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September getaways in Slovenia’s beautiful Julian Alps

Lake Bled Boat Ride

Did you know this area is a walker’s paradise?

Fancy an adrenaline rush?

Experience Triglav National Park

Fotografija: Daniel Taipale, Julijske Alpe
Fotografija: Dean Dubokovič, Julijske Alpe

So…what can you do in the Julian Alps besides walking and hiking?

Fotografija: Michael Matti, Julijske Alpe
Fotografija: Jošt Gantar, Julijske Alpe

Want to know all about the area’s history?

Food, glorious food

Local cuisine
Fotografija: Tomo Jesenicnik, Julijske Alpe

Do you have a head for heights?

Get the party started…

And finally, are you wondering where to stay?

Go on; discover the Julian Alps this autumn – you may find it’s a place you want to return to in any season!

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