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Chris Flory

2020-02-07 · Community

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Answer by Janko Humar  · 2020-02-07 · Turizem Dolina Soce
Hi Chris! We are a friendly country and we love children :-) You can get suitable accommodation at the end of any stage but better to avoid July & August. I think you can not risk not to have a suitable room with a child so I would advice you to use support of our booking centre. I can not judge your hiking abilities and family life style but I feel it might be too much for a small child => the everage stage takes 17,6 km or 5-7 hours walking in alpine surrounding, at least 3 stages are quite steep, most of the trail is really not technically demanding but we should not consider the whole trail as an easy job...
Answer by Jessica Fahy · 2020-02-17 · Community User
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