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Hiking route recommended route Stage 12

JULIANA TRAIL: stage 12 Tolmin - Kobarid

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  • Photo: Mitja Sodja, The Julian Alps
m 250 200 150 16 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 km ŽIG - Sv. Lovrenc, 267 m Zdravilni izvir Grofova voda Tolminski muzej Kamniti suhozidi Kamno TIC Tolmin Kozlov rob
The stage from Tolmin to Kobarid is quite flat and runs in the valley. The entire stage is hiked – as local people say – along the sunny side of the Soča River, through the pleasant villages to the historical Kobarid.
Distance 16.8 km
4:00 h
130 m
77 m
247 m
158 m
The trail starts at the paragliding landing site – Kobala nad Tolminom, which is one of the most popular paragliding sites; in beautiful weather we can see hundred or more paragliders flying above the alpine peaks. Continue along the banks of the Soča River through the sunny villages of Gabrje and Volarje. In Selišče, we cross the small Volarja River that springs below Krn, which hides a range of most beautiful and highest Slovenian waterfalls. Between Kamen and the Church of St Lawrence we walk in the fairy forests and along the paths that run among the ancient, moss-covered walls. The church was the last home of Simon Gregorčič, one of the most famous Slovenian poets. He worshipped the Soča River in many of his works. We reach Kobarid through Ladra, the last village along the trail. Kobarid played an important part in WWI. The Battle of Kobarid (which actually started in Tolmin) resulted in the breakthrough of the Austrian and German Army at the twelfth, last offensive on the Isonzo Front, and Kobarid or Caporetto is still the synonym for a catastrophe in Italian language. Kobarid Museum displays exhibits on the events that occurred during World War I on the Soška fronta - Isonzo Front.

Author’s recommendation

The stage runs through the part where the villages are most densely set, therefore, it is worth stopping and chatting with the hospitable local people.
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Julijske Alpe
Update: February 24, 2023
Highest point
Cerkev Sv. Lovrenca, 247 m
Lowest point
Tolmin, 158 m
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Track types

Asphalt 28.33%Dirt road 18.18%Path 44.06%Unknown 9.42%
4.8 km
Dirt road
3.1 km
7.4 km
1.6 km
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Safety information

Normal level of caution is recommended, there are no special dangers along the way.

If there is no snow, the stage is also recommended in winter.

Tips and hints

Hint by Triglav National Park: Grofova voda

The Grofova Voda (Count’s Water) spring is situated in the Sopotnica gorge above the village of Gabrje. The local inhabitants believe that the water from the spring has healing properties. Radiesthetic measurements place the water from Grofova Voda among the world’s top healing waters.

The water is clean, fresh, rich in minerals and has beneficial effects on the entire body. The spring comes from great depths, bubbles to the surface and never runs dry, not even during the driest periods. The water has a stable temperature, flow, colour and taste. Drinking this water refreshes us and gives us strength.

Not far from the spring there is a thick and vital tree, a mountain elm tree (Ulmus glabra). It measures 81cm in diameter and reaches an impressive height of 39m. It is double the size of all neighbouring elms of comparable age. The water from the spring flows underneath the tree, enriching it with energy.

The elm tree is the sentinel of the springs. Like the spring water enlivens the tree, it will also refresh you and fill you with the energy that you will need as you continue your hike along the Juliana Trail.


Car park in the centre of Tolmin. (194 m)
46.182601, 13.732513
46°10'57.4"N 13°43'57.0"E
33T 402179 5115116


The centre of Kobarid at the info point.

Turn-by-turn directions

The path between Tolmin and Kobarid is a combination of local cart tracks, a side road along the sunny side of the valley and short connecting paths.

Below Tolmin, about 100 metres away from sport courses, there is an unpaved road on the right side of the road that takes us to the Gabrje campsite below the Gabrje village. We continue walking along the Soča River, until the road turns to the road above us and then we continue through the villages Volarje and Selišče. There is a cemetery below the Kamno village, where we come to the next path on the right side. Continue through the village, and there is a path on the other side that takes us to ancient and beautiful dry stack. Some parts of the dry stack have been removed by farmers during the levelling of meadows and fields, but they bring us below the Church of St  St Lawrence.  The church is worth visiting because it is an excellent panoramic viewpoint. We continue through Ladra and end the stage in Kobarid.


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Public transport



Nova Gorica – Tolmin – Kobarid

Ljubljana – Idrija – Tolmin – Kobarid

Bovec – Kobarid

Getting there

Regional road:

Nova Gorica – Tolmin – Kobarid

Ljubljana – Idrija – Tolmin – Kobarid

Ljubljana – Kranjska Gora – Vršič – Bovec – Kobarid


Car park in the centre of Tolmin.

Car park in the centre of Kobarid.


46.182601, 13.732513
46°10'57.4"N 13°43'57.0"E
33T 402179 5115116
Arrival by train, car, foot or bike

Book recommendation by the author

Vodnik po Dolini Soče

Author’s map recommendations

Julijske Alpe - zahod 1:50.000

KObarid 1:50.000

Book recommendations for this region:

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Questions and answers

Question from Anja Küchler · October 10, 2022 · Community
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Answered by Sonja Klančnik · October 11, 2022 · Community
Hello. I do not understand the question. Is your question about public transport to Tomnin and Kobarid?


Tina Skocaj
July 25, 2022 · Community
When did you do this route? July 22, 2022
Dominik Kroll
July 20, 2022 · Community
walking along a dusty road yeah walking along a dusty road get hit by a car maybe
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Teddy Dee
July 01, 2022 · Community
We didnt think this stage was as bad as people reported. It is getting hotter which is making the trail harder to do but we enjoyed it and found it interesting. We found water in most towns from spickets on people's homes if not the town's spicket. We found the road walks only annoyingly busy towards the last 1km as it came into Robarid. We enjoyed the scenery along the roads going into towns. However, if you prefer off pavement there looked to be alternative parallel routes in some places, or bike rentals looked very popular on this stage. It is recommended to start this stage very early to make it more enjoyable. There are 4 great river access areas to cool down during the heat. All require a little extra walking but all worth it: Camp Gabrje (restaurant there too), creek above road at Selisce, river access at Kamno (cross bridge over Soca and theres a good path to beach -great for lunch), sandy beaches just before Robarid's famous Napoleon bridge.
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16.8 km
4:00 h
130 m
77 m
Highest point
247 m
Lowest point
158 m
Public-transport-friendly Multi-stage route Scenic Refreshment stops available Family-friendly Cultural/historical interest Linear route 'Healthy climate'


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