JULIANA TRAIL: stage 8 Bohinj Bistrica - Podbrdo

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13.7 km
770 m
782 m
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Centuries before the construction of roads and railways connected Bohinj and the Primorska region, this trail was one of a few options for people to pass from one region to another.

Follow the directions for Nemški Rovt to a forest road that takes us to the abandoned Kobla ski centre. The alpine trail leads us through the last forest below the ridge and to the Vrh Bače saddle.

The latter is a perfect viewpoint of Baška grapa, Porezen and other surrounding mountains. We can rest at the saddle near a beautiful hunters lodge, and on both sides we can see bunkers and the remains of military taverns, typical examples of almost 2000 km long Vallo Alpino system which defended the Italian border between both world wars.

From the saddle, the trail descends to Bača and further to Podbrdo, the largest village in Baška grapa.

Author’s recommendation

Due to a high difference in altitude, this stage is quite demanding. In bad weather we recommend you to take the train through the Bohinj tunnel (10 minutes).
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Highest point
1287 m
Lowest point
508 m
Best time of year

Safety information

The trail is steep and has no phone reception in some sections. Due to a high mountain pass (1,273 m), the stage is almost impassable in winter without proper mountaineering equipment, therefore, it is recommended, from the end of November until mid-April and in bad weather conditions, to take the train from Bohinjska Bistrica to the Primorska side.

Tips, hints and links

Hint by Triglav National Park: The south-facing and north-facing sides of the Julian Alps 

The Peči ridge, which separates the Bohinj area from the Tolmin basin, marks the hydrological divide between the Soča and its tributaries that flow southwards into the Adriatic Sea, and the Sava, which drains into the Black Sea.

The watershed acts as a barrier between the mild Mediterranean climate and the cold alpine, or continental, Slovenia. Explore the differences between both sides of the ridge in terms of geomorphology, vegetation, and architecture, and marvel at the diversity of two different worlds.


Railway station in Bohinjska Bistrica. (519 m)
46.271759, 13.957810
33T 419696 5124770



Turn-by-turn directions

The trail runs from Nemški Rovt along the Bohinj Hiking Trail and the marked alpine trail to Strme, forest roads and forest path to the Vrh Bače saddle.

The stage starts at the railway station in Bohinjska Bistrica. We initially turn towards the village and keep left, continue along the Belca brook to the main road. We continue up the main road and at the road turn we turn right in the forest. We continue along the forest path and then turn right to an unpaved road. Then we slowly ascend to the village of Nemški Rovt. In the middle of the village (in front of the wayside shrine) we turn right downhill to a small pond, where we can rest. Then we continue left, along the alpine trail and partially along the tree removal train upwards. We soon arrive to a panoramic clear spot and go off the tree removal trail, seek for a poorly visible path that ascends to the left. We soon come to the tree removal trail, turn left and keep to the right, ascend until reaching the viewpoint on the edge of the Strme pasture. There is a tree in the middle of the pasture, and we turn right there and seek for a path on the forest edge. We arrive to a small meadow and cross it (poorly visible path). Then we come to a large meadow with a house where there is a cart road behind it, turn left and continue to an unpaved road, turn right and continue along the forest road. There is a turning for Soriška planina here and we continue straight on along the road, turn right at the first turning and follow the forest road to the crossroad and continue straight on. The road crosses a few meadows and soon comes to the hunters lodge Za Malim vrhom. Turn upwards at the lodge and continue left to the forest. We continue straight on along the forest road and arrive to Vrh Bače, where there is a hunters lodge on the Bača side. We descend on the steep slopes down to Bača village, search for the church and the path to continue to Podbrdo.

Public transport

Public transport friendly


Ljubljana – Bled – Bohinjska Bistrica or

Jesenice – Bled – Bohinjska Bistrica



Ljubljana – Bohinjska Bistrica

Salzburg – Jesenice – Bled –Bohinjska Bistrica

Nova Gorica – Podbrdo –Bohinjska Bistrica

Getting there


Ljubljana – Jesenice – exit Bled, Bohinj

Salzburg – Jesenice – Ljubljana – exit Bled, Bohinj


Regional road:

Bled – Bohinjska Bistrica

Ljubljana – Škofja Loka – Soriška planina – Bohinjska Bistrica

Petrovo Brdo – Podbrdo


Car parks in Bohinjska Bistrica.

Car par at the railway station in Podbrdo.

Arrival by train, car, foot or bike

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Hiking equipment suitable for the season.
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