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Anton Janša’s memorial apiary

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    Photo: Miha Šest, Visitzirovnica
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    Photo: Miha Šest, Julian Alps
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    Photo: Miha Šest, Julian Alps
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    Photo: Miha Šest, Julian Alps

Besides being a pioneer of beekeeping, Anton Janša also painted the fronts of the beehives. Learn about the beginnings of beekeeping and visit the first home of Janša’s bees in the idyllic village of Breznica. Did you know that the first World Bee Day will be celebrated on Anton Janša’s birthday, May 20?

Anton Janša was born in a simple, peasant family, on the 20th May 1734 in the village of Breznica in Upper Carniola region (part of the Austro- Hungarian empire, today Slovenia). His birth house, positioned next to the apiary, was preserved until 1907.

Anton’s father Matija Janša, locally known as Matija Kuhar, erected a wooden apiary beside their new cottage and barn in Breznica. They filled it with traditional Carniolan beehives, the speciality of which were the unique hand-painted front panels which were painted by the Kuhar children in the family barn.

The Kuhar’s old apiary stood until 1877 when they constructed a new one. Slovenian beekeepers later erected a reconstruction in the place where Janša’s original had stood – Janša’s Memorial Apiary.



Anton Janša is considered the greatest Slovenian beekeeper. His birthday was on 20th May, and in 2017 this date was officially announced as World Bee Day.

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Updated: March 11, 2020

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Žirovnica lies in the heart of the Upper Carniola Region (Slovene: Gorenjska), surrounded by the Karavanke mountains on one side and by the Julian Alps on the other. Žirovnica is just a stone’s throw away from Slovenia’s most cherished jewel – Bled and the sweetest Slovenian town – Radovljica.

Žirovnica is located 5km from Bled, 22km from Kranjska Gora and 25km from Bohinj. In the immediate vicinity of Žirovnica, there are numerous towns and sights of interest, including the medieval old town of Radovljica (6km), the ALC Lesco Sports Aerodrome (5km), Bled Golf Course, and the Šobec campsite in Lesce. Žirovnica is located 35km from Slovenia’s main airport. The Žirovnica Institute for Tourism and Culture is situated in Matija Čop’s birth house.

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Anton Janša’s memorial apiary

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