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Begunje to Bled

· 2 reviews · Hiking route · Upper Carniola
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  • Bear right on asphalted road
    Bear right on asphalted road
    Photo: Minna Harshbarger, Macs Adventure
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Hike across the Carniolan plain, before passing St Catherines church and descend through the Vintgar Gorge to Bled
Distance 20.6 km
5:00 h
485 m
565 m
513 m
512 m

In contrast to the previous days of hillwalking, this morning you hike across the upper Carniolan plain. A slight ascent will take you to St Catherins Church. To reach Bled, don’t miss the short diversion through the stunning 1.6km Vintgar Gorge, carved 150m deep into the mountain strata by the turbulent Radovna river.

Bled is a uniquely picturesque town sitting on the shores of the glacial Lake Bled and overlooked by the imposing medieval Bled Castle perched atop a rocky ridge. Traditional wooden barges called Pletna ply their trade to a small island that is the location of the Assumption of Mary Pilgrimage Church, itself sitting on the site of a temple of Ziva, the Slavic goddess of love and fertility.

There is no better way to finish your day’s walk than with a welcome vanilla and cream kremna rezina pastry while overlooking the lake.

Author’s recommendation

Make sure you bring a packed lunch as the first food stops will be later in the day, try some fresh trout at the exit if the Vintgar Gorge. 

There is an entrance fee of 5 Euros to the Gorge (cash only)



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Minna Harshbarger
Update: October 27, 2021
Highest point
513 m
Lowest point
512 m

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Safety information

The roads rarely have pavements take care as Slovenian drivers are quite fast and don’t give walkers much space.


Begunje (594 m)
46.366003, 14.203062
46°21'57.6"N 14°12'11.0"E
33T 438699 5135022



Turn-by-turn directions

0.00km- Leaving your hotel, TURN RIGHT to retrace your steps back to the wooden shirne you walked pasted yesterday.

0.20 km – CONTINUE STRAIGHT passed the wooden shrine.

0.60km – TURN LEFT across the bridge following the bike path signs to Zapuze, after the bridge BEAR LEFT continue for another 100 metres before BEAR RIGHT following the asphalted road.

0.85 km – Walk past a shire to your left, the asphalted road gradually turns right, CONTINUE to follow it.

1.00 km – BEAR LEFT as you walk on an asphalted road through a residential area following the bike signes to Zapuze.

1.32 km – CROSS the main road via a zebra crossing, TURN RIGHT when you have crossed the road, following the bike path signs to Lesce. Take care as there is no pavement.

1.66km – CONTINUE STRAIGHT on to a gravel path, crossing the main road (yellow road signs are directing drivers to Begunje and Poljce and in the opposite direction to Lesce), Take care there is no zebra crossing. This road will continue for roughly the next 2 km.

3.40 km – At a cross roads CONTINUE STRAIGHT on an asphalted road direction Presernova hisa.

3.80km – At a yellow shirne TURN LEFT following the flat askphalted road towards Studencice.

4.50 km – You will ARRIVE in Studencice, when you reach a T Junction, you will have a small water fountain to your right,  TURN RIGHT following the road to the church.

4.60km – CONTINUE STRAIGHT pasted the church, leaving Studencice behind you. The road turns into a gravel road again.

5.70km – Reaching a gravel cross roads, marked with a large yellow shrine, TURN LEFT and immediately TURN LEFT again on to a smaller dirt path which turns into a grassy track as you near village Vrba and the white spire of its church.  

6.40 km – At a grassy crossroads before reaching the church TURN RIGHT following the road which leads you in between the houses.

6.50km – Come to an asphalted T Junction, TURN LEFT and walk through the village following the road.

6.60 km – At a cross roads, TURN sharp RIGHT following the small yellow sign to Pot Kulturne dediscine tirovnica (see picture), this road will take you past Slovenians most famous poets, France Presern, childhood home.

CONTINUE pasted France Presern’s house and TURN RIGHT by the parking lot.

7.00 km – You will have reach a main road, watch our the cars drive quickly on this road. CONTINUE STRAIGHT (no zebra crossing) across this road, you will cross a brigde going over a motor way and the railway tracks.

7.40 km – Once you have crossed the Railway Tracks, CONTINUE STRAIGHT following the road sign to Zirovnice.

7.60km – The road turns right, CONTINUE STRAIGHT on to a gravel track. Depending on time of year there may be a cow fence that you need to cross, this path becomes a grassy track as you continue your walk.

7.80 km – The trail CONTINUES on a grassy track through he field, TURN RIGHT in front of 2 cow watering pumps with the Bled golf club in the distance.

The grassy path mets the green fence of the Bled Golf club, CONTINUE to walk along the green fence until the fence ends and you are at the edge of the forest. Dependng on time of year you will need to cross another cow fence.

8.40 km – You will reach the edge of the forest, TURN RIGHT walking along a small forest path keeping the field you to your right and the forest to your left. The path goes from small forect path to grassy track and then gravel track as you walk through farmland. Ignore the tracks turning left off the trail as you walk to Breg.

 9.70 km – Just outside the village of Breg 2 dirt paths join, CONTINUE STRAIGHT as you make your way into the village.

9.90km – You are reached Breg, TURN LEFT on the main road (there is a stop sign infront of it), descend on the asphalt road out of Breg.

10.20km – The road switched from asphalt to gravel, with a green fence to your right, TURN RIGHT once the green fence finishes down a narrow overgrown forest footpath, follow the path as it weaves its way down.

10.50km – The small forest path meets a gravel road, TURN RIGHT on the gravel road.

10.70 km – TURN LEFT over the bridge which takes you over River Sava, passing a Welcome to Bled sign.

10.85 km – TURN RIGHT at the first right which will take you over a small bridge.

11.10 km – The road will take you to a small power plant, TURN LEFT infront of the power plant on to a gravel path which loops you are the power plant as your ascent to St Catherines church begins.

11.30 km – CONTINUE STRAIGHT as your ascent takes you past beehives up a gravel track which ascends steeply through the forest.

11.50 km – The toughest bit of your ascent is over at you reach a road, TURN RIGHT on the road which switches from asphalted to gravel as your ascent to the church continues. Follow the natural twists and turns of the road as you make your way up. It will take you past a small town and nearing the top a football pitch.

13.60 km – To your left you will see church St Catherine, from here you can descend into the Vingtar Gorge or you can continue straight to Bled, these notes will take you via the Gorge.

At the church TURN RIGHT following the brown signs to Vintgar.

13.70 km – You will come to a fork in the road, BEAR RIGHT following the sign to Vintgar, in 100metres you will reach another fork in the road, this time BEAR LEFT.

13.90 km – (see picture) come to another fork in the road, BEAR RIGHT down the descending rocky path following the sign to Vintgar, come to a clearing and cross it, entering the forest on the other side.

14.20 km – CONTINUE STRAIGHT in the forest following the red and white circles on the trees and the sign to Vintgar.

14.60 km – TURN LEFT on the descending dirt track to Vintgar, there ill be white and red circles on the trees which will take you to the entrance of the Gorge.

14.70 km – Walk past an old white house and down some stairs to reach the ticket office to your right (5 Euros – cash only), they will check your ticket on the other side of the gorge. CONTINUE STRAIGHT into the Gorge.

16.40 km  - You will come to the end of the Gorge, CONTINUE STRAIGHT past another ticket office and walk through a carpark. At the end of the car park there is a restaurant (Vintgar) which specialises in Trout, CONTINUE STRAIHT past the restaurant.

16.80 km – TURN LEFT crossing the bridge on an asphalted road, this road will slowly ascend as you make your way out of the Gorge.

17.00 km – You will come to a fork in the road, TURN LEFT (there will be a yellow road sign for cars directing them to turn right to get to Bled).

17.10 km – BEAR LEFT when you reach a T Junction with a grassy tringle in the centre of it past residential houses a little further down the road you will pass a shrine on your right, CONINTUE STRAIGHT.

17.80 km – TURN RIGHT after a Silo, if you pass a row of 3 cement water troughs to your left you have gone too far.

17.90 km – With the Bled Castle in the distance, CONTINUE STRAIGHT. This road will take you towards the railway track, and then will run parallel to the railway line for 1 kilometre.

18.90 km – The road you are currently walking on will reach the main road, CONTINUE STRIAGHT across the main road (no zebra crossing) on to a small gravel footpath.

19.10 km  - BEAR LEFT on to road, there is a yellow sign with Spodnje Gorje crossed out in red to indicate you are on the right path.

19.60 km – After a slight ascent, ignore the bridge to your left follow the sign to Razgledna Resta

20.00 km – Come to a cross roads amongst residential houses, TURN LEFT in front of white and dark brown wood house, the road will slowly descend and you will go STRAIGHT through a tunnel taking you under the railway.

20.50 km – TURN RIGHT when the road reached the main road, spot Lake Bled for the first time on your walk. CONTINUE STRIAGHT for 200 metres till you reach Hotel Triglav to your right.

If you are not staying at Hotel Triglav CONTINUE STRAIGHT until you have reached the train station.

20.90 km – You will reach the train station, BEAR LEFT down a descending asphalted footpath with will take you to the edge of Lake Bled.

21.20- At the Lake edge, TURN LEFT following the flat asphalted path into the centre of Bled where you can consult city map for the location of your hotel.

23.20 – You have ARRIVED in Bled  


all notes on protected areas


46.366003, 14.203062
46°21'57.6"N 14°12'11.0"E
33T 438699 5135022
Arrival by train, car, foot or bike

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Graeme Mackenzie
August 17, 2019 · Community
Vintgar Gorge: just to add that you are essentially shuffling in one long 2 k queue and it is not possible to stop and take pics, nor eat a picnic nor dip a toe in the water. €10 for adults was steep for a slightly disappointing experience of an amazing place. It was a bit of a relief to “get out” and stop for lunch.
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Graeme Mackenzie
August 17, 2019 · Community
Different walk with greater distance and limited climb. A beautiful march across the plain through impossibly perfect villages surrounded by towering peaks. Agricultural fecundity bursting out around you. A short climb and then descent into Vintgar Gorge. Easy to see the Gorge as “amazing” but we were a bit taken aback at crowds. With 2.3 k of single filing the opportunity to take in the geological marvel was limited. Gorge is probably best visited at quieter times. Bled reached and this fairy take like lake and town is a joy to behold but the crowds and touristyness is quite a contrast to the days earlier in the week where we literally saw no one else for several hours.
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James Russell
August 04, 2019 · Community
Two important corrections to the directions for this hike: 1) At 6.6km, the directions say to take a sharp RIGHT, but it is actually a sharp LEFT. 2) When you get to the gorge, the price is 10 Euro per person, and the tickets are at the brown wooden building right at the entrance.
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20.6 km
5:00 h
485 m
565 m
Highest point
513 m
Lowest point
512 m


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