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Juliana SkiTour 4a - Rušnati vrh (1915 m), a test for the brave

Ski Touring · Triglav National Park
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  • Iz planine Zadnji Vogel se moramo prebiti skozi bukovje
    Iz planine Zadnji Vogel se moramo prebiti skozi bukovje
    Photo: Janko Humar, The Julian Alps
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The descent from the saddle below Rušnati vrh offers great alpine skiing. The beginning of the descent is very steep. However, the end of the slope is more mellow and offers possibilities to choose easier routes.
Distance 10.8 km
4:30 h
553 m
1,168 m
1,915 m
913 m
The ski descent from Rušnati vrh is one of the most interesting ones on the ridge of the Bohinj-Tolmin mountains if you decide to descend over the saddle between Vrh Planje and Rušnati vrh. The beginning of the descent from the saddle is very steep, but then it slowly flattens out and flows into the more gradual slopes of the indistinct cirques below Globoko Pass. From the edge of the cirques, the line is again squeezed over a narrow and steep strip into, at first steep, and then increasingly friendly gully, which flows into the wide plains of planina Razor.

On the top you can also decide for an easier option of the descent.

Author’s recommendation

Skiing from the saddle below Rušnati vrh is a suitable and, due to the configuration of the terrain in good conditions, a relatively safe opportunity for an exciting steep alpine descent.
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Janko Humar 
Update: August 24, 2021
Highest point
Rušnati vrh, 1,915 m
Lowest point
Tolminske Ravne, 913 m
Best time of year
Cardinal direction

Track types

Forested/wild trail 9.15%Path 24.16%Unknown 66.67%
Forested/wild trail
1 km
2.6 km
7.2 km
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Safety information

The tour is recommended only in stable and good snow conditions. After the new snow there is a great danger of avalanches. It is dangerous to slip on hard snow or ice below the ridge. If the snow is hard or icy, it is necessary to choose one of the alternatives described below. On the ridge you have to watch out for the cornices.

Tips and hints

If the mountain hut on planina Razor is open, it is worth to stop for a drink and try the excellent štruklji.

If the snow line is high and the road from planina Razor to planina Kuk is passable (someone has to pick you up), then this descent is a more comfortable option.

If you want to return to Bohinj, it is best to organize transport to the railway station in Most na Soči and return to Bohinj by train.


The upper station of the Vogel gondola (1535 m). (1,522 m)
46.263661, 13.840765
46°15'49.2"N 13°50'26.8"E
33T 410665 5123995


Saddle below Rušnati vrh (1820 m) - alternatives: Vrh Planje (1863 m) or (Rušnati vrh 1915 m) – planina Razor (1286 m) - Tolminske Ravne (913 m).

Turn-by-turn directions

Take the gondola to the upper station on Rjava skala (1535 m), where themagnificent view of Lake Bohinj and the surrounding peaks opens up.

Immediately in front of the hotel, at the log cabins, descend to the right down the ski slope, which takes you to the true starting point - to planina Zadnji Vogel (1413 m).

From the pasture follow the signs of the famous main Triglav ski route, which also starts here. At first go down a bit to the first valley, and from there on start a gentle ascent along the rounded slopes through the beech trees to the west to the former planina Kal. You are in the area of Žagarjev graben valley, which descends all the way to Lake Bohinj.

From the pasture, you are ascending steeply at first but then more gradually to the right up to the first saddle. The signs of the main Triglav route from here on continue into a deep hollow and on to Konjsko sedlo. However, leave the main Triglav route and continue straight up in the direction of the ridge.

First overcome a steep section climbing a distinct ridge that is going up towards Vrh Planje. Follow it to an indistinct hollow just below the top. On the right side of the hollow, find a passage to the ridge and steep slopes open up on the other side towards planina Razor. Descend the ridge to the lowest point of the saddle (1800 m) between Vrh Planje and the neighboring Rušnati vrh.

Follow the ridge for about one hundred meters to the top of Rušnati vrh (1915 m). The outstanding view here outweighs the effords of the final ascent.

From the summit ski back, ridge proper, to the saddle, and from there straight down into the shallow cirques. The upper part of this descent reaches up to 45 degrees of inclination, then the slope slowly flattens out.

At the edge of the wide cirques find a narrow passage to the next steep gully which comfortably flows on the plains above planina Razor (1200 m).


Alternative 1 - over Vrh Planje (1863 m): There is an indistinct hollow at the end of the ridge, from which you climb on the Bohinj side. Follow below the hollow instead of going right to the saddle and continue straight up to Vrh Planje. Ski on the left, past the bivouac at Globoko (1828 m). At the edge of the shallow cirques below the bivouac our two lines merge and flow through the gully to planina Razor.


Alternative 2 - from Rušnati vrh on the other side (1915 m): Rušnati vrh is one of the most popular ski destinations above planina Razor. You can also follow the direction of the classic ski descent from the summit. From the top ski briefly below the ridge past the first, indistinct ramp, then turn on to steep downhill and continue right to more gradual slopes of the stretched hollow. Ski further to the edge of the gully and then in a long descent to the left above the border of the beech forest to the plains of planina Razor.

Ski across the mountain pasture all the way to its lowest point on the lower edge (1200 m). If the snow conditions allow, ski along the mule track to Tolminske Ravne (913 m). If there is not enough snow, descend on foot.


The tour can also be done in the opposite direction. The usual winter access to planina Razor leads along the annual route from Tolminske Ravne (913 m). From the mountain pasture continue straight up to the area of ​​the unmissable gully. At the top of the gully, when you reach the bottom of a wide and shallow cirque, do not continue towards the saddle, but turn right, along a distinctive ridge to a well-visible bivouac below the Globoko Pass. Climb past the bivouac to Vrh Planje (1863 m). From the top ski down the pronounced ridge to the saddle, where you join the Triglav main route (unmissable sign) and continue on to the forest border to planina Kal. Follow winter markings to planina Zadnji Vogel (1413 m) where you meet with the ski slope. Through Žagarjev graben comfortably ski down to the valley (569 m).


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46.263661, 13.840765
46°15'49.2"N 13°50'26.8"E
33T 410665 5123995
Arrival by train, car, foot or bike

Book recommendation by the author

Igor Jenčič: Veliki turno smučarski vodnik (Sidarta)

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Bohinj 1:25.000 (Sidarta)

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Avalanche trio (avalanche beacon, avalanche probe, shovel), touring skis, bindings, ski boots; skins, ski crampons; ice axe, crampons.

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10.8 km
4:30 h
553 m
1,168 m
Highest point
1,915 m
Lowest point
913 m
Linear route Scenic Cableway ascent/descent Summit route High-altitude ski tour
1600 m 1800 m
1600 m 1800 m

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