• Pokljuka
    Pokljuka Photo: Mitja Sodja, Julian Alps
  • Soča Valley
    Soča Valley Photo: Mitja Sodja, Julian Alps
  • Kranjska Gora
    Kranjska Gora Photo: Mitja Sodja, Julian Alps

Visitor guidelines

Triglav National Park welcomes attentive and respectful visitors.

Recommendations for hikers

Visitors are drawn by the park’s mountain summits, wild ravines, rich flora, cultural landscape with mountain pastures, and charming villages with diverse cultural heritage.

Exploring the nature, cultural landscape and meeting the people of the park is an outstanding experience, but we need to remember that we are only guests in this fragile environment.

  •  May the paths you take in Triglav National Park leave you with fond memories. Tailor the route to your ability.

  • Leave your vehicle in a designated car park. The national park has no need for them.

  • Whenever possible, use public transport or travel by car or on foot.

  • Keep to marked trails and be as quiet as possible. The animals will appreciate your effort.

  • As mountain bikers who have a positive attitude to nature and respect other users of mountains trails, please keep to the roads and the designated trails outside the natural environment.

  • Dogs should be kept on a leash.

  • Drones are a source of disturbance for animals and other visitors and should be left at home. For a bird's eye view, hike a trail to one of many panoramic summits. Use of drones is not allowed.

  • Respect the habitats of plants and animals. Admire them, but make sure your presence does not disturb their stories as they are as unique as ours.

  • If you are tempted to take a swim in a high-altitude lake, please think of all the consequences your actions will have for the fragile and highly sensitive habitat of these lakes and their surroundings. Instead, cool off at one of the bathing areas in the valley. Thus you will help preserve these mountainous water pearls. Bathing is high-altitude lakes is not allowed.

  • Enjoy a clear, starry night from a bench in front of a mountain hut, shelter or bivouac. Wild camping and bivouacking outside designated areas is not allowed.

  • Caravans, campers and campervans may be parked overnight at designated car parks and campsites who have all the needed infrastructure to cater to these vehicles.

  • Act as unobtrusive visitors who bring nothing to the natural environment and take nothing from it. Nothing, except what is stored in your hearts or on your memory cards.

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One with nature`s diversity

Eno z raznoliko naravo / One with nature`s diversity
Video: Triglavski narodni park Triglav National Park
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