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Žirovnica, Janšev čebeljnjak
The picturesque villages beneath Stol and other alpine summits in Gorenjska have special characteristics that display peace and homeliness. The heritage of the past shapes them in the heart of culture and bee-keeping tradition. It is a place where you can explore culture and bee-keeping as the poetry of agriculture, the heritage of the past, the creativity of great Slovenians and the exceptional cultural and natural landscape.


Discover Žirovnica

JULIANA TRAIL: stage 3 Jesenice - Begunje
The stage starts in the ironworks city of Jesenice, over Dobraško polje and over the Sava Dolinka River to the villages beneath Stol, where the attractions are mostly based on culture and beekeeping products. The stage ends in Begunje.
Pot kulturne dediščine Žirovnica
Pot kulturne dediščine Žirovnica je ena najstarejših tematskih poti v Sloveniji.
Horse riding in Žirovnica
Žirovnica is a land of horse riding. Experience the vast meadows and mighty forests from the saddle!
Stol je z višino 2236 m najvišji vrh Karavank. 
Along the mountain pastures below Mt. Stol
Green fragrant nature, hills, valleys and magnificent sunny days – ideal for a bike ride! 
Završnica valley
The green Završnica valley is ideal for walking and cycling; the high Karavanke mountain range invites lovers of hiking and offers views of Lake Bled and the surrounding area.
Prešeren’s birth house
Prešeren’s birth house is among the oldest houses in the village of Vrba. The original homestead was built in the 16th century. 
Anton Janša’s memorial apiary
Besides being a pioneer of beekeeping, Anton Janša also painted the fronts of the beehives. Learn about the beginnings of beekeeping and visit the first home of Janša’s bees in the idyllic village of Breznica.
Predigra (the “Foreplay”) mountain bike adrenaline descent
The Predigra mountain bike descent is a 2 km long and 400 vertical meters high trail, rated double black diamond .
Pot kulturne dediščine Žirovnica - Prešernova rojstna hiša
Video: Visit Žirovnica
Adrenalinski kolesarski spust Predigra - Visit Žirovnica
Video: Visit Žirovnica
Pohodništvo v Žirovnici - Visit Žirovnica
Video: Visit Žirovnica
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