alps

Visit the Radovljica Advent Market, where the magical festivities are topped off by delicious local food. Starting on the 2nd December, the market hosts the closing Taste Radol'ca Event, where food will be available from all nine of the participating local restaurants. Besides the usual moreish treats and street food to be found within the market stalls, on the 23rd and 30th December talented chefs from Taste Radol'ca will return to create typical Gorenjska dishes to feed the hungry visitors. For more information: 


The Winter Fairytale Christmas Market in Bled runs from the 2nd December to 8th January. Wrap up and wander the wooden huts to find festive local dishes such as potica, hot barbecued sausages and warming mulled wine. For further information: 

Wine tasting in the wine cellar
Photo: Jošt Gantar, The Julian Alps

Learn about the best wine Slovenia has to offer at a Radovljica Wine tasting. Located in the old town centre, Sodček Wine Bar offers you a tasting of premium and sparkling wines, paired perfectly with samples of Slovenian Meats, olive oil and cheese. Tickets start from €11 per person. For more information: 


Visit the fairytale wine region of Goriška Brda to sample some of the best wines in the world. Edi Simčič Wine Estate runs tasting sessions of the famous Rebula White wine, along with local food and tours of the winery and vineyard. Swirl, sniff and sip to your heart's desire with tickets starting at €50 per person for 2 hours of tasting. For further information:  

Kranjska Gora Alpine Christmas Village
Photo: Matej Vranič, The Julian Alps

Kranjska Gora’s Alpine Village is an unmissable experience for festive foodies. Browse the lit-up decorated stalls for hand-made products and delicious bites while sipping on some warming mulled wine. For opening hours and more information, visit: 


There are endless opportunities to experience excellent cuisine during your stay, ranging from traditional alpine dishes which have been enjoyed for centuries to innovative top-quality restaurants recognised by the most prestigious culinary guide in the world. The table is set for your unique dining experience in the Julian Alps! For more information, visit:

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