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JULIANA TRAIL: stage 15 Log pod Mangartom - Tarvisio (ITALY)

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  • Photo: Mitja Sodja, The Julian Alps
m 1200 1000 800 600 20 18 16 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 km STEMPEL - Predel, 1165 m Slap Zaročenca Predil See Vas Strmec Alpe-Adria-Trail Infopoint Tarvisio
This is the highest ascent on the Primorska side of Juliana – from Log pod Mangartom we make approximately 600 metres in altitude to Predil Pass and enter Italy.
Distance 20.6 km
7:00 h
767 m
659 m
1,160 m
626 m
From Log pod Mangartom, we hike through the steep Predilce gorge. The trail runs mostly through the forest below Strmec village and below the main road. Only a few steps off our path we can visit two waterfalls, right above the confluence of Predilce and Mangartski potok, and the waterfalls of Predilce almost below the pass, where can also enjoy in the view of the Predil fortress. The main road can be accessed before the former border crossing on the pass, at a beautiful panoramic point with a view of Mangart, Jalovec and Loške stene. We descend to the lake which is the perfect place for a romantic walk, swimming in summer, and then we continue to Cave del Predil. There was a lead and zinc mine operating until 1991 in Cave del Predil. We can still see the remains of the machinery, large dams of excavated tailings and a museum featuring the miners from Log pod Magnartom. The majority of miners left the town after the mine was closed, and the revival of the town is now slowly in process.

Author’s recommendation

A part of the trail from Log pod Mangartom to Predil Pass is extremely steep, the path is partly secured. Caution is required.
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Julijske Alpe
Update: February 27, 2023
Highest point
1,160 m
Lowest point
626 m
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Track types

Asphalt 21.32%Dirt road 9.12%Forested/wild trail 1.19%Path 19.82%Road 34.97%Unknown 2.49%
4.4 km
Dirt road
1.9 km
Forested/wild trail
0.2 km
4.1 km
7.2 km
0.5 km
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Rest stops

STAMP - Predel, 1165 m

Safety information

The Predil Pass is one of the three stages of our trail that exceed an altitude of 1000 metres, therefore, it is the most demanding pass besides the pass over Bačarsko sedlo. In winter or in snow, usually from December to April, the described stage is exposed to avalanches and is impassable.

Since the trail runs across the Mangartski potok mountain stream, it can also be impassable during heavy rainfall. The best choice in such conditions is the use of the regional road that runs more or less along the trail.

Tips and hints

Hint by Triglav National Park: Loška stena and Mangart

The mountain landscape of the Julian Alps is an open book on a geological history spanning more than 200 million years. Layer after layer the sea deposited limestone sediments, creating rock faces of the Julian Alps that rise more than a thousand metres high. The diversity and age of marine environments, in which these rocks were formed, is also manifested in numerous beautifully preserved fossil remains.

At many sites within the national park, the visitor’s eye will be caught by images from the petrified seafloor, including seashells, anemone, searching and corals. The Mangart and Loška Stena massifs are a display of impressive geological phenomena. Although mountain chains seem majestic and permanent, they are nothing but a flicker in the geological time.

Erosion always wins, regardless of the power of internal forces. Precipitation in the form of rain, snow and ice can modify the limestone surface and the underground world of the Julian Alps.


Car park outside Log pod Mangartom. (650 m)
46.404764, 13.596912
46°24'17.2"N 13°35'48.9"E
33T 392151 5139977


Centre of Cave del Predil.

Turn-by-turn directions

We ascend from Log to Predil along regulated paths, from Predil to Cave del Predil along the old military road, and continue along the main road to Tarvisio.

Right after the bridge across Predilca we come to a hiking trail that takes us uphill. We continue below Strmec village almost to the regional road and then descend back to the gorge, i.e. to the Predilce and Mangartski potok confluence. We can visit the Zaročenca Waterfall and continue across the steep slope to the top of the fault back to the gorge and the waterfalls of Predil. The last ascent above the waterfalls takes us back to the road and to the pass. We come to a path on the Italian side that takes us to the lake and around it. In a few minutes, we access Cave del Predil.


all notes on protected areas

Public transport



Bovec – Log pod Mangartom

Getting there

Regional road:

Bovec – Log pod Mangartom

Kranjska Gora– Tarvisio (Italy) – Predel border crossing – Log pod Mangartom


Car park outside Log pod Mangartom.

Car parks in Cave del Predil.


46.404764, 13.596912
46°24'17.2"N 13°35'48.9"E
33T 392151 5139977
Arrival by train, car, foot or bike

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Questions and answers

Question from Mirjam Haantje · April 26, 2022 · Community
If I want to skip stage 15, how can I get from Bovec to Tarvisio in Italy by public transport?
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Answered by Sergio Ruiz · April 26, 2022 · Community
There's a public bus from Lago Predil to Tarvisio. I don't know how to get from Bovec to Lago Predil
1 more reply
Question from Monika Lienhard · July 20, 2020 · Community
Are there currently problems with stage 15? (Borders to Italy are closed) Are there any alternatives?
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Answered by Tanja Sodja  · July 28, 2020 · The Julian Alps
If you are not Slovenian or Italian citizen, then you can only cross border on the checking point in Vrtojba or Fernetiči (which are far from the Juliana Trail). In this case, we recommend to take the Alpe-Adria-Trail from Bovec to Trenta and then to Kranjska Gora. Stages 23 and 24. You can check description of stages on this link:
Question from Monika Lienhard · July 20, 2020 · Community
Are there currently problems with stage 15? (Borders to Italy are closed) Are there any alternatives?
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Tomi Gönc
August 15, 2022 · Community
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Sarah Gordon
May 09, 2022 · Community
Like others have said, this section of the trail really wasn’t that good. The climb to the border is hard but at least you’re on a trail and get beautiful views. As soon as you cross into Italy, the trail disappears and you are along a highway for 3 hours until you reach Tarvisio. Really not fun, major problems, no signage. Perhaps the Italian tourism agency responsible for the trail never followed through on their side of the bargain. I would probably look into a separate trail from Log pod Mangartom and Kranjska Gora, avoid this if you can. Also the time estimate was way off, it took us six hours.
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20.6 km
7:00 h
767 m
659 m
Highest point
1,160 m
Lowest point
626 m
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