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Hidden Countryside of Radovljica

Mountain Biking · Upper Carniola · Open
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  • Photo: Kaja Beton, Turizem Radovljica
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Cycling along country lanes and macadam roads with short sections on forest trails – the latter can also be avoided.
Distance 33.2 km
3:48 h
501 m
500 m
551 m
377 m
This mountain bike tour brings to the fore rides on rural and forest roads. The route leads to Brezje through the beautiful forest of Grofija and past the picturesque Peračica waterfalls, before leading down to the Sava river. You can stop in Posavec on the gravel river bank to dip your toes into the cool water. The second part of the route continues on the right bank of the Sava river, first along its course, and then along the top of woodlands with great views of all corners of the sky and the surrounding mountains. Continue along forest paths past the scenic Ojstra peč viewpoint and the picturesque village of Kamna Gorica to meadows with a stunning view of Mt. Triglav. Just before Lipnica Castle, you descend into the Lipnica valley, and follow the road that takes you back to Radovljica. If you are not keen on riding over tree roots, you can descend to Lipnica Valley from Zgornja Dobrava and rejoin the route of the circlular tour at the end of the village of Kamna Gorica.

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Don't miss the Peračica waterfalls! One of the most precious natural jewels of the area is only a few steps away from your mountain biking route...
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Turizem Radovljica
Update: January 27, 2022
Highest point
551 m
Lowest point
377 m
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Asphalt 5.92%Dirt road 0.73%Nature trail 68.38%Path 2.77%Road 13.72%Unknown 8.45%
2 km
Dirt road
0.2 km
Nature trail
22.7 km
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2.8 km
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Safety information

Descending on the single track from Dobro polje to Posavec, keep in mind this is a hiking trail often used by pilgrims.

Tips and hints

  • For centuries, Peračica valley has been an excavation site of an unusual stone (compressed volcanic sediment) referred to as "Peračica tuff". One cannot imagine the typical architecture of Gorenjska without the use of this olive green stone. The quarry is abandoned and overgrown today, however still an interesting site. For further instructions look at the "turn-by-turn description" bellow.
  • The village Brezje is just the right place for a short stop on this tour. Even if you might not feel to comfortable visiting the national shrine of Slovenians in your cycling attire, you will surely be impressed by the exterior of the basilica and the vibrant feel of this popular pilgrimage site.
  • At the end of the forest road between Dobrave villages and Kamna Gorica, look for a well beaten path leading to Ojstra peč viewpoint. From the edge of this precipitous cliff, you can enjoy wonderful views of the river Sava canyon, Radovljica and the Karavanke mountain range.
  • There is only a short detour from the bike route to Kamna Gorica, picturesque iron forging village beneath the Jelovica plateau. Did you know that, due to it's numerous water troughs and small bridges, some refer to Kamna Gorica as "The miniature Venice of Gorenjska"?


Tourist information centre Radovljica (490 m)
46.341324, 14.174431
46°20'28.8"N 14°10'28.0"E
33T 436468 5132303
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Tourist information centre Radovljica

Turn-by-turn directions

Standing outside the Tourist information centre in Radovljica, look for the dominating facade of Vila Savnik (emblem of god Hermes/Mercury above the balcony on the 1st. floor). Cycle into a tiny street that leads to town's park on the left-hand side of the house. Ignore the paved pedestrian lane running alongside hornbeam avenue (forbidden for cyclist!) and continue across the parking spaces to the centre of the former park. Turn left and follow a gravel path leading straight through the park meadows. Reaching the parking area in-front of  Grajski dvor hotel, turn right and cycle pass the small market area towards the main road.

Be very careful, for you are joining the main road through Radovljica! Turn right, and cycle alongside the parking area and the modern library compound, than further up-hill, always on the right-hand side of the main road. After about 200 meters you will be "saved" by a bicycle lane taking you pass the SPAR supermarket and further to the large intersection with traffic lights. Continue cycling straight ahead through the motorway underpass, than turn 90 degrees to the right-hand side on the road to village Vrbnje. The road leads you alongside the motorway rampart, as you approach a large Dolenc farm on your left hand side. The road bends to the left, passes-by the farm (fresh dairy product shop!) and ascents mildly to the wide open meadow.

In the intersection just before the first houses of the village Vrbnje, continue cycling straight ahead on the the paved road leading into the village. Follow the main village street (running alongside hedges) and ignore all the side streets. Right after crossing the bridge, you meet a sports field/recreational area on your right hand side. Continue cycling straight ahead on the asphalt paved road running right across the meadows and up the hill to village Gorica. At the crossroads in the middle of the village (linden tree), turn left and cycle through the village street running in-between farms. The road starts gradually descending and passes-by a car wrecking yard (farm) on your left-hand side. The road surface turns to gravel and descends into a forest.

Coming out of the forest, you find yourself on the edge of a vast meadow (high voltage power line directly in-front of you). Turn right in the Y-shaped junction and follow the field road leading eastwards towards village Zgornji Otok. After half a kilometre, you come across the principal road. Turn right and carefully pedal on the road leading to the village. Turn left left before the reaching the first houses (right after road sign: Zg. Otok), than immediately left again.

Follow a quiet paved road (motorised traffic permitted to residents only) leading north across the fields. The wide open fields provide a wonderful panorama of the Karavanke range and some of the goals of this tour (St. Peter's mountain church, alpine pastures on Mt. Begunjščica...).

Cycle into the village  Dvorska was using a narrow lane between the barn (on one side) and the hedge (on the other). When you reach the (letter A shaped) junction featuring a colourfully painted catholic shrine, turn right right onto a narrow road (leading eastwards). This quiet roads brings you to a small sports field outside the village. Continue cycling on the road, which turns from asphalt to gravel and starts ascending into the forest. After a short climb, you will reach a natural terrace with fields and meadows seen through the trees on your right-hand side. Ignore all roads branching off to the right hand side, stay on the widest gravel road,  and keep cycling in the same direction (east). Right after a Y shaped junction (keep left - straight ahead), the road starts descending into a forest valley. Enjoy the fabulous descent through the forest solitude, until reaching a junction at the valley floor of Peračica valley.

Continue straight ahead (right) and ride across the bridge over Peračica stream. Ignore the gravel road branching off to the left hand side and stay on the wider road. As you are gradually ascending, you pass-by the abandoned quarry of tuff (green stone formed from compressed volcanic sediment). Even though the quarry is not presented as a tourist attraction, it's worth to take a few minutes and explore the site: park the bike on the side of the road and climb up-hill throuh the steep forest. The terrain suddenly levels, and you can recognize traces of stone exavation (interesing cavern on your left-hand side).

By the quarry, the road levels for a moment, than descends further down the river valley. After about 500 meters of delightful descent, the road suddenly ends in the stream of river Peračica. If the water level is not to high, or you are not bothered to get wet, you can pedal right through the stream. Otherwise it's better to take the safer option and walk across the footbridge on your left. As the bridge is very narrow, carrying a bike across the bridge can also get somewhat challenging.

Returning back to the road, the valley opens and pastures can be seen on both sides of the road (on your right - a shrine dedicated to St. Hubert, patron saint of hunters can be seen). Though still descending, the road gets more levelled and approaches closer to the stream.

Be very attentive not to miss the forest road branching off to the left hand side! Cross the bridge and cycle around the metal road barrier, than continue cycling on this secluded forest road. After 400 meters, you will see a signpost on your right-hand side. It's marking the start of a staircase leading to a fascinating natural monument - Peračiča waterfall. It's well worth to take a few minutes of time and visit this truly stunning natural jewel. On foot off course, the stairs are to steep even for the most experienced riders, not to mention the sanctity of this place.

After having taking in the beauty of the waterfall and river gorge, climb up the stairs and return to the bike. Continue cycling in the same direction (east) on the forest road. After a short descent, the climbing part begins. As you find yourself at the end of the forest road (smaller platform used for forest trucks to turn around), look for a path (in wet season: mud-way) leading north/north-west (signpost: Pot miru/Peračica). This is technically the most challenging part of this tour, especially when terrain is wet and muddy. The ascent is not long however -  if you feel that you will not be able to cycle the slope, you can always push the bike alongside. Reaching the far end of the valley, the road turn back south and a nice (occasionally slightly technical) descent begins. Crossing the stream, the forest road takes you up-hill again and brings to the the edge of a beautiful natural terrace next to the village Peračica. The road turns into a grassy cart-track and leads you east towards the village.

Reaching the first houses in village Peračica, you will meet a paved road. Turn right and cycle towards south. The road (with wide open views on all sides) soon starts descending. Passing by a deer enclosure on your right-hand side, you will see a road branching off to the left-hand side. Ignore it, at stay on the main road out of the village. The road turns to the right and descends down to Peračica stream one more time. Cross the bridge and bravely begin with the long ascent up to Brezje village. The road is occasionally very steep, however the surface is firm and traffic rare.

Finally reaching the top of the long climb and village Brezje, turn right in T-junction. Cycle through the narrow village street for about 150 meters, to reach another T-junction. Looking to the right-hand side, where you will greeted by a monumental church tower belonging to Basilica of Mary Help of Christians in Brezje. Since this magnificent site represents a national shrine and the most visited pilgrimage site in Slovenia, it's definitely well worth to take a few minutes and stop here. Next to cultural and historical attractions, Brezje can also provide a nice opportunity for refreshment in bars and restaurant.

After the visit of the famous pilgrimage site, return back to the T-shaped junction in the western part of the village. Turn right (road sign: Dobro polje), and cycle southwards on the village street (very beautiful stonemason's details on certain houses) leading south. At the end of the village, the road turn left and descends (rather steeply) through a concrete supported entrenchment towards a small forest. Comming out of the forest, you find yourself on the lower natural terrace beneath Brezje village. Keep right in the Y-shaped junction and pedal towards the motorway underpass. Getting out at the other end, look for the second road branching off to the left-hand side. The road leads to an isolated tree, where it makes a right-hand side turn. Follow the access road leading towards an isolated house on the edge of a natural terrace. The road ends, while a narrow single-track continues further into the forest. Though the path is very steep, narrow, and there are many loose rocks on the ground surface - it shouldn't represent any problems to most mountain bikers. On the contrary, the up-coming descent is sheer pleasure. 

However, since this a popular pilgrimage trail, be attentive of possible hikers ascending up the forest path. Ignore a cart-track road branching off to the right-hand side and keep descending  alongside the river valley. The track ends on top of a staircase! If this is to challenging for you, you can look for a well beaten trail leading to the right-hand side. Both ways, be very careful stepping out of the forest on the main road. The visibility is poor, and people tend to drive fast on this section of former regional road.

Sit back on the bike and cycle across the bridge (shrine on the left-hand side). Sadly, there is no alternative, but to pedal on the side of the main road. However, it's only for about 500 meters (ignore the left turn - signpost: Ljubno), as you soon reach the village named Posavec. Right after the parking area on the right-hand side of the road (Mercator grocery shop), a road branches off towards the bridge on River Sava (road sign: Mišače, Otoče). Pedal across the bridge and into the village Otoče. Keep left in the Y-shaped junction in centre of the village (right-hand side road leads towards an industrial complex) and cycle further towards a small train station. Cross the railway tracks carefully, outside the mortuary turn left on the road leading to Podnart and Zaloše (yellow road sign).

After a very short climb, the road descends towards the river and the railway tracks. Pleasantly rolling country lane take you further alongside the railway to the quiet little village named Zaloše. Reaching the end of the village, cycle further in the same direction, as the road brings you to wide open fields and closer to the railway again. Entering the village of Podnart, stay on the principal road, ignoring narrow side streets and acesses to private homes (dead-end signposts). 

The road brings you to an meadow (Atotech factory plant can be seen on the left-hand side of the road), and bends slightly to the left. At the STOP sign turn sharply to the right-hand side and cycle up the narrow paved road rising into the forest. The ascent is quite steep, however the paved surface provide good friction on the tires. The road makes one long sharp bend and brings you out of the forest to a sunny natural plateau. Cycle into village Prezrenje and stay on the straight-ahead road, always cycling in the same direction and avoiding access roads to individual farms. As you reach the Y-shaped junction next to a group of hay-racks, follow the right-hand side lane leading you to the next group of houses. Once again, ignore all the driveways and access roads and cycle straight through the village and into the forest. Delightful (predominantly flat) section of forest cycling is up ahead. When reaching the village Spodnja Dobrava, cycle straight through the village an up the hill on the village road. By the last farm (fresco of St. Florian, patron saint against fire) continue straight ahead to a T-shaped junction. Turn left (dead-end street on the right), than further in the straight north-west direction to the village Srednja Dobrava.

Follow the only road through the village and ignore the right-hand side turn (leading towards the village church). The main village street brings you to  restaurant "Pri Marički" with large in-front garden. Continue straight-ahead (right) in the Y-junction by the children's playground and follow the narrow paved road leading you out of the village  across wide-open fields. In the T-junction at the start of the village Zgornja Dobrava continue straight ahead, following a road ascending alongside a long hay-rack. The narrow road brings you to the crossroads in village centre, where you keep continue cycling further in the same direction (not left to "Lipnica, Kropa" and not right to "Mišače"). The road ascents past the scattred houses to the edge of the forest, where the surface turns into gravel. 

Follow the delightful forest road for nearly a kilometre to a platform used for loading and turning logging trucks.It's well worth to stop here and hike on a well beaten trail on the edge of a natural terrace. Within a minute or two, you will reach an interesting view point named "Ojstra peč" (direct translation: sharply pointed cliff). From the top of this sheer rocky cliff, one can enjoy beautiful views of Sava river valley and the mountains in the background.

After visiting the view point, return back to the forest road and continue cycling on a much narrower cart track leading east through the forest. After about 700 meters the trail brings you to the edge of the forested plateau. Carefully look for a (recently built) traverse leading towards north-west. The path was built for hikers (please give advantage to passing-by walkers), however it's more than wide enough for bikers as well. It makes a nice down-hill ride, though you don't want to go to fast, for the last few meters are tricky on bike (less experienced bikers might want to walk alongside the bike for about 30 meters).

The narrow forest trail brings you to the crossing of forest trails (wooden shrine with the painting of Mary Help of Christians from Brezje). Continue in the same direction (signpost: Pusti grad, galerije) on a muddy cart track leading west. Ignore the waymarked trail to Galerije canyon, and continue cycling up hill using the zig-zaging track. Within a minute or two you will reach a gravel road. Make a right-hand side turn and follow it up the hill (passing by a deer/sheep enclosure).

When you reach the upper terrace, terrain levels and the cycling continues amidst the quiet meadows and isolated farms. Cycle pass the farm on your left and continue straight ahead ignoring the road coming from your left. Turn right in the first junction (signpost: Pusti grad). Pedalling  across wide open meadow you will reach a second junction very fast. Turn left to meet another junction (group of fruit trees, a WWII memorial stone). Turn right. Ignore the cart track leading to the meadow on your left and follow the principal road to yet another junction. Cycle straight ahead (ignore the road descending down on the right hand side) to reach a quiet village of Zgornja Lipnica. Cycle straight through the village (don't be afraid of the loose dog, he is very friendly). Towards the end of the village take the road descending steeply to a saw mill. (if you plan on visiting the ruins of Lipnica castle - Pusti grad, turn right and cycle upwards left to the end of the road and a farm. It is a 5 min walk to the ruins wtih a beautiful view) Pass it by, to reach a Y-shaped junction in a small basin. Turn right and cycle up the hill towards a group of houses. Reaching the last two, the road turns sharply to the left-hand side and descends into the valley. Follow it (ignoring the road descending from the left-hand side), to reach the main road in the valley floor (careful!)

Turn right at this point and follow the main road for a short while. It leads you to the village Lancovo (grocery shop and pub for refreshments!), than further to the Y-shaped junction north of the village. This is where you leave the main road, turn left, and start cycling on the (much quieter) village road. Entering the village, keep left by the wooden crucifix (direction: north-west), than right by the stone built shrine. At the far end of the village (another catholic shrine!) , the road turns to the right and leads towards a church and an isolated house. Follow the road, which brings you to close proximity of St. Lambert's church, than descends down to a wide-open natural terrace (stunning views of the Karavanke mountains and Julian Alps!).

Turn right by the horse-ranch (catholic shrine) and descend down a very steep narrow road. Keep left by the garage (car dealer), than right (on the descending road) in the Y-shaped fork. As you reach the bottom of the river valley, continue straigh on. In about 100 meter the road will bring you to the main road and a large bridge across Sava river. Cross the bridge (carefully) and cycle up the road to the first Y-shaped fork. Turn right (traffic sign: Žel. postaja, Pokopališče) and cycle up the paved road leading towards the historic old town centre of Radovljica. Having crossed the railway overpass, continue on the main road, going slightly to the right, all the way to the top, where you can enjoy nice views from the viewpoint. Reaching the viewpoint, turn left and cycle onto the Linhart square in Radovljica. No better place for a well deserved beer or ice cream!




all notes on protected areas

Public transport


By train: arriving from the direction of either Ljubljana or Jesenice, exit the train at Radovljica train station, than cycle (push a bike)  straight up the steep narrow street (Kolodvorska ulica) leading you directly to the square (roundabout) in front of the Tourist information centre in Radovljica.


By bus:  frequent buses connect Radovljica to Bled, Kranjska Gora, Jesenice and Ljubljana. On most Arriva operated bus lines you can load the mountain bike on the bus free of charge,providing there is enough space in the luggage  compartment.

From the bus station in Radovljica, cross the main road at the road crossing  by the market, than cycle through the park stretching in-front of the Grajski dvor hotel. Turn right at the end of the gravel lane, and you will find yourself on the square (roundabout) in front of the Tourist information centre in Radovljica.

Getting there

Arriving from Bled:

Use the motorway A2 and take the exit 4 (OMV petrol station). Follow the signs for Radovljica, when reaching the first junction. Turn left and drive towards the town until reaching the junction with traffic lights, than turn left again. Follow the principal road (Kranjska cesta), than Gorenjska cesta for the old town centre.


Arriving from Ljubljana:

Use the motorway A2 and take the exit 4 (OMV petrol station). Reaching the local road, turn right for Radovljica and cross the motorway overpass. Drive towards Radovljica until reaching the junction with traffic lights, than turn left again. Follow the principal road (Kranjska cesta), than Gorenjska cesta for the old town centre.


Most parking spaces in Radovljica are time limited. For mountain biking tours we therefore advise you, to find parking area without time limitation. The nearest such parking area to the old town is in Kajuhova street. After having passed-by the bank (on your left), and the court and high school (on your right-hand side) turn right and follow the street leading pass the school to the edge of a natural terrace above the railway line. Parking spaces can be found on the left hand side of the road. If this parking area is busy, try the parking spaces near the Health centre (Swimming pool) in Kopališka ulica street.


46.341324, 14.174431
46°20'28.8"N 14°10'28.0"E
33T 436468 5132303
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Arrival by train, car, foot or bike


  • a technicaly flawless bike (mountain bike, trekking bike or gravel bike)

  • helmet, gloves, sunglasses

  • food and drinks from backpack

  • spare inner tube, pump, multitool, basic personal first aid kit

  • personal document (ID card), health insurance card

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