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Ski tours in the Julian Alps

Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy

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For those who enjoy an active vacation, we have lots of suggestions in the Julian Alps. Use our Travel Guide as a source of inspiration for planning your next adventure and browse through descriptions and route details of the most beautiful ski tours.
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The Most Beautiful ski tours in the Julian Alps

Planina v Klinu
Ski Touring · Triglav National Park
Juliana SkiTour 1 - Pod Kriško steno (1950 m), a friendly ski tour into the heart of the valley of steep walls
recommended route Difficulty moderate
9.7 km
4:00 h
936 m
936 m
A great ski tour, surrounded by a precipitous rock faces on the north side, where powder is often found; not very common occurrence in the Julian Alps.
Jutranji pogled skozi dolino Tamar proti Jalovcu
Ski Touring · Triglav National Park
Juliana SkiTour 1a -Kotovo sedlo (2300 m), žlahtna klasika v veličastnem ambientu
recommended route Difficulty moderate
16.4 km
7:00 h
1,421 m
1,421 m
Kotovo sedlo is the saddle beneath Jalovec, one of the most stunning peaks of the Julian Alps, which adorns the symbol of the Mountaineering Association of Slovenia with its image.
Nad Šitom glava (desni vrh) nad zasneženo vršiško cesto
Ski Touring · Triglav National Park
Juliana SkiTour 2 - Nad Šitom glava (2087 m), a short and sweet ski tour
recommended route Difficulty moderate
2.9 km
2:30 h
463 m
463 m
A shorter but beautiful and scenic ski tour above Vršič, unjustly underrated compared to the much more visited neighboring Mala Mojstrovka.
Velika Mojstrovka iz Trente, drugi vrh iz desne
Ski Touring · Triglav National Park
Juliana SkiTour 2a - Velika Mojstrovka (2366 m), the most beautiful ski tour above Vršič
recommended route Difficulty moderate
7.5 km
4:00 h
877 m
878 m
Velika Mojstrovka is a classic tour that offers all the features of a good ski tour: a steep ascent where winter mountaineering skills must already be mastered, extensive views of the surrounding mountains from the top, and a relaxed, open ski descent into the valley.
Iz Lepene proti Krnskemu jezeru
Ski Touring · Triglav National Park
Juliana SkiTour 3 - Over Lanževica (2003 m) to Bohinj, a ski trip across the hills of Komna
recommended route Difficulty difficult
21.1 km
9:00 h
1,461 m
1,494 m
A connecting tour from the Soča Valley to Bohinj is not exactly the first choice if you are seeking speed and sharply cut turns. But it is a great opportunity to switch to a completely different world. An adventure that will open your horizons and calm you down in your daily rush.
Vzpon začnemo pod mogočnimi stenami Kanjavca in Vršaca
Ski Touring · Triglav National Park
Juliana SkiTour 3a - Kanjavec (2568 m), the king of ski touring peaks of Julian Alps
recommended route Difficulty difficult
16.4 km
11:00 h
1,763 m
1,542 m
Kanjavec is a great ski tour, from whichever side you climb it. Not considering the extreme alpine descents, Kanjavec is the highest Slovenian mountain that is easily skiable from the top.
Planina Zadnji Vogel
Ski Touring · Triglav National Park
Juliana SkiTour 4 - Vogel (1922 m), from Gorenjska to Primorska
recommended route Difficulty moderate
11 km
4:00 h
505 m
1,124 m
Tura vključuje vzpon na Vogel, razgledni hrib, po katerem se imenuje smučarski center, in spust na primorsko stran. Če je dan lep in vidljivost dobra, bomo videli morje.
Iz planine Zadnji Vogel se moramo prebiti skozi bukovje
Ski Touring · Triglav National Park
Juliana SkiTour 4a - Rušnati vrh (1915 m), a test for the brave
recommended route Difficulty difficult
10.8 km
4:30 h
553 m
1,168 m
The descent from the saddle below Rušnati vrh offers great alpine skiing. The beginning of the descent is very steep. However, the end of the slope is more mellow and offers possibilities to choose easier routes.
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