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JULIANA TRAIL: stage 13 Kobarid - Bovec

Hiking trail · Slovenia
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    Photo: Mitja Sodja, Julian Alps
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    Photo: Mitja Sodja, Julian Alps
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    Photo: Mitja Sodja, Julian Alps
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    Photo: Mitja Sodja, Julian Alps
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    Photo: Mitja Sodja, Julian Alps
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    Photo: Mitja Sodja, Julian Alps
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    Photo: Mitja Sodja, Julian Alps
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    Photo: Mitja Sodja, Julian Alps
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    Photo: Mitja Sodja, Julian Alps
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    Photo: Mitja Sodja, Julian Alps
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    Photo: Mitja Sodja, Julian Alps
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The stage runs through the gorge of Kobarid and Trnovo, along the Soča River, i.e. in the part where the river is most picturesque and wild.
20.2 km
6:00 h
412 m
198 m

The stage between Kobarid and Bovec takes us from the soft and gentle atmosphere of the Primorska side back to the harsh conditions of the mountainous world. The valley changes dramatically right after Kobarid, the wide riverbed and riverside planes merge together below the steep slopes of Polovnik on one side and Stol on the other side. Soča, softly running across gravel pits in its lower part, foams in wild rapids and deep pools. We can follow its wild stream whole day long, and hike through the areas that have carried the name and the glory of the river among the wild water buffs all over the world. The section between Kobarid and Trnovo is intended only for kayakers. The area of Trnovo is used for world competitions in kayaking. The upper part between Trnovo and the Boka Waterfall, is intended for rafting, which can be experienced also by complete beginners who can also in this way enjoy in paddling through the wild rapids.

Above Boka, the valley extends to a wide basin and we can enjoy in the views of the mighty peaks: Kanin, Rombon, Loške stene, Svinjak and Triglav at the end of the valley. The side road takes us through the Čezsoča village to Bovec. Bovec is the tourist heart of the valley and the strongest Slovenian centre of all possible outdoor activities in nature.

Author’s recommendation

This is one of the longest stages, therefore, we have to plan ahead and take quite a lot of time to make the entire experience complete. If we want to shorten the stage, then we can search for accommodation at the Boka Hotel below the Boka Waterfall. User
Marko Lenarcic
Updated: April 08, 2020

Highest point
464 m
Lowest point
215 m
Best time of year

Safety information

Individual sections are quite exposed in the first part and require caution.

If there is no snow in the valley, the path is also passable in winter, but additional caution due to potential icy spots is required.

Tips, hints and links

Hint by Triglavski Narodni Park: Soča River

Soča River is one of Europe’s most beautiful rivers. It is admired for its colour and its many interesting geomorphological forms. Its emerald-green water changes its colour through seasons. In spring, the melting of snow turns the water milky blue, and after heavy rains, the river is brownish and muddy since most of its tributaries are fed by torrents.

Another typical feature of the river is the endemic Soča trout (Salmo trutta marmoratus). Several entry-exit points have been set up along the river. A visit to the bank is a memorable experience which requires an attentive, respectful visitor who brings nothing to the environment and takes nothing away, except the memories stored in the heart or on a memory card.


The centre of Kobarid. (241 m)
46.249499, 13.587699
33T 391135 5122738


The centre of Bovec.

Turn-by-turn directions

We remain on the left side of the Soča River and continue to Trnovo village along the new picturesque path, above the Soča River the path extends to a cart road, which we follow to Log Čezsoški and further to a nice side road that brings us through Čezsoča to Bovec.

We descend to Soča from Kobarid, cross it or cross the Napoleon Bridge or over the next hanging bridge behind the Lazar Campsite. We follow the marks for Kozjak Waterfall and on the other side reach Kozjak brook and the gorge that runs upwards to the waterfall (10 minutes, visit recommended). We descend to the outflow of the brook in the Soča River and come to the only path that takes us uphill through the natural passages that are close to the river.

Soon after the only place that is protected with a steel rope (and is also a manger and spring of water) our path connects with the forest road. The road takes us left to a path running to a large open meadow at a higher spot above the Soča River. We have two options:


we can continue along a longer section on the other side of the meadow at the lower edge, where there is a path on which we descend to the picturesque hanging bridge Prosja, and cross it to the other side and further to Trnovo. There is a road on the other side leading to the exit point for rafters and kayakers and to the upper bridge that takes us back to the left bank of the Soča River.

Or we can continue along a slightly less picturesque but shorter section on the other side of the meadow, where there is a forest road that takes us to the upper Trnovo bridge.


Continue along the cart road to the Trnovo bridge, across the meadows and through the forest, above the Soča River and below the steep slopes of Polovnik to the village Log Čezsoški. Along the left bank, we continue along the road and past the bridge above the entry point for Soča – behind it, we can enjoy in a beautiful view of the mighty Boka Waterfall high on the slopes of Kanin on the other side and across the open flat land to the village of Čezsoča and the town of Bovec.


all notes on protected areas

Public transport

Public transport friendly


Nova Gorica – Kobarid – Bovec

Ljubljana – Kranjska Gora – Vršič – Bovec

Ljubljana – Idrija – Tolmin – Kobarid – Bovec

Getting there

Regional road:

Tarvisio (Italy) – Bovec – Kobarid

Kranjska Gora – Vršič – Bovec – Kobarid

Nova Gorica – Tolmin – Kobarid – Bovec

Ljubljana – Idrija – Tolmin – Bovec


Car parks in Kobarid.

Car parks in Bovec.

Arrival by train, car, foot or bike

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Hiking equipment suitable for the season.

Questions & Answers

Question about Barbara Masecar · January 22, 2020 · Community
We will have a car so we are looking for either a loop or as a second choice, an out-and-back along this stage. How far along this stage can be kayaked? Possible to kayak one direction, stay the night, and walk back?
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Answer by Marko Lenarcic · January 22, 2020 · Community


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20.2 km
412 m
198 m
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