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  • Zelenci reserve near Kranjska Gora.
    Zelenci reserve near Kranjska Gora. Photo: Iztok Medja, CC BY, Slovenian Tourist Board
  • Zelenci
    Zelenci Photo: Elizabeta Skumavc, The Julian Alps
  • Pogled proti Bledu na poti s Šobca
    Pogled proti Bledu na poti s Šobca Photo: Turizem Bled
  • Trail by the Soča River, Trnovo ob Soči Photo: Janko Humar, The Julian Alps
  • Bohinj Photo: Mitja Sodja, Turizem Bohinj
  • Muzejsko območje Stara Sava Photo: Gregor Vidmar, Gregor Vidmar
  • Daffodils above Jesenice Photo: Miro Podgoršek, The Julian Alps
  • Kranjska Gora Photo: Jošt Gantar, Turizem Kranjska Gora
  • Bled Photo: Jošt Gantar, Turizem Bled
  • Bohinj, Stara Fužina Photo: Mitja Sodja, Turizem Bohinj

Julian Alps

The Julian Alps is a mountain range which covers an area of 4,400 km2 and straddles the border between Slovenia and Italy. More than three-quarters of the range lies in Slovenia, including more than 150 peaks over two thousand metres. The beauty of the Alpine highlands extends above the valleys of the rivers Soča, Sava Dolinka and SavaBohinjka and includes Lake Bohinj and Lake Bled, forested hills and lowland pastures, stunning mountain passes, the famous Bohinj Railway and other unique features of the area. These places of outstanding natural beauty and remarkable cultural heritage constitute the first UNESCO biosphere in Slovenia.
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Maps and trails
Hiking route · Lake Bled
Around Lake Bled
recommended route Difficulty easy
Distance 5.9 km
Duration 1:15 h
Ascent 42 m
Descent 42 m

 Lake Bled with its island is one of Slovenia’s most recognisable landmarks. You will need approximately an hour to walk around the lake which is ...

Turizem Bled
Hiking route · Julian Alps
Peč and Rudnica from Stara Fužina
recommended route Difficulty moderate
Distance 8.1 km
Duration 4:00 h
Ascent 416 m
Descent 416 m

Many points along the circular trail to the top of Rudnica offer views of almost all corners of Bohinj and the surrounding mountains.

from Turizem Bohinj,   Turizem Bohinj
Historic City Center · Slovenia
Radovljica Old Town
open today

Many consider Radovljica as the most beautiful small town in Slovenia. It inspires with the variety ...

from Radovljica Tourist Board,   Turizem Radovljica
Theme trail
Soča trail
recommended route Difficulty moderate
Distance 28.4 km
Duration 8:31 h
Ascent 455 m
Descent 959 m

The Soča Trail is a nature trail taking visitors to the Triglav National Park along the Soča river from its source towards Bovec.

Turizem Dolina Soce
Hiking route · Lake Bled
Around Osojnica
recommended route Difficulty moderate
Distance 7.3 km
Duration 2:10 h
Ascent 167 m
Descent 167 m

The path around Osojnica hill is the shortest path from Bohinjska Bela to the lake and bathing area. The path runs through the forest, and along ...

Turizem Bled
recommended route Difficulty moderate
Distance 11.4 km
Duration 3:00 h
Ascent 99 m
Descent 99 m

A walk around Lake Bohinj is almost obligatory for every visitor who comes to Bohinj. You can shorten it and walk only along the north or south ...

from Turizem Bohinj,   Turizem Bohinj
Market · Upper Carniola
Alpine Village
Upper Carniola

Experience the real winter atmosphere of the Alpine Village in Kranjska Gora!

from Mojca Mežek,   The Julian Alps
Theme trail · Upper Carniola
Žirovnica Cultural Heritage Trail
recommended route Difficulty easy
Distance 10.9 km
Duration 4:30 h
Ascent 86 m
Descent 72 m

Pot kulturne dediščine Žirovnica je ena najstarejših tematskih poti v Sloveniji.

from Janez Dolžan,   The Julian Alps
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Maps and trails



Because you are seeking enchanting natural beauty

Slovenia is among the most biodiverse countries in the world. The Julian Alps are home to more than seven thousand animal species and over 1600 different plants. Several endemic species have found their habitats in the steep walls of this geologically diverse area with Mesozoic sea deposits and ample fossil remains. Up to a height of 1600 m, the Julian Alps are forested and abound with streams, rivers and waterfalls. The most unique features of the Slovenian Alps can be found in the Triglav National Park, which is one of the oldest in Europe. 

Because you enjoy outdoor activities

The Julian Alps are an excellent choice for outdoor activities throughout the year. In summer they attract hikers, hillwalkers, mountain bikers, climbers, paragliders and other sports enthusiasts, while anglers and adrenaline-seekers are drawn to the rivers and lakes of the Triglav National Park. In winter the Park becomes a winter fairy tale, welcoming skiers, snowboarders, tobogganers and more. Routes in the Julian Alps are well marked. Experienced guides will accompany you to more challenging goals and adventures. To seek out active experiences, head to the SočaValley, which offers ample opportunities for adventure. Then trek on to the hills between Lake Bled and Lake Bohinj, which form part of the Alpine Pearls network of holiday destinations, linked by environmentally friendly “soft mobility” transport options. When the snow starts falling, be sure to visit the winter sports centres of Kanin, Vogel and Kranjska Gora.

Because the local culture is special

Bled, the charming lake with an island in the middle, is a cosmopolitan tourist town guarded by a castle perched high on a cliff, and has exceptional history as well as numerous events throughout the year. Bohinj, a town by a massive glacial lake in Triglav National Park, charms visitors with its traditional Alpine FlowersFestival and traditional dairy farms. The Soča Valley, dotted by the towns of Tolmin, Kobarid and Bovec, is interlaced with monuments to World War One, theBohinjpaths of peace, and outdoor museums, and it is also known as the valley of music festivals. Medieval Radovljica is a beekeeping town, known for antique music and chocolate festivals; Kranjska Gora is a venue for large sports and entertainment events throughout the year.


Because you like to taste the best

The Julian Alps are a great venue for foodies as well. In Kobarid, you will find Ana Roš, named the World’s Best Female Chef of 2017 by The World’s 50 Best Restaurants organisation, who amazes her guests with her culinary ingenuity. In Kobarid and elsewhere in the Julian Alps, hungry travellers can enjoy authentic natural ingredients, cheese and other dairy farm delicacies and traditional dishes. To wash it down you can enjoy world-renowned wines from nearby Goriška Brda. For the icing on the cake, stop in Bled and indulge yourself with one of their original cream slices, without which no visit to Slovenia is complete.


Because you support sustainable tourism

This land of a thousand natural, cultural and other genuine specialities develops tourism according to sustainable principles. Here you can choose environmentally friendly forms of mobility and accommodation. If you decide to go for a hike, stick to the marked paths. Do not leave any unnecessary marks on the precious natural environment.

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